Reincarnated As UnOP Character
6 First Monster Slayed By UnOP Character
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Reincarnated As UnOP Character
Author :CodeOmicron
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6 First Monster Slayed By UnOP Character

Look can be deceiving. Shoot. That little orb of light!

With all of my energy left, I ran to Dad who was laughing. I almost land a punch on his face but I kept on being calm though my heart was betraying me.

"What happened?"

"Dunno." He played dumb, shrugged and was about to enter in the camp. You could not get away on it, Dad. With all of my force, I threw the Gleamball to his direction. Bull's eye. Flat, on his back.

"What the?"

He turned, watched how the little creature slowly fell down on the ground.

"You killed it."

Was that a bad thing? He gently picked the blinking ball, his face turned serious.

"They'll attack us."

Sure. I'd done something wrong. Other Gleamballs circled our camp, faster than the one I'd captured, and sadly killed.

"That is the Ring Of Light. They are serious to take revenge. Your mission is to capture one."

"And I failed?"

"Unless you capture some in that pack."

They were getting nearer, even Dad prepared his magic circle. I poked the body of the Gleamball in our possession. Quite floppy for a monster, some more taps and it suddenly glowed. Then off.

"Aren't they harmless?" Dad already casted his Rock Golem which was standing beside me.

"When alone, yes. You even killed that one. But sometimes, quantity can overrule quality."

The light then rose, high enough to see them in a circle. From having only a single color, white, they started to show other hue. Even their movement speed was increased. It was quite picturesque.

Then from big ring, they merged to form a big ball. It looked like the moon, though way more brighter and bigger and nearer. Slowly, arms and legs also appeared. A full grown monster. As it finished transforming, a deep howl was released that disturbed the whole forest.

"Graaaa!!!!" It landed in our front, causing the ground to be jolted. Its impact was enough to make my body to fall.

"Golem Block". Rock monster eroded to block the debris of that grand entrance.

"What have you done?"

His words were the opposite of his reaction, he seemed so excited for the battle. Both of his hands were prepared to cast spells.

"Graaa!", the monster dashed, every step resulted to violent shake.


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