One more day to live
14 The choice is yours.
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One more day to live
Author :Gamehotel
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14 The choice is yours.

Berto opened his eyes after having fled the city in which he had killed some people and the first thing he saw was strange to him.

Observing him there were two young women watching him, one had black hair with purple lines and an armor that did not offer much protection and the other had black hair with red lines and an armor of the same appearance.

Berto wore his helmet so when he woke up these two young people would be unable to find out that he had already woken up.

"He has awakened, informs the patriarch" (woman with purple lines)

"immediately" (Woman with red lines)

The woman with red lines in her hair got up from her chair and left the room leaving Berto alone and the woman with purple lines.

"You made a good disaster in that city, the spy who reported this to the patriarch was surprised by such power in such a young human" (Woman of purple lines)

"The patriarch saw a lot of future in the words of that spy, and he is willing to be your ladder to be much more powerful ... follow me for a moment until you are called by the patriarch." (Woman with purple lines)

Berto sat on the bed and stood still in his place, observing the woman in front of him with great distrust.

"...." (Berto)

Berto did not know how to respond and doubts prevented him from moving until the hand of the woman in front of him approached his.

Berto observed the hand and strangely felt that his hopes had been renewed.

Although his confidence in humans was very low due to what he had found in the past, due to hunters and other hostile humans.

It would be impossible to trust humans who fight more together than to unite to get rid of the monsters that keep them locked in their own world.

Berto came out of the room being guided by the young woman and looking around all he could see were men beating strange armor of skin, skin of monsters.

But strangely all those who were present were men, and the moment became even more tense when they concentrated their eyes on Berto who had left the room

The woman guided Berto to where there were pieces of metal and a huge bonfire.

"This is the smithy, here our blacksmith works the materials that the others bring him, he makes magic with his hands so if you have materials it will be very easy to get a new weapon in a short time" (Woman of purple lines)

Berto observed the blacksmith in the anvil inside his blacksmith shop and could notice that he was tired, tired of working, moving his hands and possibly living.

His eyes were exhausted from observing the metal being worked, and they were empty.

"Come on, let's go on, there's still a lot to see." (Woman of purple lines)

Berto was guided to another place and while touring the place he was able to observe the corpses of 3 women who had been tied to a huge trunk and had been killed with arrows.

Little by little he was feeling more and more distrust of these humans until he came to a strange house.

"Come, this is the prison, here are those people who refused to obey the orders of our patriarch and deliver their crops and animals hunted every month." (Woman purple line)

"Also, as you can see the women are very beautiful despite being peasants, so they are used as a reward for when our people have an exceptional achievement." (Woman of purple lines)

Berto observed another separate cell and could see a girl who was beaten, cut and mistreated on all sides of her body, the poor woman was naked and very badly wounded.

Berto could not speak or say anything at that moment, something inside him was writhing ... as if a strange sensation in him was beginning to enjoy what he saw.

"This little bitch here, we give her a lot and as payment for our kindness she killed the patriarch's son, so she will be used in a special event" (Woman with purple lines)

"We must leave now, the patriarch wishes to see you and talk to you." (Woman with purple lines)

Berto was guided by the woman with purple lines to an enormous structure that seemed to be the house of the patriarch, although it had an appearance to the Japanese Minka houses.

Berto entered the door and observed that there were a lot of people inside while in the other part of the room there was a man sitting on a wooden chair.

"Please young man, approach without fear!" (Patriarch)

All the people present were concentrated in Berto while he was totally paralyzed when he saw the patriarch sitting and smiling in his chair.

"Come on, you will not want to make the patriarch wait." (Woman with purple lines)

Berto began to advance while his robotic armor began to analyze each person in the room and notice that all the individuals present were armed with swords, spears, knives and other puncture-cutting weapons.

He began to feel increasingly nervous knowing that possibly the wrong answer would bring problems as in the city, although now inside Berto something strange was writhing more and more, becoming stronger and bigger.

Berto had finally reached the other side of the room, looking straight at the patriarch seated in front of him, observing him with disdain and interest.

"Young man, my spy told incredible things about you, you faced yourself, a bunch of the city guards and also with your brute strength you made a structure of the city to turn into rubble in the blink of an eye."(Patriarch)

"I would really like to have someone like you on our side, I would also give you many benefits for the position I am offering you, anyone here would kill for the position I want to give you, so what do you say?" (Patriarch)

Berto listened to the proposal of the patriarch and remained silent, since he was undecided because of what he had seen previously. The eyes of people locked up and women murdered and naked in front of the eyes from all over the world.

