Reincarnated As UnOP Character
1 The Prologue For An UnOP Character
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Reincarnated As UnOP Character
Author :CodeOmicron
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1 The Prologue For An UnOP Character

@@Dying wasn't as painful as they described, at least in my case. I played, and watched, and read for a week. Non-stop. Then when decided to sleep, I unintentionally did it eternally.

And when I was enjoying the company of deep silence and cozy darkness, an electrical rampaging sounds interrupted. Ugh.

Not a fan of reincarnation and not prepared to experience one but it was knocking on my coffin.

"As lazy as ever"

Indeed. I tried to answer but seemed that my physical body was not still with me.

"Death is in your favor, mister. I've made a mistake."

The sound grew louder, pounded my eardrums with every unrhytmic beat.

"And you have no choice. Strive to live or die again and again and again."

It took me a minute to regain my composure and consciousness and sadly, my life. I felt so weak, so drain. Lifting an eyelid needed too much energy and could only see blur images.

The was unclear but I could make up two images and calling me the worst name I've ever heard,




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