My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
22 Chapter 22
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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22 Chapter 22

"So our dear guest, how do you like my gift? Hahahaha"

"Impressive as it may sound, it gets my heart boiling. But, I want to know, what is your name?"(Sachiro)

"What do you mean?" Surprise struck the face of the young prince. And random thoughts hit him.

"There is no need to continue this farce. I knew from the beginning that you are not the elven prince Argyle. So, you better start spilling who are you?"(Sachiro)

"Haha, it seems that not all cultivators are fools. Some have knowledge as well. As for your hard findings, I shall reply thee. My real name is Yasu."

"So Yasu, why are you doing these? Where must be something personal for which you hate the Elven Kingdom?"(Sachiro)

"Hate? No no no no. Hate is just the beginning. What I want is true destruction of the Kingdom as those bastards did to my family."

"Mind telling me what happened to your family?"(Sachiro)

"There is no harm in telling you my pitiful tale. You see, my family was a happy and healthy one. I had a beautiful wife and a daughter.

But there in lies the problem. My wife was not an elf. She was a human. And during my time, this Kingdom was not as liberal as you see. Even my daughter was not a pure blooded elf but a mixed blood.

Being a Viscount of the Kingdom, my relationship with my wife was strongly hated by the other officials. Because during those times, none fared well with the humans due to their frequent misdeeds.

But, I realized that not all humans are evil. There is good and bad mixed in everyone. And it was the good that attracted me to my dear wife.

How can this story last long? During a power struggle, the officials drifted me to a corner where I had to give up my Viscount title and was demoted. However, I did not struggle with it. As long as family was happen, these titles mean nothing to me.

What do you think happened? Both my wife and daughter was kidnapped. I tried asking the guards for help, but they were all mixed in this. I literally searched the kingdom for them. There were no threats or reply from the kidnapper.

But after one month came in a parcel. And do you know what was contained in it."

At this point, tears seemed to have dwelled in his eyes. His facial features show that he could hardly suppress his anger for what they had done.

"In it contained the cut out womb of both my daughter and my wife. Forget about letting my daughter give birth, they should at least return her back alive. But after a few days came two sacks at my door.

And there it was, the dead bodies of both my family. Their body was riddled with holes. They even reeked the smell of elf males. I could hardly imagined what they did to them. Even their face was not sparred from their cruel treatment.

It was then that I vowed revenge upon this Kingdom. I had enough of this farce. I want this Kingdom to be razed to the ground."

"I understand that what happened to your family was something cruel to the core. But that does not mean that you will burn down the entire Kingdom. Moreover, even you said that there are good and bad mixed in people. So, how can you just raze it to the ground knowing full well that there may be good elves there."(Sachiro)

"Even though I said that, it was applicable for humans. As for elves, being one, I have yet to meet another good elf. Does this reasoning sound good enough for you. Hehe"

Sachiro knew very well that he had already lost the opportunity to make him talk out through this mess. Somewhere in his heart, even he felt unforgiving against the Kingdom. But, it was not something for him to decide on.

Being a cultivator, he had long since left the emotions of mortals and only aims for strength and power. But still, the words of vengeance carrier had weight on them, so much that he could hardly ignore it.

However, there was still a question left within him, as he blurted it out at him.

"Then why did you target my wife? What did she have to do all this?"(Sachiro)

"She, well, I originally intended to do the same thing to her as they did to my wife. Why shall I be forgiving against them? But then you had to come in and destroy my plans.

But oh well, no matter for she is stationed near his king."

Sachiro was not that shocked. Because he had originally intended that the master preparator would hardly leave out on this. However, what he had not prepared was what came next.

"I thank you for your meticulous planning. Thank you for stationing your wife near the king. First she will be killed by my assassin and then comes the king. Imagine the shock the king will receive seeing his daughter dead near him. Oh! I just can't wait for what expression he will show when his entire Kingdom is destroyed. Hahaha"

Sachiro believed that the assassin would be after the king. But he had not planned for this. Guess he had no choice but to defeat this huge monster and be on his way to save his wife.

But was this huge monster that easy to defeat. He pulled out his swords and aimed for the monster. At that time, a shout came from the young prince, "Well then, let the fight begin!"

And with that, both Sachiro and the monster headed each other. With the sword in his hand, he swiftly moved underneath it and tried to cut it. There were hardly any scratches on it. Rather, *clank clank* sounds came upon his hit on him.

It meant that the monster had the body of a metal. Now, the hardness had just escalated to a time consuming level. However, he did not stop against his failure, but continued to hit anywhere and everywhere leaving no stone unturned to find the weak spot of the monster.

He went as far as to hit the necks of the nine heads. But, that was it. He was constantly repelled against his attacks. Time was short. He was in a hurry. And before him lay an impregnable monster.

Being repelled during his attacks, a distance was created in between them. This time, the monster took for its counterattack. Now, the true battle was underway.

Whereas in the castle, there was a fight underway as well, between a male and female. The fight of survival was not only restricted to the battle grounds but also in the castle. In the perilous, who will emerge victorious, who will lose their life?

The strive for survival has begun.


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