My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
19 Chapter 19
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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19 Chapter 19

As soon as Catherine woke up from her deep sleep due to her exhaustion from having intense intercourse last night, she felt a sudden pain in her lower half. Though it could not not be described as painful but instead pleasurable.

Removing the bed cloth covering her, she looked underneath and found that her dear beloved had not removed the thick meat stick from inside her. Rather, he left it inside her. What might be the reason for such dirty action from his part?

She immediately took a look at him. He was staring at her with bright eyes, as if happy to see the straight red blush in her cheeks. There were some sort of mischievous hidden in those evil looking bright eyes and a light smirk to elevate his confidence in doing such naughty deeds.

"Do you feel refreshed now?"

" that even a question to ask after you left something inside me all night?"

"And yet you felt nothing this whole time. Damn! What a deep sleeper. Mischievous cat"

And with that he pinched her nose slightly as if to tease her. Her reply came with a pouting face and her face digging deep in her embrace. He continued,

"Don't worry. I did this for you. You see, I inserted my heavenly void energy inside you. If you were as defenseless as the time during your sleep, then you would have failed to seal it inside you."


No words could describe his logic for such audacious acts. And being just a new born cultivator, she had no way to confirm whether it was true or just a lie. Yet she felt strangely safe in her heart, even though the thick meat was still inside her.

Was it due her connection with him through their sexual parts that she felt? Was it due to her belief in him? What was the true? Though she may not know, her heart seems to be rather confused of such strange newfound emotions.

Without wasting any more time, she immediately started her cultivation technique which was given to her by the Nature Attribute herself. The technique involves concentrating hard in circulate the surrounding energy into her body through all her meridians to break open any blockage in order for her to become strong.

As such, she started to heavily circulate the energy inside her inclusive of the given heavenly void energy by her husband. Sachiro seemed to have realized that she started circulating his given precious energy.

He slowly removed his meat stick from inside her. While he was doing that, Catherine could feel something precious living from her. As if, she was going to regret letting such a thing go. Yet she could do nothing but cry in her heart while it was taken away.

What was this new sudden emotion that developed inside her? Has she truly fallen hard in love over him? This new sudden emotion was similar to love. Something that would give a blissful feeling over its owner, yet be painful if that faithful suddenly disappears.

Where she firmly believed that Sachiro being a cultivator only helped her because he found her body to his liking and thus she decided to sell her body for her family's protections. Yet, why it seemed that she had suddenly fallen in love with him?

Will he allowed her to be loved? Such questions hit her mind while Sachiro was slowly but steadily removing his long meat from inside her. She was truly afraid for him to leave her.

Whereas he was slowly removing himself from her as he was afraid that any sudden movements from his part would lead her to cultivation deviation.

However, did Catherine allowed him to do it. Its would not be like "you can come and go as you please." In order to prove her self sufficiency, she circulated the void energy in her pussy muscles and use it to tighten her grip over the meat stick inside her.

Even Sachiro could now feel her muscles suddenly contracting. As if, telling him, "you dare try to move it now." It was a new sensation to him. This firm tightness yet soft muscles at the same time. Truly a blissful feeling.

However, Sachiro was completely ignorant about such feelings at the given moment. For, he had a sudden surge of energy with him. A new form of energy, that served as the barrier breaker that stopped him from reaching a new level.

Forgetting about continuing the intercourse between them and taking a step further, he was completely absorbed in the new form of energy, quite a mysterious one that had started its own circulation within him.

As if free from any restrain, the blissful energy together with the void energy made its round all through his body and then mysteriously disappear.

He was too shocked to move and just remained still. That blissful energy, suddenly appeared, helped him break through his long awaited barrier and suddenly disappear.

Moreover, he felt as if he had no control over the way that mysterious energy moves. He could not even determine whether he could seal such within him.

After the sudden breakthrough, he immediately stabilized his aura in order to prevent any influence on the cultivation process of his beloved. And random thoughts started to occur in his mind.

"What is this new energy? Was it because of her? Does that mean that I can advance with the dual cultivation with Catherine? How is this possible? The void attribute is sure mysterious."

On the other hand, Catherine had put on a die hard concentration to fully integrate the precious void energy in her body. Being a new born cultivator, she could hardly feel any sudden minor changes such as the sudden aura of Sachiro.

It's not like Sachiro only gained the benefits. Even Catherine gained a lot as she rose to the peak of level one of Starters rank, and have reached a cultivation break point. Yet, she was not impatient for an urgent breakthrough.

Her speed could already be called monstrous. Hardly a month had passed by when she was just introduced to the world of cultivation. Yet she was at the peak of level one where normally others take six months to one year just to attain that level.

After a while she opened her eyes after fully using up all the void energy in her. What greeted her was the heart-warming smile of Sachiro. Her heart was still in a confusion whether she was truly in love with him or not. As such, she decided to let nature take its course.

However, Sachiro seemed to have fully devoted himself to her. He had already made her his woman on their first meet.

"You really are a naughty cat. Not letting your husband's precious thing go. Hehe . Do you love it that much?"

"N....No, it nothing like that.", said Catherine with a cute blush. To the extent that even her ears turned red.

"You need punishment."

And with that, he gave a sudden thrust to the unprepared elf. That sudden thrust was too much for both of them, one who was holding in for a long time and the other who had no notice about how things suddenly developed. In the end, both gave a pleasurable moan before coming at the same moment.

With that, he moved his penis from the insides of Catherine. A thick white liquid could be seen dripping from Catherine's lower private part. Though she had a pouting face on the outward, she was happy inside.

However, will this peace last forever. Of course not!

It was just the calm before the storm. A heavy storm that would be recorded in the history of Elven Empire, where both of them will play a major role.

Will they emerge victorious? Or will they be defeated?

"Shall we prepare ourselves for the upcoming war", was the only thought in Sachiro's mind.


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