My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
11 Chapter 11
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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11 Chapter 11

The ray of light and hope glimmered quite brightly for Catherine in her current predicament. Though there were dangers and the threat to life was still present there, yet the light and path for success did not diminish in front of her.

She continued her repeatedly attacks on the second earth golem giant while evading the attacks of the third one. This helped her to be more proficient with her wind attribute.

When she comes back to her original body after this trial, the blessing that she would receive after gaining all the experience from here would be unprecedented in the current world.

The intense amount of effort that she put for her survival's sake will find a way to reward her in her near future, if she was successful in the trial, that is.

However, was the trial that easy. After ultimately defeating the second golem, she leaped back. As far as possible, away from the third one. She needed moments to breathe. Her breathing was quite ragged and rough.

Third golem, following her moving direction, started chasing after. However, how could a slow giant compare to the fast elf who only practiced the swift wind arc and swift leaps, just for her survival. How can a newly formed giant compare to the huge amount of efforts and practice that she put behind her practice for these two skills.

With labored breathe, she was greedily consuming the air around her to her fill. She needed to remove her fatigue before she resume her attacks again.

It should be mentioned that she persisted this long was not due to her own strength but the one borrowed from the void energy what was like a small ball in her body. However, she could not take the risk that this energy would be present every time. She needed to do something, something to preserve it and fight on her own. But how?

This thinking is another important trait a cultivator should have. If she were to continually depend on the void energy, then the time will come when it will depleted. At that moment what will she do? The ability to think ahead of time and prepare a timely counter-measure is a trait that all cultivators should have in order to survive in this world, in the rules of the jungle.

However, it seemed that her thought process was read by the golem giant. It ran as fast as possible towards her. Her moment of short rest and conservative thinking came to a quick stop.

This last golem seemed to be much fast and agile compared to the other two. And without even stopping, it started throwing random punches at her. All she could do was parry some while dodge those heavy attacks.

It performed an upper cut punch at her blind spot. Since it was not a fatal one she took the hit. Or, it could be said that she did not have time to dodge it as she was already dodging a rough back kick from it.

Its agility could not be compared from the previous two. However, the elf was also stubborn and relentless. Whenever possible, it released her swift wind arcs in order to deal damage to it.

Yet it seemed that her attacks just brushed off it. This golem was rather a sturdy one, one with nothing but brute strength. All she could do was carry out her relentless atacks.

However, every being has a limit of their own. And she just hit it. Moreover, it seemed that the void energy, that saved her in her trial for the wind attribute had also been depleted, rather fully consumed by her in order to survive the wind trial and live through the earth trial.

It seemed that her hope for survival, her strive for success seemed to have diminished to a great extent. Even her stubbornness hit a limit. She was fatigued to an end where sleep for a minute would be a bliss for her.

She kneeled down. Her legs failed. Her body gave way. Her limits reached fast. Her whole body gradually ached.

And it was at this moment that the giant golem raised its large leg to crush her underneath. Her final hope seemed to have crushed rather deeply with this one. Somehow, with whatever strength left in her, she raised her hands to stop the incoming attack and pull off a miracle. However, was a miracle such an easy come?


Outside, Sachiro finally noticed some odd movements from Catherine. He immediately stopped his cultivation and looked her.

Her face was pale to the core. She was sweating all over. Her breathing was ragged as if grasping for air. She could hardly maintain her meditative state. It looked as if without any support, she would immediately collapse.

He immediately moved at her side, or to be more precise, at her back, to support her with some energy, his void energy, to rejuvenate her strength and courage for her trial.

Due to her drastic sweating, her entire cloth was wet to the core. A sweet scent emanated in the air. The dress struck close to her body. It became almost transparent. Her sexy belly, her cute and voluptuous breasts were visible to a large extent. Her pink nipples struck so close with the cloth that even the transparent cloth looked pink in color at that spot.

Yet the situation demands such that there was no time to observe these beautiful changes. It was a critical situation where survival was at stake. And thus, without wasting any moment, Sachiro infused his heavenly energy into her.

"Come back alive dear. We have much to do. Much to learn. Much to teach. And much to observe. Survive."

And with that, he gave a light kiss on her snow-white hairs, at the back of her head. With a smile, he closed his eyes, as if to synchronize with his dear wife.


When all hope was crushed, she remembered the images of her mother, father and her brothers and not to forget the one whom she gave, her sweet innocence and purity, as if to say her last goodbye through these thoughts to them.

"I am sorry. Sorry everyone. I could not live up to your expectations. Especially you my dear. Even though you helped me, I failed to live up to your expectations." Tears could be seen dwelling up in her eyes.

The force of the golem seemed to have increased further on her. It ultimately, yet slowly, started to overbear her and forced her strength to a minimal. The process of being crushed began. However, was it so?

Before the golem could deal a decisive blow, Catherine could feel a rejuvenating sensation in her body. A feeling of her fatigue fading away and strength gaining on her.

An overbearing feeling of strength surged in her body. She came to hear a very familiar voice filled with warmth and love, at her moment of despair.

"Fight my dear, fight. Never lose hope and strive. I will always be with you, by you side."

This was the start of Catherine's counter-attack against the giant golem.


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