My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
15 Chapter 15
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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15 Chapter 15

"This room is messy. Too messy. Does he not allow his maids or butler to clean this room. What is with this study room? No room to even walk freely. No place to even keep my leg. Urgh"

With that Sachiro tried to make huge leaps so as not to disturb the current condition in the room. There were books, paper, notes,clothes and what not scattered all over the room.

Before this, he was in the barren land outside the Elven Empire, securely hidden from them by the young price. For Sachiro, the young prince was a very mysterious character.

He was very eagerly waiting when the relationship between the princes will snap and there will be civil war. What more to expect from a battle hungry cultivator like Sachiro? Where people try their best to stop such battles, Sachiro here supports the birth of chaos.

In order for what? What are his goals? Why would he, who promised Catherine to solve her issues between the two brothers, be the one who would want the Elven Empire to go to war, and not just any war but civil war or to be more precise, an internal strife for power.

No, its not like he had any goals or inner motives. Its just to satisfy his thirst for battle. A battle hungry individual who could not be satisfied during the internal strife of the Ishtar Empire was now looking forward towards the new piece of entertainment that the young prince may provide. So that he could fight to the fullest and have his fill

He had hope, rather he dearly hoped that he could have a satisfying battle in this internal conflict of the Elven Empire.

After his investigations ended at the barren land, he headed straight for the young prince's room. Why was he not detected or stopped by any one? Why did no one notice him?

He was a cultivator. Does anyone have the eyes to feel his presence if he runs at his top speed. Rather, if he wanted to be detected, then he would not have taken the pain to stealthily sneak into his room.

And what a mess it was! While leaping here and there, just to find spaces where he could stand, he thought,

"Did he intentionally do it? So that if one makes a mistake while walking here, then he may be alarmed. But being alarmed, how?"

While thinking about it, he took a deeper look at the scattered things and found something very interesting and dangerous. The whole room was wired in such a way that if one makes a mistake while trending his room, then he or she would be cut into many pieces.

Forget about raising the voice while feeling pain. It will come in suddenly and result in a swift death, so swift that the one would never feel what hit him, no matter how it looked. And the wire was almost transparent with the given surroundings,

It was thanks to Sachiro's ringing sense of danger that he avoided removing the things and due to his sudden impulse to carefully observe his surroundings, he could find the traps.

An ingenious trap indeed. A very thing wire of an hairline breadth. But one must never underestimate a cultivator's sense of danger. For, this was the only thing that can keep any cultivator alive in their path for power.

As for Sachiro, after viewing this, he was, never in his life, this impatient just meet the young prince. this battle hungry cultivator was literally crying when he would stop acting like a politician and take action. Oh how he waited just to fight those creations that he was secretly making.

After ultimately and painstakingly reaching the desk, he found a round orb on it. This should be twisted to open the secret door to doom or so he thought as he watched from his void eye.

And indeed a hidden door suddenly opened from behind his back. Dust flew around. Probably because the prince does not allow any maid to do their chores in his room.

Undoubtedly, the room was a dark one. And whats more, it had steps. Was it because it was an underground? He was not sure, for the void bird was never able to enter the room.

Now that he thought about it, he wondered why hos void bird, the most high special skill of his could not enter a petty room such as this.

Observing carefully at the door and even the grounds, he found strange ruins drawn over it. He could not decipher but felt an intent of killing as it tried to approach it. He guessed that probably, it was why his void bird could not enter it.

But, how did the prince knew such things? No matter in what way ones look at it, the strange barren land, the high level traps and now this strange ruins. could never have been the intelligence of this backdated Elven Empire, forget about the prince.

Was someone pulling the strings from the back. If that is so, then he must be on his guards. No matter how one looks at Sachiro, an individual especially a cultivator should always expect the unexpected.

Never back away and prepare for any new or strange unexpected income. Forget about outcome if one cannot even predict their future. As such, he raised his guards. Death is just a momentary feeling that cannot be deemed precious. Life is what matters the most for any individual, whether he be a cultivator or a merchant or a soldier or a baby. Everyone desires the urge to live, live long and search for immortality.

At the end of the stairs, he found a single stand right at the center of the room. It holds an orb with dark black matter in its center.

It was as if, all the negative energy and feelings and emotions were being sucked in it from the surroundings. Even though he was at a distance away from it, he could still feel the piled up emotions of hate, resentment, anger, revenge and vengeance.

Having realized that his search investigations could lead thus far, he decided to give up on the current course of action and plan how to deal with new sudden development of certain someone pulling the strings from the back. Though he could not confirm it, but its better to be safe than sorry.

As such, he decided to return to his room and prepare his wife for the upcoming storm. One that will be to violent, something that the empire could never have never seen and would have never expected.

It was time to plan the back up measures against the young prince and the upcoming war.


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