My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
23 Chapter 23
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My Wish To Acquire 10 Wives
Author :NewMartialArt
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23 Chapter 23

Inside the place...

"How dare you target my father? I shall not live you alive", an angry feline voice filled with rage rang throughout the room.

"Target you father. Hoho you seemed to be dearly mistaken. My target now is you", in response came the reply. His clothing was entire black. From the head to the toe, all were black, whether be pants or mask.

And his voice contained ridicule as he made that statement to Catherine. Looking at his body features, he was well built, with sharp eyes and features well fit for an assassin.

There was traces of shock and relief as well inside Catherine. Shock that her predictions were false, that the assassin would come after his father. Relief that she would not have to make a choice to chose a life but fight head on till the end.

Similar to Catherine, the assassin seemed to be a cultivator as well. Not that she knows which type or to which element is his affinity the best. But, she could definitely feel from the aura around him that he was two to three stages above him as a cultivator.

There were even doubts whether she could fight and kill him and survive on her own. She confident that if it was someone at the peak of middle levels of Starters stage, then she was confident that she could take him out.

But from the aura and pressure alone, she could guess that he was on the verge of breakthrough to the Intermediate stage. Being a Starters stage cultivator at the peak of level two, this was going to be a tough fight no matter from which angle she looks.

Moreover her opponent seems more experienced in both fighting and killing compared to her. Her win this time would be through sheer luck if at all possible. And in the worst possible case, death for certain.

The assassin's move was first. Swiftly like water, he moved with speed neared the distance between her and him. In response, she used her swift leap to create distance between him in order to not get into his traps.

Then, he unleashed his martial arts skill, a bout full of kicks at different angles mixed with some tough punches. Catherine on the other hand, had never had hand to hand combat before and thus all she could do was take damage and avoid attacks at her vital points.

It was during the midst of his barge of attacks that he used his inner skill. An arc made from water slash was created directly aimed at her head. Seeing through his attacks, Catherine replied with her swift wind arc.

Even though it should have nullified the water arc, but it didn't. The sheer difference in levels was quite visible at the moment. All she could do was take on the damage as well. However, the initial intent to kill was decreased to an attack that she could take head on, albeit with a little damage.

At least through this she got to know what attribute he was. And the chance for him to be a dual attribute wielder was negligible. Moreover, her Nature attribute was still a trump card that she could use and surprise him.

It was Catherine's turn to counterattack the assassin.


Outside in the battle field....

The prince and his army was in a stalemate and trying to maintain the position till Sachiro could kill the monster and come over to kill the undead beast horde.

Sachiro on the other hand was fighting and conversing with the the third prince who had piqued his interest. An intense fight was being depicted here compared to the stalemate from the prince's side

"So, tell me. This can't possible your doing all alone. You must have taken help from a sorcerer. You could never devise such a monster. Even your soul should be lost long ago. As for your meticulous political plannings, I give you credits. But this, I could hardly accept."

With that, he just slashed one of the heads off the Hydra. Don't think that this was possible with a normal sword. It was because he infused his heavenly or void energy with the sword. Because of which it had a dense white glow on it.

But could that attack be counted as a success. Of course not. Because the Hydra bastard had a strong regenerative ability. This was his fifth time slashing off a head of the nine heads and reviewing the growth of the head again.

Unfazed by such attacks on the monster, Argyle without even a battling an eye replied,

"Its true had it not been for that gentleman, I would have been long dead. Well, he was gentleman only on the outer appearance. But on the inside, hehe, you can very well look at his inventions. From my point of view, he seemed to be a full fledged magician and a warrior because he had a perfect work out body.

As for being a cultivator, he lacks what I see in you?"

"Oh and what do you see in me?"(Sachiro)

"Foolishness and recklessness and most importantly ignorance. Haha"

"Well, I am truly am those but you did not see any heroic features in me. Sigh! So sad"(Sachiro)

And as he said that, he parried off a fire blast together with a wind blast sent from the two of nine hydra heads. Its attacks were getting stronger and stronger and Sachiro was smiling even wider than before.

But it was then that he received a message from his wife. Catherine was in deep danger. Her life was at stake there in the fight against the assassin. It was also at that moment when Argyle raised his hands and called forth another of those monster.

"Its time to end this. No hard feelings our dear guest. Taking with you was something that relieved me after all these years. I truly enjoyed your company. But this is it. Goodbye"

At this moment, despair would be on the face of any hero who was trying to face off these monsters. One was already more than enough. And now two. If it was any other normal being, then they would have already resigned to their fate of death. But this is Sachiro we are talking about.

In all those despairing moments came a voice unfazed by what was thrown at the current moment. The voice did not have a trace of fear at all. Rather it was filled with joy yet sadness as it continued on.

"Yeah. I feel relieved. After all those ten years of hard training and learning and killing, you were the first to bring forth my true power, albeit just only a part. You should be proud of yourself for bringing me such monsters to entertain me.

If I was not short on time, I would have played all along till Alastair's defences were almost down. But seems that my wife's life is at stake here. So I got to complete this mess fast and run towards her. I can't seem to waste any more time on them it seems.

But still, all I wanted to say was thank you for entertaining me with such sweet monsters."

Argyle seemed to be confused here. He was sure that Sachiro was having a hard time fighting just one and now there were two. Yet why was he speaking so confidently? Did he go blank or did his mind break after seeing such a shock?

What ever may be the reason, Argyle was confident that it was his win. Or so he believed.


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