My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
18 Chapter 18
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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18 Chapter 18

The moonlight that penetrated the room through the open window made the jade white bare back of the beautiful elf have a certain gloss to its beautiful and unparalleled appearance. And that round smooth butt.

Sachiro was literally drooling as to when he could touch that perky ass and get his hands sink in its smoothness. Catherine could feel the lecherous gaze of her husband but made no move and stood still here in the corner of the room until his voice rang in her ears.

"Good girl, now turn around."

She had no option but to obey. To make his husband fight the civil war of her Elven Empire and to return victorious without harming any member of her family. As such, she obediently turned around and faced her naked body to Sachiro.

Her embarrassment was clearly visible through the actions that she performed. She was too shy to show him her full body. As such, with her one hand she covered her lower part while the other made a curve over her voluptuous boobs to cover her nipples.

Yet this site was enough to make Sachiro cum more than once over her sexy body. Something so beautiful, so natural, how can have such divine existence?. He sometimes even wondered whether the gods played a part in her creation?

To prove his wild thoughts, his hard and erect lower meat was twitching repeatedly as if begging him to start conquering her, to not waste any time and enter in her at all costs. Such vivid and lascivious thoughts ran wild in his minds.

With no longer the will to wait and just to directly jump to dinner and eat her, he said,

"Now, come to me."

Catherine obediently followed his commands. Her walk was straight cut down to that of a prey slowly walking towards a predator in order to let others live, an honored sacrifice. With her hands trying her to cover her precious parts, she walked towards Sachiro until his face was directly on her smooth, soft, sexy belly.

During her walk, Sachiro could feel the vibrations of her motion due to the giggling of her voluptuous breasts. No matter how hard she tried, the breast fat vibrations could never be hidden. at least from the lecherous eyes of Sachiro.

And that beautiful smell of sweet sweat that emanated from her body as she approached him. When his face was near to her smooth soft belly, he took his tongue out and licked her bellybutton. Especially the sweats that had gathered due to her trial for mustering up courage to perform all such feats.

The obvious reactions from Catherine was the quivering of her naked body with pleasurable moans licking out from her mouth. However, it came to an abrupt stop and the next command from Sachiro came.

"Undress Me"

Even though the actions may seem vulgar, she had nothing but comply to such demands. However, inside her heart, there was a strange feeling as if telling her, she could not wait for what commands she would receive next.

While taking off his upper clothes, a thick manly scent emanated from him that made her lose her all her strength to stand up. As for the lower half, there came a moment when the thick meat rod collided with her head.

Her eyes moved to that thick stick where the veins were popping out. The evasion though might seem instantaneous, yet she had deep will and urge to grab hold of the hot thing that would eventually go inside her and make her feel blessed.

After she was done, she climbed back up and faced straight to Sachiro in the eyes. He also looked back without a tinge of uneasiness and made the first bold move to kiss her. With eyes closed, he could hardly see the blessed reaction of Catherine as he did the deed.

She also went with the flow and had a strong and intense kiss. Their tongues twisted and twirled and sometimes made a lock with each other as if afraid to let each other go. How much of their saliva was interchanged during their kiss exchange, no amount could describe it.

While they were at it, Sachiro took the opportunity to do naughty things with her. His left hand went straight for her voluptuous yet soft boobs and made a grapple on it. It was firm yet soft, with so much fat and content that his hands almost sunk deep in it despite groping it.

In fact, the current situation was too much a stimulus for her where she could not control herself had an erected nipple that was being played around by him. Sometimes he was pinching it, while other time, he was simply rubbing it.

As for his right hand, it made a round curve all the way to her waist till it reached her perky ass. The usual groping continued there as well. The soft sensation as if touching a butter could hardly be described until one had truly felt it.

While Catherine lost all her strength to stand and quivered repeatedly, Sachiro suddenly made a stop in his current actions, looked straight in her eyes and sat down naked on the bed, as his next order came.

"Come and sit on it"

Hardly any clarification were required in his words as his erect, strong, full of youth and vitality penis stood there straight as if waiting for someone to engulf it. Catherine was red cheeks due to embarrassment of her current actions.

Yet ultimately she made her legs open and made way to sit on top of it. It should be mentioned that she had a leak there even before Sachiro mentioned to sit on his penis. Her love juice flowed so much during their passionate kiss that it wet her legs.

Without further delay, she sat down with a moan full of pleasure as the red hot meat made its way through her pussy into her. And what damn tightness! If Sachiro was not under obligation to make her feel pleasured, he would have cummed already in her.

While Sachiro would feel her muscles tightly wrapping around his thick stick, they could hardly remain stationary with the thing that they were doing. As such, he tightly grabbed hold of that so ass and made her move up and down.

Her pleasurable moans leaked out without control. She had no control over the intensity of the voice. Nor did she had control of her movement. All she could do was cling tight on her husband's shoulders while he puts in all his efforts to make both of them feel good.

Sachiro continued his due duty for a long time until it was time to cum inside her. After he did that, though they were both exhausted, yet he did not remove his penis from inside her.

It seems that he had plunged her hole with his ting to prevent the leakage of the hot white liquid that he had poured in her.

Catherine could hardly move and seemed to have lost consciousness while she lay her head on his shoulders as if fully famished with the things that she did. She was in a sound sleep state where Sachiro could hardly muster up his courage to wake her up.

As such, holding her like that, he lay her down on the bed sideways and lay beside her. While she lay in his embrace, he had a tight hold on her, as if telling her that he will always protect her and never let go.

A light smile could be seen on Catherine's cute sleeping face.


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