Reincarnation in Against The Gods
118 Method of ascending to a True God
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Reincarnation in Against The Gods
Author :Evil_Dragon
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118 Method of ascending to a True God

\"What?!\" Qianye Wushang shouted aloud. He couldn't believe what he had heard. The other Brahma Gods excluding Qianye Fantian were in a similar state. They found this unbelievable.

\"Why do you want her?\" Instead of outright rejecting Ryusuke, which would have been the completely normal thing to do, the Brahma Monarch God-Emperor asked Ryusuke about the reason.

Ryusuke casually replied, \"Hmm… I currently don't have a maid. It would be a waste to not have Qianye Ying'er when she has already presented herself to me.\"

\"W-What are you talking about?\" Qianye Ying'er asked with a bit of scared voice. She was almost fearful of his answer now.

\"Aww… Such a weak memory. Don't you remember those words from earlier? They were your own words about how you were ready to do anything. I guess going back on their words is to be expected of the Brahma Gods after all.\" His last line targeted their pride, and they remembered the humiliation in the hall earlier.

To them, it was more important to regain that face than to think of anything else.

Qianye Fantian spoke out before even discussing it with the other Brahma Gods, \"Since she has declared that, my daughter will keep her word. I give you my promise. However, you must abide by your words and give me the way to become a True God.\"

Qianye Ying'er was shocked at hearing her father's words. This was the same as throwing her away! She looked at the Three Brahma Gods in response and saw them looking excited over finding the way to become the True Gods.

\"It was a good trade,\" Ryusuke said before turning around.

The Brahma Gods were confused by his response and wondered why he turned around and was walking away.

During that time, the Azure Dragon entered the Food Hall. He looked around and found those puny Brahma Gods.

However, since it was a command from Ryusuke, he couldn't really disobey.

Qianye Ying'er remained in front of her father for some moments. When Qianye Fantian saw that the Azure Dragon was approaching them, he sternly glanced at her and said, \"Go away. You are no longer needed.\"

\"But, Father…\"

\"I said, go away!\" He nearly shouted in the Food Hall. His stern and angry order forced Qianye Ying'er to go away.

She looked around and was searching for Ryusuke now.

She saw him exiting the Food Hall. It seemed as though he was finished here. He was probably returning to his room.

Wanting to know what she should do here, Qianye Ying'er followed after him.

Well, she was certainly right in making this decision. After all… she did need to be drilled with the 'instructions' and her 'tasks' as Ryusuke's slave.


Meanwhile, the Azure Dragon took the Brahma Gods to an empty room. It was as if telling them that the information was sensitive.

The Azure Dragon started speaking in his overbearing tone, \"The Realm of the True Gods… Do you know why nobody has reached the True God realm within these Millions of Years since the Myriad Tribulations even though there must have been multiple great talents during this period?\"

The Brahma Gods were a little surprised by this question, they had indeed never thought about it.

Brahma Monarch God-Emperor spoke out, \"Isn't it because we cannot break through this bottleneck which separates us from the True God Realm? Maybe we require more energy…\" He tried to guess the reason, but the Azure Dragon shook his head negatively.

\"During the time Myriad Tribulations was released in the Primal Chaos Dimension. It poisoned the True God's strength and made them die one by one. However, what you do not know is that it also destroyed the great Divine Energy in the air during that time. After the death of every True God, nature's overall Divine Energy was lowered. It has now become so low that even if I were to absorb every single bit of energy from the entire Realm of the Gods, I would still not be able to ascend to my former power!\"

This information was utterly shocking for the Brahma Monarch God-Emperor. They didn't understand what they could do in the face of such an issue.

If what the Azure Dragon has said was the truth, then they would never become True Gods.

\"Since the Dragon God knows about this problem, you must have a solution, right?\" The Brahma Monarch God-Emperor tried to ask the Dragon God.

\"Naturally, I have a solution. To become a True God, you must first solve the issue of low Divine Energy in the Primal Chaos Dimension.\" The Azure Dragon took a pause and stared at their fanatic faces. They seemed awfully interested in this information.

With an internal sigh, the Dragon God continued, \"I know of only one method with which you can ascend. That method is… Collect every single Heavenly Profound Treasure. Other than the Ancestral God, the Heavenly Profound Treasures were the first things created by the cosmos. Gather them all in one place and use them to power up the Primal Chaos Dimension. That is the only way of the Divine Energy rising to a level of even making someone ascend to that of a True God Realm. Otherwise, whatever you do, it's useless.\"

The Azure Dragon finished speaking and noticed that the Brahma Gods were in deep thought. He shrugged his head and left them in that area.

No point in staying with these insects any longer.

Meanwhile, Qianye Wushang couldn't hold it himself any longer as he said to Qianye Fantian, \"Brother… We have the Primordial Seal of Life and Death, and the Eternal Heaven Realm has the Eternal Heaven Pearl. The rest are at unknown places…\"

\"No matter. To even receive the real reason behind why we haven't been able to ascend was worth it. At least, we can rest assured that nobody would be able to ascend to the True God Realm until they receive our Primordial Seal of Life and Death.\" The Brahma Monarch God-Emperor stated with a feral smirk on his face.

It relieved him a little as he had absolutely no idea when he would ascend to the True God Realm even after applying this method.

He added a little later, \"We will search for the Heavenly Profound Treasures in secret. After gathering the other 5, we will steal the Eternal Heaven Pearl from the Eternal Heaven Realm, raise the Realm's Divine Energy and ascend to the True God Realm. After reaching that Realm, we will be invincibles in the God Realm!\"


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