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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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9 Chapter 9

There was a sudden sharp pain in her right cheeks that brought her back to the reality. Her thoughts of whether the trial was over was painfully answered with the red blood seeping out from her cheek.

This was more than enough to make her realize that the trial was still going on.

However, such thought process lasted only for a moment. Before, again a sharp pain broke her train of thoughts. This time, the cut was at her left leg. The cut looked extremely neat, without a trace of error in attacking. As if a knife with a really sharp edge just cut a butter.

The blood and pain brought her senses back. Without wasting any moment, she concentrated in her surroundings. Looking here and there, back and forth, quite impatiently and hapazardly as if to spot any minor change in her surroundings even if it was a minute one.

She was not even sure whether she would be able to spot what was attacking her. Whether it was untraceable or invisible to the naked eye, there was no loss in trying. Such a strong will was what needed in the path of cultivation. Even though it may not lead to a desired outcome, there was no harm in trying and keep on fighting.

And maybe, by through some miracle, her strong will for perseverance to fight and win was answered. She was able to observe some certain distortions in the air at a certain distance away from her.

That sure distortion took the from of a beautiful white arc, as if it has its own intent to cut through what prevailed in its path. It had no sound during its formation. Even no sound as it traveled through its own trajectory. A soundless, destructive arc.

Catherine's instincts were ringing rather loudly, as if telling her to dodge. She would have no chance of survival if she were to meet it head on.

She followed her instincts and moved anywhere but her original position. And that decisive moment was able to save her from another nice and clean cut on her body. Truly a dangerous yet a beautiful white arc of destruction.

As she followed the trajectory of the heaven defying white arc of destruction, she observed as it hit the blades of grass on the ground. The blades were neatly cut without any undulations on any side. Truly heaven defying destructive abilities.

However, this was just the beginning of the trial. As time passed, the speed of the wind arc increased. Initially, it was dodgeable with a marginal breadth. But now, it was at a hair's breath. As time passed, the speed increased.

At first, she could observe the distortions in the immediate environment, process the required trajectory of its travel and move at anywhere but that. However now, it was an entirely different matter. Now, only the distortions were visible.

The time to process its trajectory and move at a respectable position, was diminished to a minimum here. The current situation was truly perilous to her. Only to move left and right from the attack.

And if that was not enough, the current situation increased its level of difficulty to a higher level. Now the attacks were with the aim to kill. However, it was still safe if it was left at that. But would an attribute chose such an easy trial for its user. Especially when it received the heaven defying void energy to cultivate.

Now, there were not one but multiple. And with a similar intent to kill. With no mercy to be shown by who ever was orchestrating the attacks. There was no sound at all that could help her predict its origin or trajectory.

In this difficult situation where survival was at stake and hopes to live at all should be shattered, the elf persisted through her strong will alone in this predicament. Catherine's will was strong enough to make her a very strong cultivator at the current age of hers if she had learned cultivation when she was born.

Since not everyone was born with a golden spoon and not everyone had the same mentality, so she missed her chance then. But that cannot be said to be the same for now. She need to give her all, everything for success, for her survival.

In this dangerous predicament, Catherine made a quick decision to deal with the multiple deadly attacks. She decided to take on those that were not fatal, while avoiding those that were sure shot for a kill.

This continued for a while. Without rest, without any break, without any change in her current environment, this monotonous deadly continued their role of attacking and Catherine continued her role of dodging to her level best and surviving.

Realizing the current draw situation between the deadly wind arcs and Catherine, a big one was drawing near. Perhaps to end the situation and probably the last in its own speciality. Catherine also realized it as her antenna for dangers were ringing very loudly. She believed that it was probably the last one but did not lower her guard at the current situation.

Her condition could not be said to be any better one. She was bruised all over body. And cuts all over. Even her dress was torn to pieces, leaving behind only a few line strips to protect her private parts. Basically she was drenched in her own blood. And not to forget the intense pain.

Though the attacks were not a real one but still her mind had to endure the pain. When her mind tolerance dropped, the blood could not be stopped and seeped out from the numerous cuts that she intentionally took to survive.

However, a last and intense one was coming over. The strong will to resist persisted but fatigue might have taken her over. She realized her current predicament where she wanted to dodge, she wanted to move, she wanted to much more only to survive yet her calls were not answered. Her body gave away. Her fatigue reigned over. Probably it was her moment of survival. yet had not lost any hope and still struggled to do something.

It was at this moment, in the near death situation, where she had lost all hopes yet her will to survive still prevailed, that she found a sudden burst of energy in her. A sudden rejuvenated feeling prevailed over her fatigue. And the sudden energy to dodge any attack at will and in any way according to will.

She easily dodged that big wind arc and even those small ones that followed after in case the big wave failed to complete its task. She completely overwhelmed the attacks sent after her.

After watching these arcs form out in the air suddenly, she also had the idea to make one while evading those sent at her. She tried at first yet she failed initially. She tried move her hands in a curve in a swift and speedy way to make an arc in the wind. However she failed.

Yet she did not give and practiced and practiced and practiced. And at this moment, when she finally evaded the big arc, she made her own little one with her swift and fast hand movements and that arc, a very little one collided with the big one and was able to damage it albeit a little.

After she that did, all those distortions suddenly disappeared from her immediate surroundings. Finally it was her win. A voice suddenly ran in her ears,

"You who have cleared the wind trial,

Must learn never to slow down in your way,

Must practice every move with haste,

Be learn to be swift and clean and soundless,

To rule over the Wind element."

Finally, she was able to integrate herself with the wind attribute. And finally she would now be able to live out of this situation and return her mind to her own body. She closed her eyes waiting to be transferred.

And after a moment when she closed her eyes, the surroundings did not change. It did not even bulge slightly, even in the least. Was her trial not over? But she did win over the wind attribute. Just what was going on?


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