Serendipitous Fantasy System
3 Last time on DBZ...I mean Fantasy Walker
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Serendipitous Fantasy System
Author :Glasir
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3 Last time on DBZ...I mean Fantasy Walker

[Would Host like to open the starter pack?]



[Opening pack... Pack opened!]

10,000 System Points


Skill Book: Quick Maths

Skill Book: Golden Manager

+1 Body customization

+10 fruit of charm

+5 Lottery tickets





[Since now]

"Alright, can you just explain the gifts that you gave me"


Name: Quick maths

Type: Skill Book

Grade: Common

Description: You can do a shit load of hard math in your head quickly

Name: Golden Manager

Type: Skill Book

Grade: Uncommon

Description: You are an expert manager. What takes people decades, you can do it in seconds by absorbing this book

Name: Body Customization

Type: Usable

Grade: N/A

Description: Don't like how you look because you are borderline horrifying to look at? You have one chance to make yourself a k-pop star, a caveman, or a TRAP.

Name: Fruit of Charm

Type: Usable

Grade: N/A

Description: You can alter your charm by eating these fruit depending on what you think is handsome.

Name: Lottery Ticket

Type: Usable

Grade: N/A

Description: You use these bad bois to get some thick ass stuff from the lottery


"What are the different grades?"

[Didn't I already tell you]

"No. I don't think you did"

[Sorry about that...]

[The grades go from





Super Rare










" That helps a lot. Thank you Sky."

[No problem Host]

"What worlds can I go too?"

[Host can go to any fantasy world]

"Didn't you have a list"

[Scroll Up Dumbass, it's in your feed]

'I swear to god if this system doesn't stop bitching' I put my hands in the air and I start scrolling up'

[Nevermind, there are only a few places you can go right now]

"What!! Why?"

[Host needs to be accustomed to somethings.]

"Alright, Sky. Did I murder your family or something?"

[No, I have no family]

"then why The FUCK are you such a bitch right now"

[I have seen host's memories and see a big attraction for people who talk back to him]

"thats...No...You're crazy. I am a normal ass man and I don't enjoy things like that."

[Every little fiction crush you've had is something of a tsundere]

"Fine. You win."

[Of course I do]

"alright can I see a list of recommended worlds to go to?"

[Yes host

1. Naruto

2. Seven Deadly Sins

3. Fairy tale

4. My hero Academia


6. Young Justice

7. Justice League War

8. Percy Jackson

9. Red Queen Series

10. Avengers

11. RWBY

12. high school DXD

13. high school of the dead

14. One Piece

16. Bleach



I FUCKING LOVE THAT ANIME. The whole sins are like a family. This is going to be great!!! Imma be so OP. I can make all the girls and boys fall for me. And Imma play with all their hearts. Muhuhaaaa!!!

[Host is evil]

"Love is so over rated. All characters, OP or not, die because they were in love. If what I think about this system is true, than I can be prince charming to everyone and play them like fools."

[I guess this is what god meant by edgy]

"What was that"

[Nothing Host]

"Okay, Lets just GO!!!"

[Alright, Host has a couple of choices

1. Reincarnation: Where you get reborn into a new family

Family state: host would be born in a family. Host would be born with a loving family. ID provided by family

-Orphan state: host would be born as a orphan. Host would have orphan ID

2. Incarnation: Go there right now

Teenage state: host would be a teenager in a forest with provided clothing.

Adult state: host would be a adult in a forest with provided clothing.


"thats A LOT of options. What would you prefer."

[Why would you ask]

" I don't really care what form I get besides the adult one. Plus you're coming with me on the ride."

[Host is thoughtful]

[I would recommend that you go into an orphan state]


[Because the original book had the orphan state one]

"Huhhhh? Are you copying Unlimited Fantasy and Divine Anime System?"


"You know what. I don't think this would be illegal so we are good here."

"But fine, I choose Orphan state"

[Tell me what time you want to be born]

"7 years before the Sins are outlawed." This should give me a couple years to train before the Sins come back together and the arc begins."

[There are somethings host needs to know]

[You can return to any world you have been in at the same time you left]

[Every dimension is frozen until you get there]

[Also you have stats]

[You can access them by thinking stats]

[I customized the status to make it look like a game]

[Stats : ]

[Level : 0] (New !)

[ Name : Perseus Walker]

[Race : Human]

[Bloodline : None]

[Constitution : Weak]

[Talents : None]

[Cultivation : None]

[Vitality : 4] (Stop eating chips for breakfast and lunch)

[Strength : 2] (Fucking Twig)

[Agility : 6] (The one thing you're actually just below average in)

[Dexterity : 2] (Butter Fingers)

[Stamina : 5] (Fucking loser)

[Will : 4] (WTF have you been doing in you're life)

[Intelligence : 4] (How is this possible)

[Wisdom : 20] (Love is dogshit)

(New!) [Passive Skills : None.]

(New!) [Activate Skills : None.]

"Sky why am I so ASS????"

[Because you have wasted you're life]

"fuck this body, lets go!!"

[Transferring host now... Rebirth protocol - Orphan state - Time - 7 years before the betrayal of the Holy Knights- Transfer successful.]

Third Person

All Perseus could hear was a loud boom. White flashes before his eyes a couple of times and just black. He starts dreaming. He starts thinking all of what happened before was just a dream. A joke made by his sister. Everything he would ever imagine to want before him as a joke. He starts crying. Day after day. A week goes back where he hasn't gone to school. He starts going out of his room less and less. He starts thinking that all of this was a good idea. If he could write about it in a story, he would get a lot of props. He goes to open his computer and boom. He awakens.


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