My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
16 Chapter 16
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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16 Chapter 16

After exiting the study room, Sachiro found that it was a rush hour. All the maids and servants were running helter skelter. No one had time to notice Sachiro who just came out from a forbidden room, forbidden for anyone to enter.

Forget about interrogating him, even the guards showed panic, not at him, but at the current situation that was going on behind his back, that he was unknown of.

"Why are they running as if a crisis have fallen on them? Did an uninvited guest come over? But then they should be prepared for such events otherwise he would not be called a king? Shit! Don't tell me that something had to anyone of the royal family. Catherine! Shit! Be safe. I am coming."

With that he made haste. In the direction where all the maids were running to, all the guards were running to. Something definitely must have happened. This looked quite serious from the outside.

He went directly to the king's room. The amazing fact was that it was heavily guarded rather than the gate at the current moment. The guards on realizing Sachiro, the fiance of the princess, allowed him inside.

The next thing that he saw was out of his expectations. Unlike where the prince or the princess would be under threat, this time, the king himself was under the threat of death.

He was lying there on his bed, unconscious similar to a dead body, except for a few breathing movements, such as the up and down of his chest. His face color was rather pale, as if someone had drawn out all his blood from him.

At his side, sitting just beside him and crying was the queen. Even she could hardly hold herself together at such a situation.

Their children on the other hand had mixed reactions. While the elder prince showed signs of sorry and a steady determination as to what step to take next. The younger prince had a smirk on his face. And eyes with killing intent looking at both the king and the elder brother.

While the fool on the other had was running towards him, as if, she could not hold herself anymore and cried her heart out on his chest. He could feel his clothes getting wet from his beloved's tears. But what could he do?

Could he tell her to stop crying in such a delicate situation? Or to hold herself high as cultivator's path was never to show their weak side? He could neither of those but only stroke her head while she cried till she was content.

After she was done, he approached the unconscious king. It was only for a short moment but he could feel the thick killing intent coming from the young prince before it died down or rather, he suppressed it down.

On touching the king, he realized that there a small living being inside him that was eating away his life force. With his current strength, if he wanted he could easily remove it. But how could he?

Not that he was compelled by anyone to remove it but the fact that if he did, then the prince's plans may alter and develop certain new complications that they may not be prepared for. As such, he directly forced his void energy into the creature and made it submit him forcefully.

And even after that, he allowed it to resume his original task to consume the life force of the king. The tenderly eyes of the queen together with that of his beloved looked at him, as if asking whether he could be saved.

"I am not a doctor you see. But a cultivator. As such, medical fields aren't my specialty. Thus, I can do nothing about this matter."

All those hopeful eyes glimmered down except for one. Argyle's eyes had a light burning in front of his eyes, as if, he was ready to advance his next phase. And that was exactly what Sachiro wanted. The battle hungry cultivator wanted to remove the evil from its root before its too late. As such, he played along with the current scenario.

They had the kingdom's doctor take a look at his king. He was utterly confused as he could not trace the cause of it. As such he also had to give up, without everyone falling into despair and Argyle climbing up from it.

After that the normal dirty politics took place. Though Catherine participated in it. She could hardly give a say as she was quite ineffective in those matters. Though the queen presided over such matters, yet it was time to declare a new king or so with the declining condition of the king.

And that was exactly what the young prince had waited for. Rather he had planned these for far too long, without the notice of anyone. Just what was he to have thought so far?

There were heated arguments in the palace as to who should ascend the throne. Who should be responsible enough to be the next king? The queen being the mother could not decide. The other ministers divided their votes into two.

As such, the relationships between two had a sudden break. They considered each others as enemies rather than brothers. In the end, hardly such relations could hold on and one day in an heated argument between the two, their mutual understanding relationship snapped.

There was only one way to solve such issues and that was through war. History has been proof, no matter Earth or any other planet, all political issues related to ascension to throne can only be solved through wars, where the strong survives and the weak dies.

Sachiro on the other hand only concentrated on raising his power to another level, not that he could because he seemed to have reached a cultivation breakpoint where only strong stimulus can help him leap forward. He tried to do this with his strong mental will but seems to have failed miserably.

While pondering about what he could do to earn more power, he had his side thoughts running about whether there was any involvement of a third party or not or about their powers and advancements.

But what disturbed him more was the fact that Argyle seemed to have something within his body. Something typical to a soul of another person. As such, his thoughts ran wild as to whether he was already dead and the current Argyle was an imposter, or whether he was consumed by something corrupted.

As he took a break from his cultivation and pondered on such thoughts, Catherine came knocking to his door. With a face full of tears, it seems that she had been suffering far too long without anyone to lean on.

He had no idea about how much matters had progressed in the empire. Nor any idea about the current relationship status between the two brothers. Yet he had an idea about such developments. For he already took part in the civil war of Ishtar Empire.

As such, he had an idea about how things would develop. Could he stopped it if he had taken any part in such meetings? The answer was an obvious no. The most he could do was to delay the war. But, it might have been bad in other ways.

As such, he chose the option to be a cultivator to the core and give a deaf ear to such political matters. But now?

It seems that it was time for him to enter the field and rid his beloved of her worries.


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