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Serendipitous Fantasy System
Author :Glasir
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1 The star

First Person

Hello, my name is Perseus Walker and I have the fastest hands in the west. Just kidding but I'm bored. I live life like any other but I feel as if I could do more. Not to save people or any thing but I just feel like I deserve more than other people at times. I go to high school like any normal person. I repeat my morning routine like you would a ritual. Nothing new has been added to my routine since I was 7 years old. I'm now 14. that's ridiculous.

My routine would be

1. Wake up

2. Go back to sleep

3. Wake up 10 minutes later

4. Go to bathroom

5. Use the toilet (pee or poop)

6. Take a shower

7. Style my hair

8. Brush my teeth

9. Wake up my sister

10. Watch her go back to sleep (not in a creepy stalker way)

11. Go down stairs

12. Get my breakfast

13. Go to the bus (with or without my sister)

14. Half-ass school

15. Do homework (sometimes)

16. Watch anime, browse Netflix, read light novels, go through Instagram, complain about my life.

17. Go to Sleep


Third Person

He knew that he had almost nothing to complain about. There are people starving homeless and with other disabilities but he just can't stop himself from wishing that he was something more. That there was SOMETHING more. But he knew in his heart that there was probably nothing more than this. He sighs. Something that he notices himself doing a lot lately.

As he lay there in his bed eyes closed, he hears a *Ding*. Laying there he does nothing. Although he is bored with his life, he still likes the peace and quite of his room. He hears something this time. Instead of a ding, he hears a gender neutral voice.

[Hello Host]

[I Am The System Forged by God's Tears and Parts of His Soul]

[Would Host Like to Install Me]

First Person

I lay there quietly for around ten minutes. Not willing to acknowledge that I got a system of unlimited potential in fear that my sister has read my fan fictions.


"I accept" I say in the most indifference tone I could pull off. 'Sis i will beat you like a wife beater if this is a joke' I think in my head still laying on my bed.


[User has Unlocked a Couple of Features]

I open my eyes and I am wowed. The interface of the system is like the eye shit in young justice season 3. It is basically a better version of it. 'Isn't this copy righted' I think. The system interface is way better than I imagined it to be.

[But of Course, I am The System]

[I Made the Best Interface Your Human Brain Can Handle and Enjoy]

[Would You Like to See the Features You Have Unlocked]

'Yes' I think mentally.

[World Travel]

[You can travel through worlds depending on the pack you have chosen.

Limit : You can travel through worlds however you need to give me a large amount of energy.

First World Travel is free]

[World Packs : You can choose 1 pack so far, if you wish to get the other packs you'll have to buy them.]

[World Packs :




TV Show





[You complete quests that are assign to you and get rewards or Quest Points for the Systems shop!]

[you can kill enemies for Quest Points however the amount of points will be dependent on the Host's Strength and the Enemies'.]


[Where there is an Shit-ton of different things you can buy!]

[Example :



Cultivation Manuals

Modern Weaponry

Martial Skills




"What the Fuck!" I yell in my room. How many times have I saved god's children in my past lives? This shit doesn't add up. What sort of lives did I have..."

[Don't be Silly Host, You Have Done Nothing of the Sort to Qualify to Get Me.]

"Fuck you System! Can I call you something else?"

[Sure, God left the naming to you]

"I shall call you sky"

[System name designated to Sky]

"Do I have a starter pack? My experiences tell me that systems come with a starter pack."

[Host is correct, You do have a starter pack for each world you are in]

[Would Host like to open the starter pack?]



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