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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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6 Chapter 6

Well, it was really a wonderful night. A night full of bliss. A memorable night of me losing my virginity in this world for real. And also my accomplishment for a wife, or rather my first wife after ages of cultivation and a path of merciless killing.

I held my wife, well it is to-be wife, but I don't mind directly calling her my wife, for in the end she will be mine. I held my wife in my arms as she was having a blissful sleep. It was hard to wake that cute and beautiful face.

As the moonlight shown on her, that white face, with long white pointy ears and and dark black eyelash, with a sweet light red blush on her cheeks, damn cute. It was really hard for me to wake her up and say that you have succeeded in completing the process the raising your innate talent for cultivation. All you need to do is just integrate it and voila, first level of Starters stage achieved.

Oh well, I played a little with those big soft breasts of Catherine. A slight pinch on the nipples. A slight kiss on her lips. And then, good night sleep.

However, unbeknown to them, an evil plot was being was slowly brewing behind their backs.


"Cannot kill him. Shit are all these assassins useless bastards. He may be a thorn to my plans.", said a man with black hood covering his face. As if, to hide his identity from the listeners.

"We..we are sorry. The assassin we sent was a cultivator at the peak of Starters stage. To defeat him, it must be that he is also a cultivator. And not just any cultivator but one at a higher stage than that."

"Shit!", impatience, arrogance and denial could be heard from his words. This was a sudden reality for them, a sudden intruder to their plans. Something, which was not worth risking after all the years of planning.

"Forget it. How are the plans proceeding?"

"Everything is processing as it has been planned. However.."

"However what?", now anger replaced all emotions on the man's voice.

"However, the labors are rebelling. They demand rest and food to continue working."

"Threat them with their family, they will obey obediently. Now, no more delays are allowed. Proceed as fast as possible."

As the others left, the man with dark hood suddenly clenched his fist and said, "The fall of the empire is drawing near. A new king with new king will rise from here." Then, suddenly he held his mind, as if running from an intense pain but a momentary one.

He continued, "Don't worry. None shall remain alive. I promise to take revenge on all of you. Especially the king here. Hehe"


At the break of dawn, when twilight penetrated Sachiro's room, the eyes of a cute elven face could be seen twitching. Probably because her nap time is over.

Opening her eyes, she saw that she was in Sachiro's embrace. Rather it would be correct to say, Sachiro was holding her tightly, as if afraid to let go and looking at her with cute affection and love eyes. Something, which she had never found, not even from her father.

"Awake my cute wife.", as Sachiro said that, he involuntary held her chin, closed up on her and kissed her.

"A good morning kiss for my lovely wife."

A deep blush could be seen on the face of Catherine. Probably because of the fact that she remembered what they did at the night. She found that there were no pain in her body. She initially thought that sex was a painful process. However, after doing it for the first time, she felt a blissful feeling and no pain. Especially so because it was with her man.

However, even with that, she could feel something different with her body. Something as if she was lighter and steadier. A stark difference from the previous night and that day would be her mentality and refreshment. She was rather in a calm state of might than the chaos and disarrayed thoughts of his previous self. As if probably lost in thought with her feelings, Sachiro said,

"That what you are feeling right now, is the initial stage for all cultivators. This is the moment, when they try to be one with the nature. Well it should be done once you receive my energy. But oh well, we are late."

As if a bad premonition was being put forward suddenly, she mad a worry look. Seeing that, Sachiro could not help but laugh. Slightly touching her nose with his index finger, he said,

"Well no need to worry, Your husband here has stored this energy within your body perfectly safe in here."

And with that, he started to move his hands. Rather touching her body again would be a rightly way to put it. He moved it from her hair, to her neck, to her breasts and nipple and finally to the belly button.

"All the energy has been stored right there. All you need to do is integrate with it and bring out your innate attribute. And I, your husband, is going to help you with that. Now do you trust me when I said that I will help you cultivate?"

Nodding and replying, she said, "I never doubted you in the first place. But it is true that I wanted to get strong, not only for my family but to be on equal footing with my husband." And with that she gave a beautiful smile, which looked the smile of an angel at that moment.

Bending forward and kissing her lips again, as if touched by her sentiment, he replied,

"Don't worry, you will always be on equal footing with me. You are my wife after all."

And with that, he held her tightly in his embrace and kissed her on her forehead. She also did not fight such a fierce pull and dug deep in his embrace with her eyes closed. As if, to feel his warmth and love. A cute couple scene could be depicted here. Though no one was there to notice.

Now, it is time for her to integrate with her new power and be welcomed in the world of martial arts and cultivation.


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