Reincarnated As UnOP Character
2 The First Year Of An UnOP Character
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Reincarnated As UnOP Character
Author :CodeOmicron
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2 The First Year Of An UnOP Character

The first week of my new life was a torture. For 18 years of living in the past, my rebirth gave me the chance to suck a nipple everyday whenever I wanted to. It was addictive and from my point of view, my so-called mother was seducing me. She used to plaster those sweet pinkish lips with smile and to look at me with flirtatious gray eyes.

Like now, slowly unbuttoning her dress and allowing the world to see my source of life. I opened my mouth slowly and then she filled it with her milk.

Mom, not my fault to have this thoughts.

"Don't enjoy it too much."

The voice that awakened me was still popping, giving instruction and rules and regulations and killing the mood.

He said he wasn't God nor Reaper, he was calling himself 『Game Master』.

Through the week, I'd learned my new life from observing the scenes. My mother was a regular house wife, doing the chores from dawn to dusk. Everything about her was normal other than her ability to float everything. I've been spending the rest of my day with Mom while my father was working. I had no idea whatever he was doing, as long as his making money then it was fine.

This world was the place I had been expecting. Like the usual reincarnation novel, I would be on a magic world where I could rule everyone with my powers given by the one who awakened me. But the 『Game Master』 wasn't opening the topic about my ability.

Time flew as the wind, fast and leaving no trace. When I'd learned how to suck Mom's nips like a pro (she was moaning a lot lately), she introduced food. When I was taking my time on her lap or arms, she forcefully trained me how to walk. Such a sadist.

When I was used to be treated and be called baby, she suddenly replaced it by my name.

"Niel! Don't kill Mr. Bunny!" She was referring to the toy in the middle of my cute grip. It was a white regular stuff toy but not anymore because it was spilling its stuffs from its neck.

She rushed trying to rescue the dead non-living rabbit, but she was a minute late.

"You're quite destructive, young boy." She ruffled my hair then left.

For a year, my world was my room, toys were my peers, my mom was my life(her nips). Too boring for others but the life I've dreamt of. Slacking off was the best hobby that humans invented.

But everything was slowly changing, the attention she was giving to me was becoming lesser and lesser each day.

"『Game Master』, are you there?"

"Always. You're so boring. Why not try to learn your power. At your age, it shall be showing."

I kicked other of my toys on floor and laid on my bed. I could already walk and talk in my current state. I thought my parents would be surprise but it seemed so normal for them. They weren't even happy about my first word or step.

"I don't know how to and don't have time to try."

"What if you're powerless?"

"A cliche start of a fantasy story. Nah."

"Then do something to show off your powers!"

I ignored his retorts, sleeping was my thing and not training. When I was in the middle of dreamland and reality, I've heard some steps coming to my room. I acted asleep and listened, it was light but fast. Mom.

She gently knocked then sat beside me.

"When you move to the『Nursery』, they will not allow you to sleep anytime you want. So enjoy it."



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