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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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3 Chapter 3


This was the first word that came out of his mouth instead of "Are you okay?" or "Are you hurt somewhere?". A beauty to its extreme, at least from all the women that he had viewed recently. Moreover an elf woman, though the existence of elf is not denied in this world, but it sure is rare.

It seems that the elf raised her guard on the first comment of her savior. Noticing his own foolishness, he hurriedly asked, "Are you okay?" while placing his upper coat on her naked body. It seemed her body charm and attractiveness is too powerful even for someone who often had sex in his previous life.

"Can you stand? What is your name? Oh sorry, I have not introduced myself, my name is Sachiro. I am from the Ishtar Empire."

"M..my name is Ca..Catherine"

"Oh my, what a pure name. By the way, it may be rude of me to ask but what are you doing here?"

"I..initially I was on a search for a certain someone, with them in my party. But, as I got lost, they took advantage of it and tried to **** me.", as she said that, tears dwelled up in hers eyes. She was on the verge of crying and I on consoling, yet she spoke.

"That girl there is my maid who tried to save me. Despite her efforts to duel them, yet the three were too much for her and was ultimately defeated, raped and killed. And I was their next target had you not arrived."

She broke down at this point and cried. Whereas I tried to console her, by hugging her and rubbing my hands on her back. Despite being half naked, it seems that she broke down at this point and let down her guard. Probably because I am their savior or because I killed the three men in such a way that she could not think of me as a rapist but a gentle man.

After venting out her frustration through cried, she sat back up and continued,

"I am the only daughter and second child of the Elven King. My older brother should be in line for the succession of the throne, yet my younger brother could not bear it. As such, he tried dirty means to trick and kill my younger brother. Though unsuccessful, his methods did not end. I was a throne to him and tried to wipe my existence and hence such was the situation. These men probably work for my younger brother who tries to kill me after learning exactly what I was doing in such a forest."

"So it was a political affair. It's probably best not to get involved in it. Lets escort her to the Empire and then matter close" or so he thought but the next question came as a surprise to him.

"Are you a cultivator?"

"Um.. Yes. Why?"

"Then will you please help. I am willing to do anything, even sell my body to you. But please stop my third brother. Please"

She practically kept begging me by holding my legs. Though it was unsightly and not my intentions to meddle in their affairs, yet I asked her a simple question, "Will you become my wife?"

There was an awkward silence for a moment. Catherine kept staring at me with eyes of confusion as if processing my question in her head. When I had almost given up hope, she suddenly replied with a "Yes" and cried away.

I for a moment was lost in my thoughts and questioned rather a peculiar one, "Why? "

However, her reply was a confident one.

"Even if I tried to marry someone, no one would after learning what had happened to me. No one would even look at me. An elf woman's pride is always her purity and strength and there is no denying that. Yet somewhat I feel tainted at the moment because of them. And so, I am ready to marry you if you will. Moreover, it is also in Elven custom to never say no to your savior unless the condition is an extreme one."

"So my request for marriage to an elven empire princess is not an extreme one?"

"That may be so, but you are also my savior who have seen me in this state. So... you better take responsibility.", said she with a slight cherry red blush on her cheeks.

Now, if the talk goes in that way, even I cannot refuse. Yet I asked her about my dream or rather my wish, "Will you marry me even if I say that I plan to have ten wives?"

This question was indeed and rather a sudden one. Yet, she nodded in affirmative and said, "It is quite common for a cultivator to have more than one wife, moreover you are still young, and worked quite hard. So according to me, ten or more wives are quite is quite normal for a man as young as you. But I also have a request that you will love me equally no matter how many wives you take. Promise me that and I will be happy.". She said with a cute smile on her face. It was damn hard to reject.

"Okay then. I will take you as my wife and offer you even love if I take more wives. In fact, I have fallen in love with you at first sight. You don't have to worry about my status for I am a Duke in Ishtar Empire. So no need to worry about you marring a commoner."

She clasped her hand near her mouth as if not believing the statement that I said. There was also a blush on her cheeks. It was indeed cute.

Well I have no proof as of now that I am a Duke of Ishtar Empire, for it was just a random wish to marry ten wives. But who knows, it might even come true. However, there was a current problem. She had no aura around her, apparently seemed like a non cultivator to me. To travel with me, she apparently needs to have a cultivation stage at Intermediate level.

"You have never cultivated, have you Catherine?"

When I called her Catherine for the first time, even I blushed slightly. Where as Catherine blushed deep red and avoided eye contact with me. Then she replied,

"No, in fact this is my first time, seeing a cultivator up this close."

"Well do you wish to cultivate?"

Well, I do not need to wait for an answer for there was a sudden sparkle in her eyes. She nodded vigorously. Even when I said that it will be a tough path and a path with no mercy, well she had already experienced the world through this experience.

"Well I can help you cultivate and level up. B..But for th...that we need to have s..ss..sex."

I somehow confessed the truth. For in order to cultivate, huge amount of resources are required. As my attribute is Void, a unique one, I can easily transfer energy from my body to others through sex, which for normal people have to use energy stones of different grades to level up. And being my attribute void, I have a sexual technique skill through which I can help others cultivate. Truly an attribute to make a harem.

Suddenly hearing such a thing, its not like she denied practicing it but there was a deep blush and further avoided eye contact, yet nodded her head, not with arrogance but with compliance with the situation.

Seeing that, I became bold. I hold her chin up and kissed her soft red lips. Ours tongue twisted while we kissed. After a while I released her and said, "Okay, with this, you have become my wife. Be sure to properly take of me."

After the kiss ended, Catherine's cheeks grew deep red. Even her pointed ears had a tinge of red. I opened up my inventory, a storage space, and provided clothes for her to wear. After being dressed, she looked somewhat more attractive with her beautiful white shinning locks. Her breasts ratio were no small matter. They were comparatively large and so was her butt, but it was to be expected of my wife, I said out loud in my mind proudly as I stared at her intently.

She waved at me while slightly tilting her head. It broke my trance yet she was damn cute.

"Lets go and save the Elven Empire for my wife's sake" and with that, we walked forward.

Now onwards to the Elven Empire!!


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