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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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4 Chapter 4

Following my to-be wife Catherine, I reached the Elven Empire. Though the journey took a day in order for Catherine to recuperate from the shock of the previous day. However, after a good day sleep, her appearance improved and so did the color of her face. By the way, I did not take advantage of yesterday's situation and had my way through her, I am not a playboy.

The Elven Empire, though situated in this forest, is not a back dated one as I had expected. It is well thriving kingdom. Though the elves mainly dominate the empire, however, there are mixed breeds as well, though the common being humans.

Trade is quite flourished here. Apparently trade and commerce commences through the river that flows by the kingdom. In fact, unlike the typical rough roads of the forests, the roads inside the empire are quite smooth and plain. Surrounded by a large boundary wall, typical of any empire to protect themselves from demonic beast horde attack, we have finally arrived at the elven empire.

My entry in the empire was rather smooth. As I was the escort of the princess of the empire, on command of Catherine, they easily let me in. Apparently, people have to make a registration here to enter the empire with a certain amount of entry fee and per month tax. Thank God, I had a free entry pass due to the princess.

She directly brought me to the empire, directly to the siblings and the king of the empire. She recited what had happened outside the empire and my sudden involvement saved her from her near purity loss condition. Although her to-be wife to me was not discussed.

I received words of gratitude from the king. I even spoke with the two brothers. The elder brother had quite a warm appearance. I enjoyed his presence. He was called Alastair. However, there seemed to be something different with the young brother. His aura seemed rather dark and malicious. He was called Argyle.

I wonder whether it was due to the actions that he committed, the sins that he had performed till date. However, something seemed fishy, some deep dark secrets that he is hiding. With a false smile on his face, he approached me and gave his gratitude to me. However, with a single look, I can decipher that his concerns were not sincere at all.

A banquet was held, in honor of me to show the gratitude of the king for bringing back the elven princess safe and sound to the empire. I did enjoy the food. They were quite delicious. Apparently, the elves mostly hate meat, but the dishes with different leaves and fruits were mouth watering, a new sensation that I have never received before. A refreshment from the bored meat.

The king ordered a room to be prepared in his castle for me. Well I did promise Catherine that I would solve the current problem with the two brothers. However, the problem seemed too deep and dark to be uncovered so easily. I thought I would have a good night rest before starting my investigations.

However, it seemed my presence was deemed quite dangerous by a few beings. Even before I could earn a proper sleep, trouble followed me. It seemed someone sent an assassin after me. Thank God, they did not realize that I was a cultivator, otherwise they would not have made the mistake, and for me I would have lost a golden opportunity to dig up some truths.

Exactly, when the moon was sky high, the assassin decided to make his move. I remained perfectly as I was initially, in sleeping posture. I even controlled my breathing to fool the assassin. It should be mentioned that assassins high sensitivity of the surroundings. Even a slight movement can alert them.

The assassin made into the room. The windows were naturally open. However, as soon as it moved near me, I moved in a flash and was standing in from of it. The assassin was initially at a loss at the current situation and tried to slash his hand to me.

However, I easily caught it. I mean, no practical force was required to stop such a weak attack. He probably thought of me as an ordinary man and executed a normal attack. However, I suddenly realized, he unlike others was a cultivator. I was on guard against him from then. I mean, a cultivator against a cultivator, I have to be slightly on guard.

He tried to moved swiftly towards me. So, he was a wind attribute cultivator. However, to me he was rather slow. Apparently, his movements were not so high to catch me off guard. As such, I easily predicted his direction and just stretched my leg in the direction. He toppled damn hard to the wall.

Balance is as important feature to all cultivators, irrespective of their attributes. A slight topple in balance will give a grievous as can be seemed from the current situation. The assassin hid hard at the castle wall and was rendered unconscious.

Without wasting time, I immediately tied him up, removed all his secret weapons and made him seat on a chair in the room. I removed the mask. Apparently, he was well off in terms of looks, was an elf too. Now its time to wake him up and ask a few questions.

I slapped him a few times to wake him and asked him who was he working for and why. But he remained silent during the entire session. When I forced open his mouth and checked in, I found that his tongue was cut out. Such a brutal way to keep someone silent.

I handed him over to the guard who were posted nearby, explaining them the situations. They were shocked at first on learning that I was a cultivator, expressed their gratitude and apology for not guarding properly. I affirmed that it was not their mistake.

It seemed that, this matters run deep inside. It will not be easy to solve this political problem on a wimp that easily. A through search has to be conducted by me to realize what was actually happening. But that will be later, first some sleep.

However, as I went to the sleep, there was a sudden door knock. I opened the door and found my wife to-be in almost transparent clothes with a thin cloth covering her lower private part and open otherwise. Her boobs were clear in the moonlight, with visible pink nipples on them. It was a damn erotic scene.

Being a virgin in this world, my reaction was quite the normal. My lower part was already hard erect. However, due my tight clothing, it was still not visible. Wonder what Catherine was doing here in my room. Could it be it!!!


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