Reincarnated As UnOP Character
3 An UnOP Character Wanted To Use Summoning Magic
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Reincarnated As UnOP Character
Author :CodeOmicron
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3 An UnOP Character Wanted To Use Summoning Magic

Chapter Two

The sun was exaggerating its light, too warm. Since the 『Game Master』 brought me to this world, it was my first time outside.

I had been walking, almost an hour, with my Dad. He was pointing different creatures roaming in the forest but I was not into zoology. Though those animals were quite peculiar - for me. Flying rabbits, fire-breathing toad and hundred lot more.

We were going to that 『Nursery』they were talking about and I would be staying there for the next five years. And I didn't expect to have a tremendous walk.

"Finally!" He stopped in front of a lake. Then like a kid, laid on the green grass. I timidly sat beside him, we were not that close but still, he was my father so I needed some formality.

"Ready, my boy?"

"I thought we are going to -"

"You can't pass there if you're empty handed." He interrupted with a serious tone, rose then looked at me.

"I'll teach you the basics. But our time is limited. We only have a week. So, prepare for the training!"

"But why here?"

Some weird birds chirped to complement my statement.

"For the 『Nursery』."

Eh? I ignored him and continued my rest. The nerves of my feet were pounding. I joined Dad on the grass bed, closed eyes while being embraced by the cool breeze. Time for a nap.


The ground was shaking but it was not an earthquake. It could be felt but not strong enough to drag down a person nor an animal. Just a simple shake. That made my dreamland to pop off.

I located where it was coming from, Dad. He was building a camp. The sun was still lit but on its way to the darkness.

I peeked on what he was doing, his an expert. A magic circle formed under the undone camp then in a flash, it was standing tall and ready to use.

"That is how magic works."

It seemed he would start the lecturing.

"Before the day ends, you shall be determined on what type of mage you are." He entered in the tent, a light appeared then faded.

"Here's your choices." He handed me a book entitled the "Mages Path". I was a bookworm so I accepted it with twinkling eyes.


I lost my sense of time, a fire has been lit beside the camp. Dad was roasting some meat.


"How about you, Dad, what kind of mage you are?"

He shrugged and showed his palm. A brown magic circle with a distinct design appeared there, like on the ground before. Slowly, a small rock golem emerged.

"Creation Magic : Golem Mastery."

He laid the it on the ground, with some twist and turns of fingers, the rock walked to me. When I was about to touch it, the golem flew.

"And Manipulation Magic. I asked your Mom to teach me some."

"You can have two types?"

"Actually, no limit. Depending on your capacity and perseverance and hard work."

I watched the golem in the air, following my Dad's motion. When he closed his fist, the solid rock turned into dusts and blew by the wind.

"The powers are not inherited?"

"No. You have to work for it."

I could only have one type. Surely.

"So. Have you decided?"

Creation Magic would be a piece of cake because Dad would be helping me, even the Manipulation.

"I'll do summoning."


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