My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
17 Chapter 17
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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17 Chapter 17

When Sachiro opened the door, he found Catherine sobbing quite hard. So hard that tears flowed uncontrollably from her eyes. And her dress was wet from those tears.

Especially the voluptuous region where the dress became almost transparent and her pink but sunken nipples could been. If it was any other time, then he would have taken his time observing her and not to forget teasing her where she would have a red tomato face.

But now was not the time to admire them and have feelings to sink deep into those deep cleavage. In fact, Sachiro himself realized the urgency of the current situation and had already planned something for the safety of the king.

And what was that plan? That was to leave Catherine behind in order to protect the king. Was Catherine a guardian of the empire? Or could she provide mental support to the queen? Was those reasons even necessary other than the one to protect the king?

Then what was the true reason? It was because she was a cultivator, and not just a normal one but one who received blessings from the Nature Attribute itself. And what was the reason to protect the king?

It was because, Sachiro strongly believed that Argyle would send someone after the king's life. Not as a backup plan when he would lose the war. He was confident that he could win the war, thoroughly from the beginning to the end.

Then for what would he try to assassinate the king? For power? If it was such simple reason, then he had lot other measures to do so? Then why this? Because he wanted to thoroughly destroy the Elven Empire from its roots.

As such, he came to a decision to leave Catherine behind to guard the king. She was a cultivator after all. So protecting the king should not be too hard a problem unless a cultivator of extreme calibre came to assassinate the king.

Thus, he needed to imbue some of his powers to her. And the only way to give her his strong void energy was through intense intercourse. Even though the timing seemed bad or she might not even be up for it, but he had no choice but to go with his plans in order to make everyone live through this dire situation.

Even though Catherine was crying and had still not entered the room, he forcefully lifted her off the ground and carried her to his bed. She was shocked by his sudden impulse and could not help but be dumbstruck at the current development.

She could not cope up with the current developments as he threw her on the bed and pulled open all her clothes. Sachiro decided to be rough with her at this time for she might not want to this with him due to the current predicament.

However, it should be mentioned that Catherine had given her all to Sachiro. While she was dumbfounded at the current behavior of her husband, but she offered no resistance to his actions and just fully submitted to him.

It should be said that Sachiro was quite shocked at the mental fortitude of his beloved. He was damn sure that she would resist, even go the extent of cursing him and breaking their relationship. But there she was.

Without a trace of disappointment, without a shed of regret or disbelief that her husband could do such a thing to her at she a situation. However, Catherine was still in question as to why her husband doing such a thing to her.

Feeling a certain regret feeling developing within him, he said,

"Do you want to save the king?"

Astonishment could clearly be read from the face of his beloved. She wanted to question as to why such a question would suddenly strike forward in such a development. Without hesitation, she replied,

"Yes, no matter what, I want to save not only my father but also my family. For this, I need your help. Please lend me your strength and in return take my body as you please."

Even though she showed determination and reasoned with her husband, yet it seemed that the conditions for reasoning took a wrong turn then and there.

Where Catherine believed that Sachiro would only help if she offered herself to him, he on the other believed that she would be in desperate need of his pure void energy to survive through this ordeal. As such, a huge misunderstanding was created.

As such, where Sachiro would take the first step and clear such misunderstandings head on, he decided to play along with it.

"It seems that you know very well of your husband's desires. Helping you will not be that difficult a task."

It seems that Catherine believed his play. Even though he decided to play dirty for the time being, Catherine would surely understand his current actions in the near future.

Catherine on the other hand had no disgust on her face for his latest actions or any form of regret for choosing him as her husband. She seems to respect the strong and yield down against them instead of raising their head.

Even though Sachiro did not like such kind of behavior and submissive attitude of his beloved towards the strong, he could not help but accept the fact that it was the survival instincts of the weak to rely on the strong and fulfil their demands to please them.

She believed that it was the least she could do to please her husband in order to help her family in this dire predicament.

Sachiro on the other hand had set his mind to a strong resolve to help her family to survive. For this, he was lending her his help, going as far as providing her with his precious heavenly void energy, something that will save her in her dire moment of need.

He completely stripped her naked. Even ordering her to get up from the bed and to strip her of her undergarments as a proof of showing submissive nature to her husband.

It's not like she had any grounds for an argument and to deny him of his current orders, even though he might have stepped too far. As such, she had to but follow his orders obediently and rid herself of those left over clothes on her body that provided her some self-dignity, thereby completely ridding herself of any dignity left within her then and there.

The pure jade white bare back of the beloved elf was openly exposed to his naked eyes. He could hardly control himself as was evident from the hard reaction from his lower half. It was so hard and erect that it stretched itself through the clothes and made an arc as proof its vitality.

"Now then, shall we begin"

The only words that came out of his mouth at that moment while his mind had already done the deed with her for god knows how many times and for how long. While there was a certain blush on Catherine's face, there was also a feeling as to stop herself from taking a step further.

How will the current predicament that she was in develop itself? Can she straight her heart to do it?


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