Reincarnated As UnOP Character
4 『Clover』 Role For An UnOP Character
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Reincarnated As UnOP Character
Author :CodeOmicron
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4 『Clover』 Role For An UnOP Character

He laughed then slowly shook his head, walked to me and ruffled my hair.

"You're weird. Don't you want an easy way to master your magic?"

"Nah. I want to have my own."

He checked the meat before giving it to me.

"Finish your meal and we'll start."

Excitement ran in my veins, finally, I could call myself a mage. My thoughts brought me to my spells, how to do it perfectly, how many enemies I could bring down and so on so forth.


The moon was already dominating the sky with its underling stars. The warm atmosphere that the sun emitted was replaced by cool blowing wind.

Weird sounds inside the forest were also controlling the place's tune. Our field of visions were only limited, the fire wasn't enough to even see the next ten meters away.

We sat facing each other, the space between us was filled with books.

"Every mages have their special role especially in a battle. In my case, I'm an 『Spades』."

And he seemed proud of it. Too proud.

"My job is to deal damage. While here's the 『Diamond』 to either protect allies or just simply receive the attacks from the enemies. 『Heart』 is expert in healing, a necessary member in a team fight. The last is the 『Clover』, reinforcement which is dealing negative effect on enemies while positive to the allies."

Those terms were somehow familiar.

Dealing a massive damage required massive training, receiving the attacks quite tough too. And concerning about others was not my thing, so healing was the least choice. While being a reinforcement was the most comfortable role. I had been playing RPG and MOBA games, and throwing skills and letting your allies deal the last hit was the safest strategy for a squishy mage. When I was playing, sometimes I would do some risky tactics but now, because I didn't have any avatar and displaying my fragile body would not be the priority.

Reinforcement, base on what I'd read, was the so-called full-time mage. The training was more in cognitive than motor. So basically, if the 『Spade』 is the weapon, 『Diamond』is the shield, 『Heart』is the life, then 『Clover』is the mind. The strategist.

"『Clover』 suits me."

He laughed once more to show his amazement.


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