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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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5 Chapter 5


My whole mind was blown out just like that. I was a in a trance like state observing or rather almost drooling over the beauty in front of my eyes. My mind took the evil form that repeatedly said to me,

"Eat her. Eat her, Eeeaaaattt Hhheeerrr!!!"

I mean, damn just look at the body curve lines. Any man would drool over her and try to have her. Even I was not blessed with a beauty of her degree in my previous life. Well as expected, my rod was already hard erect and out of control.

"Umm, is it all right for me to disturb you late at this hour."

That sweet voice broke my trance. I was called to this world from near Heaven experience. I grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her in my room. I was rather afraid that some pervert in the castle would lecherously take a look at my sexy wife. I closed the door as fast as possible, made her sit on the bed and asked,

"Wh...what are you doing here? A..And in this o..outfit?"

This question made her blush. I mean what was there to blush if you have already taken the step with point of no return. I thought that she came to me to have sex, because we are to-be husband -wife. However, it was not so. Well, technically she did come here to have sex with me but with a different reasoning.

"Is it true that you have a method to make someone stronger by by by ha..having sex with the person?"

I understood where the talk would beat around. So, without wasting any time, I said, "Well your husband never lie. Want to test it out?"

Many woman, at such a sentence would chicken out. I mean if it was Earth, then direct police case for harassing a woman. However, this is not earth. Though her reply was an obvious one, "Yes", however there was a sudden spark in her eyes that I have never seen before. It was just my younger self, trying to get strong just to protect the ones you love.

"I..I want to become strong, just like my husband. I want the protect the things that I love. I want to become strong."

The resolve was perfect, what a cultivator must have to walk through the tough roads of cultivation. However, I was feeling a bit down in my heart. I mean, it was not a true love, no matter how I look. This was a forced exercise for me. I mean, after doing the deed, even the king could not stop the marriage, but still, a lingering regret always remains there.

Maybe that she had taken a peak at my dejected look, or might have understood my thought process, she suddenly said, "It is a..also to p..please my dear with a gift in advance for granting help to the empire."

That sentence was alone to make all the lingering regrets fade away. Those were the words, that I strongly waited for. After confirming out mutual thought process, I pushed her down on the bed and made a slow climb on her, like a tiger aiming for their prey.

The sleeping Catherine was too sexy. My mind was rampaging. I tore open the thin cloth lining that separated her body from my lips. I was just making my way through from the sexy stomach of the elf to her breasts and ultimately to her lips, by just running my tongue and lips allover her. Her breathing became quite ragged when my tongue came in contact with her body, a feeling of pure bliss, a taste never had before, a sensation never touched before.

My impression of her body was that, it was simply butter. Smooth pure white butter, unlike the butter found on earth, with a tinge of yellow color. Then, out eyes made contact, those pure eyes of innocence filled with love and affection for me were enough for me to seal the deal here.

She helped me get undressed, unlike me who just tore open her cloths. I was sitting there beside her, or rather with Catherine on my laps, with lips kissing each other and my hard rod twitching on contact with her soft thigh. Her skin was too soft, as if my penis would sink in the thigh if I had pushed any further.

Our lips made their mutual touch, our tongues made their mutual twist, we were literally feeling a moment of mutual bliss as I held her tight around my arms and my other hand playing with her voluptuous breast. I guess, it was time to advance forward.

I let go of our lips, and with affectionate eyes laid her on the bed and helped her remove the last piece of cloth that guarded her purity. Very gently, I let my two fingers slip in. Damn what tightness, just damn. No other words can fill the gap of experience there.

She gently bit her little finger as if to endure the pain of a foreign object entering her. I took the advantage and started sucking on the rosy pink nipples, as if like a baby. If an outsider was there, then he or she would have described this scene to be rather cute.

The foreplay continued. As it was her first time, I missed my foreplay. Well there is time in the future. Lets just enjoy the moment for now. It was finally time to enter her. I took the stance with my rod tip kissing the pink mouth.

With affectionate eyes, I looked at her, she did the same. Then I kissed her again, damn those red lips, hard to part away. And while we were at it, I slowly rammed my thing into her. She was shivering in the beginning, but I let her forget the the pain as our kissing intensity grew.

Finally it was in. The tightness, the muscle movement, if I did not have any experience in my previous life, then this would have ended right here. But reality is not so ..he..he..

She looked at me as if with eyes of pain and pleasure amd in the end wrapped her arms around my neck, as if showing her approval that I can do what I want with her. This was the moment, finally it was time to thirst my hip to hers.

*thud thud* sounds could be heard all around the room as my hip hit hers. More so, we also underwent the kissing round. Since it was her first time, I took the lead and made my way through her. From her facial expressions, it could be felt that she enjoyed it rather than pain.

As I could feel her being connected with, she could feel the same, more so for it was me who was ramming in her. Our lusts grew intense in the end and finally it ended with me releasing my thick white liquid inside her. In fact, she also came. Rather she convulsed repeatedly in pleasure.

Then she hit the limit and went to sleep. However, it should be exactly this moment when she needed to concentrate to let my power feel through her. However, as she had grown tired in her first time, I controlled the power, compressed it into a small light ball of high intensity and let it rest inside her, or rather in her stomach part.


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