My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
20 Chapter 20
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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20 Chapter 20

To be frank, prepare for war! It was a preposterous thought. Because the war had already started between the two brothers. What was left was just an official date and place to bring the war to its beginning.

While Sachiro and Catherine were busy with their naughty life, the fight between the two had already escalated. When Sachiro left his room to understand the current situation in the palace, all the officials were running helter skelter. So was for the guards.

Through these movements, he was very well clear that the war had already broken out. So what was the delay. While Catherine was busy with her cultivation to integrate his heavenly energy in her, he took a stroll to the palace court to understand the situations.

in one way, it actually favors Sachiro. A battle hungry person can never be satisfied until he took part in wars and this was a heaven given opportunity.

As for the second reason, to settle such hatred and anger between two people, fight was always the best way. However, he was too damn confident that this was not going to be a mere war but a one sided slaughter if he do not join sides.

And more than that, he was sure that someone was pulling the strings behind the scenes for the war and destruction of the Kingdom. Not that he care but his instincts said that he could see something new, the very definition of discovery from his ordinary life was bound to happen there. He was rather impatient for this war.

Heavens seems to have granted his wish for as soon as he stepped inside the court hall, Argyle walked out of the hall angrily with a heavy declaration of war at hand against Alastair. Alastair also replied heavily accepting the war declaration with the statement that "Good always wins over the Evil."

For a while, even Sachiro was amazed by such a bold statement. The council elders seemed to have divided into two factions. Even their expressions betrayed their intentions, for they were the main evil workers for this war.

Sachiro had a doubt whether the one pulling the strings was someone from the council of elders. Not that he had any proof but just a suspicious feeling. His train of thoughts were broken when Alastair came to visit him, rather to invite him to take part in the war.

"I am sorry that our guest had to see such an ugly scene. Please forgive us on behalf of being Catherine's elder brother."

"Oh, its not a problem at all. What I wanted to ask was whether I could join in the war in your group?"

There was a sudden gleam in the eyes of the elder brother. Which fool would refuse the assistance of such a strong martial arts cultivator. All will grab this opportunity, irrespective of the outcome. However, just for formalities, he said, "This.. How can I possibly request this of our guest?"

"Don't worry its under my own wish to join your side. Moreover, there seems to be something seriously wrong with your younger brother. Consider this the gift of marriage from my part."

And with that, they shook hands and waited till the morning of the next day came.

While Alastair was busy ordering and arranging his military troops and planning out his battle formations, Sachiro just listened to his battle plans.

"You don't have to consider yourself of me. I will join the battle during any irregularities. Just focus on submitting Argyle. I will not kill people unless I have to. Ans something tells me that I will not have the time to. As such, plan in the way so that you can kill your own people and make your younger brother submit to you."

Hearing the innate instincts of a cultivator, fear gripped the hearts of the group. Still, Alastair was not the young prince for nothing. He instinctively removed from the topic and focused on winning the war and raising the spirits of the army and generals.

As for what Sachiro did during the entire night, well he had previously ordered his wife not to come out of his room and to focus on cultivation to her entirety. Not that she did not listen but when she learnt that she could not progress any further, she left her cultivation state.

It was already late night though and Sachiro promised to meet her at this hour, so she obediently waited in his room. Where his manly scents dominated the entire bed. There were some sudden thoughts or rather reminders about how rough he was sometimes, and how gentle while others.

These thoughts dominated her mind. She did not herself realize when she suddenly became such a huge sex addict and a pervert. For, she was literally wet down there and had no means to control the liquid drops.

Then suddenly Sachiro entered the room. There was a sudden hidden blush but forget about enjoying it, Catherine could very well guess the situation from the look at his face. As such, she did not pry open her mouth but waited. Even her thoughts of sex with him had vanished and was replaced with fear and anxiety.

Not that she could do anything at the moment, but people always tend to have towards the unknown.

"I hope you know that your brothers went to the extent of escalating a war against each other for the throne."

Catherine nodded in silent. She had already expected that. She was even ready to partake in that war but was stopped due to Sachiro.

"Very well. I can see that you have integrated yourself with my heavenly energy. In fact, I am amazed and also happy that you are at the peak level in Starters stage. But its time to discuss some business.

I believe that during the war, there will be an assassination attempt on the king. While I am away at the war, I need you to protect your father. I cannot do both things at the same time."

"I understand. But, Father is already at the brink of his death. Why would someone make an assassination attempt on some who is on his death bed?"

"As an insurance in case your younger brother lost the war. For this, I am posting you near the king. Fight well against the assassin. And if you feel like you can't win, then flee."

"No. I shall fight with my life against him." As soon as she said, there was a light smack on her head from him.

"Silly girl, if I lose you then whom will I marry. Remember, you are a cultivator now. You have long left the world of mortals. Even if a king dies, a new king will arise. There will never be a fall of this Kingdom.

But if I lose you, it will be the fall of me. As such, I can never lose you. You understand me?"

Catherine was forced to nod her head at his words. However, what Sachiro said sounds plausible. Not that she hated her father but even her life was a precious one. She dearly prayed that such a choice should never come to her where she had chose, her life or her father's.


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