My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
12 Chapter 12
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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12 Chapter 12

Hearing the familial voice and the warmth that emanated from it, how she lack the strength and courage to move forward?

She was brimming with strength and courage to defeat this puny earth golem. After all, her dear, Sachiro was with her, always by her side. Without worrying about any other thing, she pushed the giant leg on her shoulders with the new imbued strength.

How could the emotionless earth golem cope up the strength of someone filled with courage and love and responsibilities. No one can deny such a emotion. Strength comes from within. That day, it seemed to have prove itself.

Without wasting any more precious time, she immediately brought forth all her strength in her and pushed back the giant's leg. The one who was pushing was now being pushed.

The battle from henceforth changed. The giant, who were usually recognized for their strength and never unbending stature was being bent down by a puny human who was rampaging all over it.

The golem could hardly parry her attacks and was often pushed back to maintain its balance. Catherine on the other hand, did not give it any moment to catch its breadth.

Catherine's attacks were with the intent to kill. No mercy from the one who was previously begging for mercy just a few moments a ago.

The giant golem was now receiving heavy damage, so much that it could barely stand. Ultimately, it lost its balance and fell on the ground with a loud thud. However, was the challenge over with that?

Of course not. It had to be thoroughly destroyed in order to clear this trial. And that was the true intentions of Catherine. She vented out her anger on the earth golem for making her cry to death. She repeatedly used her swift wind arc skill to make cracks on its body while using her body to punch and kick.

A cultivator's attacks should never be taken lightly. With the new found energy, new found sensation all imbued in her attacks, whether be a punch or a kick, the earth golem started showing cracks. Ultimately, it was unable to keep up with the rising strength in Catherine's attacks. In the end, it shattered into many cracks.

Loud booms could be heard as if signalling her win. Was the trial finally over? Am I truly the winner. Then she suddenly heard a voice, speaking to her.

"You who have cleared my earth trial,

You who have successfully went through the wind trial,

Are given a choice to chose the Nature Attribute.

Chose and chose wisely.

Whether you wish to cultivate in it."

"I, am chosen by the nature attribute? Huh! What kind of attribute is that? I have never heard of it.

If I chose will I have to give another trial again? But... when no worries. I have my husband beside me. No need to worry."

With a loud shout, she replied, "Fine I chose the Nature Attribute."

As soon as she said that, she suddenly snapped out from the mind temple and returned to her original body. Realizing the sudden feeling of possessing a body, she hurried open her eyes, only to look at her husband staring intently at her.

"I.. am... back. I am back dear." Tears dwelled in her eyes. She tried to stand and hug Sachiro but her body gave way. Fatigue took over. And she suddenly lost her consciousness and collapsed.

It was fortunate that Sachiro was present there. He immediately caught hold of the frail body suddenly losing balance and falling down.

"Such a foolish girl. Am I that dear to you that you will not think about yourself and jump at me? Truly my beloved wife"

As he said that, he kissed her on the forehead. However, as he hold her, he suddenly felt as if he was drenched in something. Looking carefully at her, he realized that she was sweating profusely with ragged breathing. Maybe her trial was too long. Maybe she was releasing impurities through it.

He immediately carried the unconscious and frail body towards his room and laid her on his bed, very softly. He then warmed some water and brought a towel in order to clean her body that was quite smelly at that moment.

He slowly stripped her naked. Removed all her clothes, even her underwear that were sticking tightly with her body. This was the second time for Sachiro, yet his first to observe the body with so much time at hand.

The beautiful white moon body. Truly an angel in the dress of a human. And what voluptuous breasts! It would hardly fit in his grip if he were to grab hold of it. His current thoughts were too chaotic. His desire to rampage on her was too obvious and overwhelming. Yet he still controlled his lust over her.

Currently, she needed treatment. Making himself realize the current predicament she was in, he overcame his own lust. He immediately wet the towel in a small warm water tub and run the towel all over body.

No part were left alone. No region was left undiscovered. Whether it was the boobs or the nipples or the sweet red pussy, no region was left unturned. However, it should be mentioned that when it came to the boobs, his hands suddenly paused and grabbed hold of them with is bare hands.

Those soft sensational feeling were something, no male can forget. The softness yet sturdy at the pink nipple region. And especially the pussy. Unconsciously, his fingers even went inside, to feel inside her. He fingered her a little but then stopped.

Probably because there was no reaction from the cold face that was out unconscious. Thus, he immediately got back to his own work of rubbing her body clean. Then he lifted her at the sides to wash her bare back.

Some naughty thoughts came to his mind, such as to lick her bare back with his tongue. But yet, he controlled himself and continued his work. Even the ass and especially the asshole was not left alone. With the towel wet with warm water, he washed every inch of her body.

Having done the deal, he immediately covered her stark naked body with the bed cloth. He then warmed some nutritious meal for her to eat, rather a soup to drink. He at first thought to call the maids and make them do it. However, these thoughts soon left his mind.

Firstly it would raise a few sudden questions and a few complications that he was not ready for yet. Especially not with Catherine in her current condition. Thus, he made the soup on his own in his room. Where did he get the fire? Don't forget that he had the void attribute with him, the void which was said to be the birth of all. Thus fire was a very trivial matter.

As for food, all cultivators stock themselves with some nutritious foods, especially for situations such as this. The soup was ready in no time. She was in no condition to chew nor in one where she could drink on his own.

Thus like a dotting husband, he fed the nutritious soup to her. Perhaps the warm feeling on her lips through her throat and ultimately in her stomach, was a new sensation for her that triggered her consciousness to return, rather quite suddenly. The little food that she ingested seemed to have effect a miraculous effect.

As if waking up from a nightmare, she immediately sat up. Few sweat beads were visible on her forehead. Perhaps the path of cultivation was a little too much for her.


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