My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
13 Chapter 13
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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13 Chapter 13

The sudden jolt was enough to scare a normal human being. Well, for cultivators it was a different case. As such, there was a slight disoriented movement in the hands of Sachiro while he was nearing his spoon to Catherine's mouth. Other than that, there were no new developments.

Catherine was hurriedly looking here and there and touching her body unconsciously as if to feel the reality that was lost to her for a very long time. The sight where she rubbed her own breasts with her own hands was truly erotic. Enough to make men crave for her.

She then unconsciously looked at him. While seeing a familial face after a very long time, the only word that came out of her was "dear". It seemed that she did suffer a lot. Maybe that trial was too much for this frail elf.

Without wasting any minute, she started to say all the things that she encountered, not leaving even the moment when she dearly wished for him. This time, even Sachiro was amazed by what she had gone through. Not that he had never heard of Nature attribute, but the trials seemed to be rather tough.

As for Catherine, being an elf, she was the closest being to the nature. Elves generally live in the nature. This Elven Empire itself was built in this dense jungle alongside a river. Thus, being chosen by Nature attribute is not very uncommon for an elf. However, no matter how one look at it, the trial seemed to be a bit much for a beginner.

Having stabilized herself and the aura around her, she then took a look at her current state. Currently, she was stark naked and unknowingly, her dear's hand was on one of her voluptuous breasts, more precisely on the left.

But it did not end at that. Instead he just kept grabbing and releasing it as if to feel the soft yet sturdy sensation that emanated from her breasts. With a sudden shriek, even though it was in a low volume, she grabbed hold of the bed sheet and covered her body upto her neck.

"Di... did you have done it with me while I was unconscious?"

"Done what?", as if unknown to everything, he said that while tilting his head.

" know. Did we have while I was unconscious?"

"Why do you say that, Do you perhaps feel pain in you pussy?"

Sachiro said that with a smile. However, that very sentence made Catherine blush to the very core. It even raised her heartbeat. Yet what he said seemed true. She did not feel pain at all in her lower part. Why was she thinking such a thing. Was it because he had influenced her with his shameless nature? However, before even thinking this through, Sachiro's answer came.

"Don't worry. Your husband is not a savage person. He does not like to take advantage of an out cold lady. What I truly like is one, who resists while being forced to do. Hehe."

And with that he made a cruel smile. The smile sent shivers down her body. Yet for some reason she felt secure by his side. Was it because he had helped her during her near death experience? Was it because he was gently for her first time? All these chaotic thoughts occupied her mind before his voice came ringing around her ears again.

"By the way, does your father know about out relationship?"


"Hehe hehe, his face would be worth viewing when he learns about this new development with his daughter."


However, the development did not go as planned. It seemed that it was quite the opposite. Opposite in the sense that the feelings failed to meet up to his expectations.

The king acknowledged their proposal for marriage. Perhaps, he found out that he was a cultivator. Or perhaps he could feel that her daughter had changed considerably. The old one and the new one had quite a stark difference. The aura around her, her beauty, everything met a stark change.

The king believed that the given change was especially due to him. Sachiro must have played an important part in her new growth. He happily or rather readily agreed to the proposal of his daughter.

Well, the rice was already cooked. Even if the king knew, he would have to happily embrace it despite all odds. The king was even more happy when he got to knew about the Duke status of Sachiro in the Ishtar Kingdom.

The matter extended to such a length that even their wedding date were fixed before they even knew. It was set exactly a month away from the current date. All the elves and even outsiders that were present in the Elven Empire got wind of the marriage.

Everyone, timely came to congratulate them. The king and the queen received many gifts for the upcoming wedding. The daughter also received some, though most of them were monopolized by her parents only to be revealed on their wedding date.

And as for Sachiro, he was given the most care. He was the husband, the greatest benefactor for their daughter after all. Many maids and servants were assigned after him, just to take care of his needs and demands.

As for him, he was rather worried. He had this ominous feeling that something worse was going to happen very soon. Something that will shake their wedding. Thinking about this, he suddenly remembered about the dark chamber in Catherine's younger brother room and the empty, yet sudden barren land near the Elven Empire that had a dark aura all around it.

This was all the scouted area by his void bird that he created using pure void energy. All these scouting were done when he was helping Catherine integrate herself with the void energy in her.

Time to scout and investigate.


In a dark room, with little moonlight that penetrated through the window, an elf face could be seen smiling. A dark and sinister smile. He seemed to be conversing with someone in the dark.

"How are the preparations coming?"

"Almost everything is done my lord. Only your command awaits.", came an answer from the dark for the questioner.

"Good, very good. As for your loyal faith in me, I shall give you one advice. Run, run like a mad rabbit from the empire before its too late. Both for you and your family. You may leave now."

While looking at the pure white moonlight, he said in low voice, as if speaking to himself,

"The end is very near. Enjoy the view Argyle. Just like how you all destroyed my family, Elven king, this time you family will meet its doom. Enjoy the very last breathes that you breathe for your end

is nearing very soon, Very soon my dear king. Hehehe.

THIS IS THE END. Hahahaha"


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