"If you want to join us I want you to prove your loyalty, I fear that an ungrateful creature entered our house and as payment for our kindness and hospitality, I kill my son stabbing him in the heart 4 times, I will recognize your loyalty if you kill this plague in front of everyone here "(Patriarch)

The woman with red lines appeared from the main entrance with the girl who was hurt all over her body and dragged her hair until she was kneeling in front of Berto.

"The decision is yours, young man" (Patriarch)

Berto began to feel a strange heat in his chest as he watched the eyes with tears of the girl kneeling in front of him.

Something inside him had changed, the heat felt strange and it moved throughout his body making his body feel light.

[Adrenaline levels have reached critical points in the user's body]

Adrenaline levels have reached critical points in the user's body]

[Adrenaline levels have reached critical points in the user's body]

[Adrenaline levels have reached critical points in the user's body]

[Adrenaline levels have reached critical points in the user's body]

[Adrenaline levels have.....]

[The user is unable to think properly, everyone present is an enemy and must die horribly]

Berto was totally immobile and the world around him disappeared leaving him alone and the poor woman in front of him and a very low voice came out of Berto's mouth.

"Close your eyes and do not open them until I tell you" (Berto)

The woman observed the helmet of the person in front of him and could feel how he was maddened by anger, the woman under his head and closed his eyes with great force and kept them up until he heard the voice of that person again.

"Patriarch, this person will not do it ... it would be better" (Woman with red lines)

The patriarch felt that the atmosphere began to become heavy and very dark, as if something had been provoked.

"Everyone prepares, it seems that our guest will not be our brother" (Patriarch)

At that time a couple of small robots came out of Berto's back, and they emitted an electric pulse that instantly killed everyone who was close to Berto and the girl.

Berto made his silver-scaled ax full of teeth appear on the blade, causing the people present to back up a few steps.


All were prepared with their weapons but was totally useless, Berto began to move erratically killing a single and clean cut to each of those present, their weapons were totally useless against him, the arrows did not pass his armor, his swords were not they cut, their spears were unable to penetrate the metal.

Head after head fell to the floor amid cries and cries while the patriarch was paralyzed to see what was happening in front of him.

Berto's ax moved from one direction to the other cutting arms, legs, torsos, necks, skulls and weapons without the slightest sign of fatigue.

The eyes of Berto and the patriarch were at that moment making the patriarch feel terror of what was in front of him, something that was no longer human, a human who had lost himself in his own anger.

Berto began to walk erratically and leap forward grabbing the Patriarch's neck in the blink of an eye and flattening him against the wall.

"....." (Berto)

The patriarch at that moment begins to feel a strange heat in his neck that every time became stronger and stronger, as if someone had set it on fire.

This began to burn and his flesh began to melt in the hands of Berto as if it were an ice cream on a flame, until it was engulfed by a huge flame.

The only three present were the battered young woman and the other two with different colored hair.

"Stay where you are or your head will roll" (Woman with red lines)

The woman with red lines was faster and took the girl tied by hands and put a dagger in her neck.

"If you approach her, I will kill her and all this massacre will have been in vain, if your idea was to save her." (Woman with red lines)

Berto did not react in the slightest and remained motionless although he was immobile his little Inhibitor bots were behind the two colored-haired women and emitted an electric shock of 500,000 volts in their bodies making their heads explode and which pieces of them came out flying in all directions.

[The user has returned to optimal state]

"Do not open your eyes, still." (Berto)

Berto left the patriarch's house with the girl in his hands until he reached the prison and left the young woman on the ground, and he pulled the bars of the wall and released the people locked up and then went back to the house of the patriarch.

"Surely open maps somewhere." (Berto)

Berto checked the house and managed to find a map drawn of the region and keep it in his inventory.

When he arrived in the room where all the corpses were, Berto changed his expression in the least, as if something inside him had changed.

"Time to go, I must become much stronger" (Berto)

"Only then will I be able to live my life as I want ..." (Berto)

Berto came to the front door and went out following the path marked by the forest, following the directions on the map.

"But what is the use of being strong, if you have nothing to protect?" (Mysterious voice)

Berto looked around and remained silent knowing that the voice of the forest was right.

What is the use of being strong? if it is not to protect the defenseless?


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