My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
14 Chapter 14
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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14 Chapter 14

Outside the Elven Empire, not quite far away from it though, but due to the presenceof dense forests, this land becomes hardly visible to the Elven guards. Currently the present land could be said to be a barren one.

Sachiro was currently out on his errands, rather on his investigation, to find the truth about the younger brother. Something did seemed fishy about him while he was keeping an eye on him, using his void bird skill.

This skill was a special one and a unique one too at that. With this, he could create a bird of his own desire and imbue it with his own other skills of his desire. Never think of Sachiro as a normal human being.

He had secrets way more than what this Elven Empire can hide. And not to mention the fact that one should never share their secrets with anyone, not even with their own parents. Especially when one was treading in the path of cultivation. For cultivators, one that was dear to all was power and immortality.

They could be ready to sacrifice even their own child just to receive the blessing of power. Just to be strong, strong enough to dominate over the world. They would be merciless enough to kill their own kind, for many cultivate in the path of merciless killing.

Currently Sachiro was examining the barren land. And it was not a common one at any rate. Not a simple barren land that gets created by nature itself. This was something man-made.

The air around the lands were not clean at all. It was filled with impure feelings of hatred, disappointment, pain and the other dark ones. Any cultivator that cultivates in the path of their heart would either be destroyed or break down immediately at the confrontation of such a barren land.

And Sachiro was currently trending such a land. Not that he cares about such feelings. For, the void attribute was lifeless, emptiness and feelingless. Sachiro mastered in the art of feeling nothing. Which was exactly the reason why the void attribute chose him.

The void basically means empty. And when he awakened in this world, he was empty in the inside. From all those dark days of his previous life, all those lifeless experience. All those left them empty from within. And as such, he could survive the loneliness in the trial of the void.

As Sachiro traveled this barren lank, he could feel the intense dark aura in the air. The resentful souls of different beings that could not find peace here. The treacherous and gloomy feeling that this land gave was not to be taken lightly at all.

But the most surprising fact was that, the younger prince could easily travel through this place, like a fish trending on water. As he had observed for the two days through his void bird, while he was helping Catherine to walk the path of a cultivator.

"A land where one's heart is stretched out, where the soul is torn out of its place due to the heavy dark aura looming here and yet the young prince walk through this place way easily. Something indeed seems fishy. What is that?"

With a sudden expression change of being shocked as he walked through the barren land, he discovered a pile of something covered by a piece of cloth. And the smell of rotten flesh permeated in the air around.

Sachiro, very boldly, without caring for any consequences what so ever, pulled down the cloth covering the last piece of mystery. A scenery that would shock even the very core of an emotionless cultivator, no matter how one looks at it.

It was a pile of corps. And not just any corps, but those belonging to all races. No one was forgiven here, not even the beasts. The dead bodies were left just to rot and release a dark aura of ultimate resentment and hatefulness.

A few bodies were still discernible. On those poor bodies were the marks of torture and whip beatings. In some, a few body parts were missing while in others, some innards were missing. Sachiro found it very hard just to take a look at these poor bodies.

No matter who Sachiro was, he was after all a human. It seems that those poor souls were left alive even after doing such treacherous deeds to them. This indeed was the ultimate reason for the dark aura in the air.

They must have begged for mercy or at least to stop such deeds on them. They must have cried. They must have thus resented, hated and had dark desires for the ones who did these to them.

What Sachiro could do at such a situation was to burn their bodies. Their souls may rest in peace with this if their mortal attachment in the world were cut off. They may find peace in their next life.

While these thoughts ran in his mind, others such as whether the young prince was still human or not came in his mind. The ultimate question that struck his mind was,

"Who is he? Is he truly the young prince of the Elven Empire?"

Thinking about this, he thanked his inner gut feeling as to not bring his wife. Catherine, being a girl could not have handled such a thing as a normal being and might have broken there on spot. Thank goodness he told her to stabilize her aura as she was being new to the cultivation world while he take a stroll around the empire.

After the bodies were burnt to the ash and offering his last prayers to all, he decided to leave. However, a spot caught his attention. It was quite near to the pile of bodies.

The marks were of the size of giant boulders. Their weights might have been too heavy. So heavy that it left behind deep marks on the ground. Too deep to ignore.

"Just what is this young prince planning? And what was here?

Well not that I care about right now. What is gone is gone. Might find it in the ultimate battle. Should be an interesting development. I look forward to it young prince. Entertain me more. I am just shivering.

I am growing impatient too. Simply can't wait for the battle. I will be waiting for you. Don't disappointment me then. I am impatiently looking forward to it. Hehe.

O there was also that dark room in his study room. Might as well search it. Makes me shiver what I might find there. Hehe Hehe, the dark room, I am coming."

And with that, along with a perverse smile as if on a mission to find his next girl, he made a U-turn and walked forward. Forward towards his next goal of investigation, the dark room.

Now, what will the dark room reveal? What secrets does the young prince hides?


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