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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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7 Chapter 7

Catherine could feel herself becoming one with the nature. The feeling of calmness and peace and vitality was truly an overwhelming one. It was like, she was addicted to it and would regret leaving it. It could be said that she was jealous to leave this kind of state, a transcendental feeling at the very core.

It was the starting point for all cultivators out there in this world. First, integrate with energy stones to feel the natural source of energy, the energy of the world. Second, to lose yourself in this feeling and concentrate hard in this meditative state. Enjoy the bliss of gaining power and to be strong. Third would be a very strong mentality to lead through this rough road and achieve the ultimate being. Fourth and the most important for all living creatures in this world would be sheer amount of luck.

The matter of luck is no joke. Rather a strong factor for a person to become a cultivator. How many cultivators have lost their lives due to sheer lack of luck, how many are stuck in the same stage due to lack of such luck, how many are devoid of enlightenment due to lack of comprehension luck, how many have lost their fortunes to others in the game of luck. Cultivators are said to challenge their own fates. But, luck is an entirely different matter.

Now, lets discuss about Catherine. Firstly, she had no sense of understandings in the matter of energy stones. The entire heavenly energy was compressed to a small ball of light and stored in her bellybutton. All she need to do is slowly pull out the energy and integrate with.

Though the concept looks simple, still it is a tough process. She took an entire day to learn just to circulate the energy all throughout her body. Along with the help of her husband, Sachiro, who mostly moves his hands all over her body with fingers pushing certain acupuncture points in her to stimulate the flow of his energy.

Catherine also has a certain sense of self control. It must be added in her personality. Though her husband moved his hands all over her again after the sexual acts with her, she did not break out of her meditative state and concentrated hard on the words of Sachiro that described how the energy should flow in her body. Along with his hand movements that depicted the positions where the energy needed to integrate deep in her.

The flow of energy can be described as like the flow of river on a plains land. The smooth flow of water without any ripples on its surface. Such a state needs to be achieved to integrate the heavenly energy in her.

Secondly, die-hard concentration. Which could be said that Catherine was born with. She concentrated deep and hard on the integration process of process with a ripple of any other thought in her mind, even with Sachiro's hands moved all over body while the process of integration. She left behind all her shyness as she concentrated hard on a trance like meditative state. What is shyness when you could become strong to protect what was once yours. She did not mind to sell her shyness in order to become strong.

And here comes the third criteria. A strong mentality. Whether it be shyness or the will to kill. She mustered sheer courage to walk down the path of cultivator. She willing traded all her feelings just to protect those that are important to hers. Such a strong mentality and such a passionate is a must for any cultivator, not only to become a true cultivator but also to become strong and improve further in the near future.

Fourthly, the sheer amount of luck. It is said that success is ninety nine percent of hard work and one percent luck. Nothing is different in the path of cultivators. However luck is a deciding factor in the world of cultivators, especially for beginners and power mongers.

However, for Catherine, it was no difficult matter. With the cultivation master Sachiro as her husband, the fear of becoming a cultivator is considerably reduced. Whatever amounts in the left over is further reduced due to the fact that the energy is a part of the great Void attribute.

It is said that void is the creator of all other attributes. All were born and will ultimately end in void. The true meaning of empty and blank. The truth behind the word blank. However, till date, void is said to be a mystery for all, an attribute that very few people has heard of and very people know of, the true meaning behind the meaning void.

Henceforth no matter what attribute Catherine chose to integrate with or no matter which attribute chose to integrate itself with her, it will be a piece of cake until and unless it is the void attribute itself.

It has been two days since Catherine has sunk deep into intense meditation to walk down the path of cultivation. Without eating or sleeping for two days continuous, this is the first an elf princess has sunken deep into something without the care of the world.

Sachiro also did not have a moment of rest. He had to continuously help her in the circulation of the heavenly energy into her meridians. So that she can access the energy of the world in her meridians. Beads of sweat started to appear on his forehead all throughout these two days.

Recognition from a certain attribute to a certain person can take just simply minutes, while others may take days continuously with a moment of rest and a very few rare cases were observed where it takes a month of continuous meditation and fasting.

Well it was not like it will take long. For certain blast of energy suddenly started to sweep out from her body. It was at this time Sachiro stopped his outside help. It was at this moment that a certain attribute has chosen her to be its successor. Now all depended on her sheer will and her strong mentality to persist till the end.

For, it was time for her to take the test of the chosen attribute. All attributes will take a test of will, courage and intelligence before being integrated in that person. The test was a vital one where the cultivator show their persistence and will to survive and perilous path of cultivation.

Now, it was Catherine's turn to answer the test of her chosen attribute. A point where outside help was meaningless. All depended on her will to get strong and her persistence in this world.


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