My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
10 Chapter 10
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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10 Chapter 10

Catherine was dumbfounded in her current situation. This literally betrayed her expectations. She believed that after the trial was a success, she would be able to return to her original body. Then why?

However, the answer was revealed shortly, There were certain distortions in the ground of the plains. There were cracks formed in the grounds and suddenly, it got divided in to two parts. This division started from in-between her legs and continued till a far end where her eyes could not reach.

And from the space in-between cracks, large hands came out and dropped hard on the sides, as if to support something that will come out from them. A loud *boom* resonated in the region, enough to make her close her ears with her hands.

At his moment, a sudden voice resounded in her ears,

"You who have received blessing from my master,

You who have been chosen my me,

Show me your strength to prevail through this trial,

Your brute force may impress me.

However thou may remember,

Failure in this trial

May impair you for eternity.

Fight till the last breathe,

And show me your strength."

And as the voice finished its recitation, the huge earth golems took their stance as if waiting for further orders. There were three of them, in height triple of hers and breadth almost like a giant in fantasy books.

"And I just thought that I would never be able to cultivate after such a shock. Only wind would have been enough for me but now earth. Someone save me.... No I need to prevail. I need more power. I need to protect. I need to surviveeeeee."

With that, she took off with a leap, charging straight towards one of the golems, without caring for the rest, only with the will to survive.


On the outside, Sachiro was busy with his own meditation and cultivation. He focused on only two words, emptiness and nothingness. The true meaning behind the word void.

Even in modern terms, it was difficult to explain the word void. Where nothing is there yet everything is born. Where everything is present yet no presence is felt.

Currently, Sachiro was contemplating behind the true meaning of the word void. His encounter with void attribute was a sheer stroke of luck.

When he was born in this world, or rather when he woke up, he had broken meridians. While traveling the world, in order to gain strength and power, he had a miraculous encounter with the void attribute.

Rather, it could be said that the void attribute chose him. He entered a mysterious realm when he jumped off a cliff while he was attacked from wild beasts.

The presence that he felt there was nothingness, true emptiness. The very definition of being alone could be described from the realm there. Even the emptiness of space would have lost its meaning and presence there. No human could prevail there and come out of there alive. They would have lost their mentality and become insane while crying for interactions, even if it was with a grass.

However, Sachiro was a different case. The sense of lost that he felt in his previous could never be compared. He was already in the world of loneliness, even though he woke up in this world. Running away from the beasts, striving to survive were all fake ordeals set by him in this world, to in the least giving the original soul of the body, gratitude for lending it to him. Even though he has no meaning for surviving.

And due to this personality, he prevailed in the realm of void and survived the ordeal of the attribute. He had already lost his heart, the meaning of feelings and accepted the loneliness. Hence a perfect match for the current will and mentality of void.

A sheer amount of luck and a brutal amount of power. Could be considered to be a cheater if looked carefully how one can gain something so incredibly overbearing. The rest he needed to do was to walk the path of a cultivator with intense killing and deaths and stealing and death-defying jobs, only to survive and become strong.

Currently, Sachiro was in a meditative state. However, he had never let down his guard in order to observe even the tiniest of emotions resurfacing on the face of his dear elf, Catherine.

While she was fighting an intense fight in his mind temple, his face till now showed no emotions. Hence Sachiro tried to form an even deeper connection with his void attribute. Till date, he was a slave of the void attribute. However, his new wish is to enslave the void itself. Something truly heaven defying and never heard of.

And thus, he begins his intense meditation for power.


On the other hand, Catherine was giving her all to the giants just to defeat them. She had somehow defeated one of them. The battle would be no less than an intense one. She had to repeatedly use her new learned knowledge of the wind attribute to deal damage to it.

As frequent use of something could lead one to being an expert being in its use, Catherine too gained some profound knowledge in the use of the wind arc skill.

Frequent use of the skill made her realize her excess movement and the ways to shorten it more while in combat mode with the three golems. With more time, she learned the use of muscle contractions in her arms, just make the arc as soundless as possible from the previous self.

And finally, making use of that skill, she had slain one of the golems, with repeated attacks on its legs, hands and ultimate its head. She solely focused on one, while avoiding the attacks of the others and repeatedly used her swift wind arc skill to attack on the golem at a single spot, till cracks formed on them and ultimately, they broke apart.

Currently, she was dealing with the second one. And it seems that the second one was more sturdier than the first one. While fighting, she learned another wind attribute skill, swift leap. With it, she could easily shorten her distance between her opponent and strike a decisive blow while being a surprise one.

Using leaps and re-leaps just to evade the golem attacks from both the second and third one while using swift wind arc skill to deal satisfactory damage to the second golem.

Those repeated attacks from Catherine, did indeed result in cracks formation in the golem. In the end, one of its legs completely shattered after a hundred attacks. The previous one required near to one thousand consecutive attacks, while this required near about hundred. One can easily predict the rate of improvement that she had gone through, just for the sake of survival and strength.

With its shattered, its movements became slower. While the third one continued on with its own attacks, without any emotions to support the broken one. A ray of hope still exists in this perilous situation!

Now is her chance to break free from the current self and be reborn as a cultivator, with two attributes at that!


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