My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
21 Chapter 21
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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21 Chapter 21

At the break of dawn, Alastair's troops came and stationed itself at the deserted region outside the Kingdom where Sachiro had once gone to investigate Argyle. Not that the place had any new changes, it was an unchanging desert.

Battle tents, battle formation of the soldiers, all were prepared in the blink of an eye. Some were stationed at the front, while others passed down orders from the generals. It was an impressive coordination with no lag.

They waited for their enemy to come. But they never charged in. At least, not before noon. It was at that time, when the sun was high that the ground started shaking. As if an earthquake was approaching.

Sachiro knew very well what it was. As such he was calm during the situation. Due to his heightened battle senses, he could already feel the malicious aura approaching them. And it seemed that the aura wrapped itself around something big and stony that gave off such vibrations while travelling here.

However, he was impressed to see the prince maintaining his calm during those thunderous shakings. Still, it did not last long. After the appearance of those monstrous beings, all that accumulated calm changed to fear.

Not to mention only him, but his troops as well. All had fallen down the ground as if begging for mercy from the monstrous beings. They cannot be blamed for such situations. Any being would piss themselves if not break down from the ugly appearance of those monsters.

Literally speaking, they took the upper part of Hydra monster, one with nine heads and the lower body was that of dragon, with tails and wings. As for the eyes, even though the hydra heads had one pair, but seems that they were not enough. Even the body had one, a red one at that. As for its legs, there were four of them. Considering its size, it was as tall as ten floor building with a width of one hectare of land.

Even Sachiro was amazed by the beast. How could one such beast exist. He even suspected whether they were experimental beasts, for there were many magicians in this world other than cultivator who make such monsters as failed experiments for their familiars.

As for its aura, it was one born of true evil. There was no negligence in that fact. Fully integrated with malicious and dark auras and with a pure intention to kill, it moved forward. The impact it had was quite visible.

It is said that elves are quite sensitive to changes in their surroundings. And it was proved before Sachiro as well. Many of them started vomiting blood and some weak ones had already died while some strong ones lost consciousness. These were the clear effects of the dark aura looming in the air due to that beast.

Even the prince was not faring well, when suddenly a shout came, "Yo brother, how did you like my gift? Well, I know, you were so fascinated that you could hardly speak. But this is not for you, but for our special guest. As for you all, Hahahahaha!"

What came next was a true surprise to them all. Because, they were not troops but an army of undead. Without wasting any moment, Sachiro said,

"As planned earlier, I will take care of the beast. You all take care of the undead."

It was a full fledged beast attack. This was never possible by the third prince alone. There was no time to think about this because it was already a serious situation. However, there was an unknown smile in Sachiro's face. Was this what he had his hopes up for?

As for Alastair, he somehow gained control over his feelings and emotions and commanded his troops. His regained the gloomy situation of his army and restored it to being a spirited and lively one with loud victory shouts.

And with that, he charged right into the den of undead. While thousands of undead moved towards them, the elder prince commanded his army to advance forward while crushing through those weaklings.

Defeating the undead was very easy. Split their skull into two and they are dead. Even though they were brain dead driven by magic with the pure intention to devour, killing them might not be that easy as well.

For, they randomly move their swords. And the worst enemy of an experienced soldier was a baby who know no fighting knowing but only swings their swords. Due to this, thee pro find it difficult to predict their next movements.

The same could be said for the undead. Moreover, the undead army not only comprised of humans or elves but also some random beasts. In literal sense, it was a beast horde attack.

However, it was during these times that a prince's fighting experience was displayed. At first, Alastair ordered for the archers to shot three bouts of arrows. Each sort was a definite hit on their head and a sure kill because of there mass.

Thus, hundreds were killed like this way until they ultimately reached their fences. It was then when the prince ordered for their soldiers to wield spears and aim for their heads. Let them swing their swords, there was nothing to fear for they had shields.

Currently, there was a stalemate between the living and the undead. Was this what the younger prince aimed for? The given situation was now a battle of stamina. The one to hold out the longest is the winner.

Their hope for Sachiro to help them was also weak. Because he was bust fighting a monster impossible for them to even get near. Thus, they needed to maintain themselves no matter the circumstances, at least until his younger brother was thoroughly defeated. Then, he might give up this futile struggle.

However, that was a dream far too ahead for the elder prince. For, he must survive today to dream of tomorrow. And with the stalemate that he created, he wondered how long he could last until all his weapons were finished. He wondered, how long the stamina of his soldiers would last.

As for Sachiro, he finally confronted the humongous monster. Even though the dead evil aura was a little tipid for him, he could still stand and remain his calm and device his plans for fighting against.

A true cultivator fight was about to begin. A battle hungry cultivator vs an artificial demon. Who would win? Who would gain the upper hand? Such a battle was the first in the history of the world.


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