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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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2 Chapter 2

Our hero Sachiro has already left his mansion with the aim of finding his new wife or rather his first wife. With no fixed destination but a strong aim, he is currently travelling through a dense forest called by other cultivators as the Death Forest.

Typical to its name, it seems that no cultivator has come out alive from this dangerous forest. No matter in strength or in number, no party or an absurdly overpowered cultivator has ever back alive through this forest.

Sachiro has decided to travel through this particular forest because he lacks opponents. During the Ishtar Empire's civil war, he did lend a helping hand, both for revenge and taste for battle. But while the first proved to be rather successful, the second condition failed to fulfill its criteria.

Thus, he came through this forest in search for a taste of true battle, even though it may be beasts, but still a fight is a fight with life and death at its stakes. And this Death Forest is rather well know for the death of many cultivators.

However, for Sachiro, it failed to live up to his expectations. Even this forest could not comply with his earnest request for a taste of true battle. From his point of view, the present beasts living in this forest are rather weak. Those beasts that are quite well known for the death of numerous cultivators, for the complete wipe out of many strong parties, are comparatively weak in front of his eyes.

If the beasts could understand his thoughts, there there would have been a beast horde against him, though it may ultimately prove ineffective against him. No matter the numbers, he who is strong can cope up with any situations and find the most effective solution.

If the people heard him that beasts of the Death Forest failed to live up to his expectations, then the people would have decided to ignore him for the rest of his life. For others to believe his words would have to be mentally retarded.

Cultivators hardly, even in groups, could kill beasts. They hardly live up to the expectations of beasts to fight on par with them and here on the other hand beasts hardly live up to the expectations to fight on par with Sachiro. A complete reversal of world logic could be observed here. Though it is a pity that no one is here to observe it.

When Sachiro entered the forest, he could feel the dark gloomy aura around it. As if warning the other cultivators to think and rethink before entering the forest. Unlike normal forests, this one is quite dark. Due to extreme canopy, sunlight hardly reaches the ground. Moreover, there is a death aura looming all around the forests that would give chills to any young cultivator.

Probably due to the death of many cultivators, a death aura has surrounded the forest. However, Sachiro is completely ignorant of this aura, rather the chills that the aura should give due to his rather extreme cultivation.

When he entered the forest for the first time, he found a few beasts hurling over to him, as if they had found a new prey to play with. The battle hardy Sachiro was very happy to see such a thing. Instead he expected such a thing to happen, where he can truly enjoy fighting.

However, reality soon betrayed his expectations. The beasts were not all strong compared to him. He could easily finish them off with a single sword slash. Sometimes, two are needed to get the job done and sometimes movements are necessary for a finishing touch when the beasts tried to escape, yet no one seemed to satisfy him.

Even the yet strongest to appear before him, an intermediate stage beast of level three could not satisfy his thirst. How could it when it was easily slashed into two with a single strike. Sachiro's cultivation levels seemed too extreme for any one to satisfy his desires for a true battle.

The beasts, like humans have the same leveling up stages. However there is a trick for the beasts. When they reach False God stage, they have a option to discard their beast body and take in human form. They can immediately change and re-change back though with just a thought.

Some beasts take in human form, just to kill other human cultivators who tried to hurt their kind previously. While others trend on their own cultivation paths and reach the supreme beings. It all depends on the mentality and thinking of the beast of which path they should take.

Currently, Sachiro was travelling through the forest. In the beginning, the beasts use to come and try to play with their preys till the time they get bored and kill them. Yet now, the situation has reversed. The beasts were running on the sight of Sachiro. This dampened his mood even further. Perhaps this type of situation should be the first in history that this world had ever seen, yet a pity that no one had actually seen it.

When he was in the middle of the jungle, he suddenly heard a shout.

"Help me... Help me."

The shout of a woman!!! Sachiro's thoughts ran wild. Finally his thoughts came through which said, "Time to hunt my prey. Hehe"

"Heelllpppp meeee.... Help .. Please"

The shouts grew louder and louder as he ran like a beast in the direction following the shouts of help. He had already fantasized what he was about to see. A woman in dire situation, shouting for survival where he would come and save the day and take the girl away.

However, reality was too twisted and too cruel to simply play by in the demands of his thoughts. The situation was indeed dire and truly a play of survival, but not a typical one where beasts tries to kill here. Here, three men were ganging up on a woman, trying to **** her. There was already a woman lying on the ground with white semen and blood mixed in all. Perhaps after having fun, they killed her and were trying to gang up on the second one.

In these situations were one desired to protect and save her, Sachiro's desire were of rage. He had, in his previous life, already suffered ultimate humiliation through the process of cheating. Thus he cannot witness what was being carried on in frond of his eyes.

Previously he decided to observe the situation from the bushes and time his attack. However, now in rage and with blood lust eyes, he daringly came out from the bushes and slowly walked towards the men with no fear rather with the intent to kill.

The three men also felt the blood lust gaze on them and the killing intent. In fact rather the intent was too heavy to breathe. They nearly suffocated. Standing in half nudes with clothes covering on the upper half, Sachiro merely stared at them. Perhaps he wanted to hear their excuse.

"How dare you look at us with those intent to kill eyes? Rather who are you?", one of them asked.

"I was merely waiting for an excuse to not kill you. Yet killing you would be forgiving you. Sigh."

"What do you mean? Look at her, she is a high breed. A princess. Rather than killing us, lets enjoy her, aaaahhhh Kaaah", an extreme shout could be heard from them. Rather from all three of them. Then they finally realized that their pleasure organ was gone. From balls to the tip were cut off of the three of them.

Is this what he meant by letting you live - thought the three of them while still in pain. There was no recovery magic or skill that would let an organ or a body part grow unless he had regenerative abilities. Is this way was a person and an escape process for Sachiro from his previous life sadness.

He approached the lady, almost nude, trying to cover up her purity by rolling her body into a ball. Yet now that he look at her, she is quite beautiful, with hair as white as moonlight and beautiful eyes and pointy ears.

Wait pointy ears?? She is an elf???


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