Reincarnated As UnOP Character
5 The First Mission Of An UnOP Character
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Reincarnated As UnOP Character
Author :CodeOmicron
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5 The First Mission Of An UnOP Character

I'd spent the day with books and decision making with Dad. He enjoyed it while I wanted to lay on my comfortable bed to have a proper rest and not on this hard ground.

The fire wasn't lit, the darkness was pitch black. I asked him to let the fire burning but he refused saying that it could increase the chance of wild animals attacking us.

In my point of view, it was just a test of courage. Even there was no light, sounds of disturbed bushes, howls, steps of animals were still there. And even Dad's snore.

I wanted to ask 『Game Master』 what were those sounds but I had a guess that Dad's instinct was sharp.

The adrenaline that my endocrine system produced was still in-effect, dreamland's gate was firmly closed. Though my body was tired, not my mind. I wanted to read some more. I already learned that reading and increasing knowledge was part of the training and besides, Dad's books were high quality. Ranging from tutorial, the basics, even spell books and more complex skills.

My hands were itchy to turn those pages. With that thought, an orb of light passed. My senses were alarmed, though I could not hear steps the light continued its track. It was moving on a constant speed, probably, it was floating. Ghosts were not existing here, right?

If I was the typical protagonist in a movie, a horror one, I would peek. But I wasn't. Counting hundred sheep was my resort but seemed that those freaking floppy white creatures could not jump the fence.

"Your first mission, capture that light."

My heart skipped a beat, though my ears recognized it was just Dad. I focused on the light, it was getting far.

"Dad. What time is it?"

"No idea."

What the? Then you were letting your one year old son to roamed the dark forest with unknown creatures?

"What if I refuse?"

"No meal."


"For three days."


My hands voluntarily unzipped the tent, the cold wind welcomed me. The darkness was blinding except if you stared on that floating ball of white light. Not a ghost but still unknown.

"E-Class Monster."

Dad was peeking from the camp.

"Have you read the Monster Almanac?"

"Haven't." I tiptoed, trying to be not detected. The phase of that creature was quite slow, even with my little legs, I could reach him in few steps.

"That was a Gleamball."

"Other info?"

"Find yourself."

When I was standing in front of that Gleamball, I could find where its body parts were. It was just a ball of light and nothing else. Slowly, I reached for it and captured it with my bare baby hands. Too easy.

When I was marching in victory to my Dad, the monster suddenly emitted a blinding yellow light, almost like the sun without the heat and illuminated the whole forest.

"It's trump card. Emergency Light."

As Dad said those words, the light from the Gleamball in my hands subsided. When it was totally off, thousand other lights appeared, surrounding the camp.



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