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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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8 Chapter 8

Catherine's mind drifted away in an unknown world. When she looked attentively at her surroundings, all she could see were green plain lands with no ends, no horizons and no beginnings. A simple plain land with green grass, where the grass undulated due to the swift blow of wind.

She looked at herself, only to find floating in the sky. The sky with deep white and sky blue lustre. Something which the earth definitely lacks due to dense pollution of the nature. But how can she compare her views with those of the earth she was never born there before.

However, if compared to the present world, then a deep similarity could be presented. Because, in this world, the people are busy obeying the laws of the jungle. No one time to devote themselves to science. In fact what is science in this world.

Science states certain laws or rules of the unending and undefined universe. These certain laws are said to be a foothold for modern progression in technology and development and improvement. However, in the current world. people defy common logic.

The people there have to fight their own fates just to survive in the world. The strong preys over the weak. The unchangeable law of the jungle. Something that the people of this world must follow to live. There is no peace here.

There is no good will here. Only the desire to become strong. The desire to win over all. The desire to dominate. Only these thoughts prevail in the minds of the people here. In fact, cultivators who cultivate very well defy the heavens.

Who can give the power other heavens. And who raise the power other than the people themselves. Just to reach heaven and be immortal, they defy heaven itself. What laws of physics, nothing is applicable in this world, other than the will to live, to protect, to dominate and to savage.

Catherine was currently lost in her surroundings, a scenic beauty, anyone would get lost in the peaceful atmosphere here. The calmness, the peace, the bliss. A renewed feeling that can rejuvenate even a lost soul. Happiness surrounds this place. But, can this last for long?

The answer is obvious. The surroundings changed almost suddenly and drastically without any warnings. If it was the normal world, then many would have died instantly. There were the brewing of huge storms. It took the form of typical cyclones.

What intense winds! Strong enough to drift any human away to its center and literally crush it to a blood splash. Moreover, it was approaching towards her along with strong gale blowing at her. Even though her mind was present there, it was no joke.

For human beings, mind is the most essential thing for living. Where does the will to live come from, the will to be strongest, the will to survive, the will for vengeance, the will for revenge, the will for killing and the will to protect someone.

All these feelings develop in what is called the mind of a human being. And currently, for Catherine, her mind was in danger. The danger of being crushed into nothingness. Suddenly, she hears a voice being spoken to her.

"You whom I have chose,

You whom the master has helped,

Fight the current crisis,

To prove worthy of myself,

Overcome the trial given

And be with myself.

However, remember failure shall impair you

For all eternity.

Then tread the path given

And prove yourself, worthy of myself"

A poem that has been recited to her before the impending doom. It must be the attribute itself that is talking to her. A warning or a curse? No matter what, all she needs to do is survive. She needs to create her own path to live and be the strongest.

And so, the trial could be said to have commenced.


Outside her mind palace, in the real world, Sachiro was worrying for her. Even though he provided all the help he could, all the way towards awakening her chosen attribute, yet the last depends entirely on her. Or rather her will to prevail to be more precise.

He was walking impatiently all around her with an impatient look, as if waiting for any sudden changes where he could provide help. He was waiting impatiently for her trial to be over and for her to succeed.

"It all depends on you now my dear wife. I know you can do it. I have faith in you. You are my wife after all.

I wonder what attribute chose you. Well no matter what, you have to come back to me alive okay. Even though you may have the void energy in you, it will protect you only in times of need. However, you yourself need to persist and overcome the trial given to you.

As for you trivial family issues, well I must say, your younger brother piqued my interest. I wonder what he is planning that even my void bird cannot enter his study room. Something definitely is going on. Hmmn

However, I wonder dear, whether your father knows about this development between us. His reaction would be epic if it comes as a surprise to him, unless you have already said to him. Hehe.

Your elder brother is not innocent at all. He is also planning something large behind your back. But, his actions are still visible. The one completely out of my vision is your younger brother.

I want to immediately go there and investigate. But I can't do that. Otherwise you might meet some difficult predicament where no one can rescue you. So don't worry, I will not leave you. As for your request, lets see through it together okay."

And with that, Sachiro took a meditative posture and immersed himself in his own cultivation world, with the aim to become strongest. Other than that, what can he but worry for Catherine. So, he decided to forget about worldly matters and concentrate on his ones.


As for Catherine, she was fighting bravely with the strong gale that was determined to blow her away into the center of cyclone. All she could do is hold tight onto the grass and pray that they never come out of their roots. Otherwise, it would be her doom.

This situation continued for a while. But, there was a development. The cyclones seemed to have stopped moving. Yet the gales did not stop. Still, it was a better situation than the previous one. And Catherine decided to take advantage of it.

She slowly walked away, against the winds, away from the stormy clouds and toward the normal plains that were visible quite far away. She believed that this was her trial, to reach the calm plains from the stormy one.

However, was the test that easy. Seeing that she persisted in resisting the giving situation and even fighting against it, the situation suddenly reversed. The stormy clouds, the cyclones and those strong heavy gales suddenly disappeared.

The region suddenly became quite peaceful. Too peaceful to bear with it. The sudden development was too sudden and too soon to feel it. Was the test over? These were the only thoughts of her.

However, was it really over. While looking here and there, she suddenly felt a sudden pain in her right cheek. As if someone just sliced through her body with a very sharp and pointy object and with a speed that was inhumane.

What was that? What was the sudden new trial? Will she be able to bear with it and fight it?


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