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Serendipitous Fantasy System
Author :Glasir
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5 SDS Finally

Third Person:

A young looking ogre with brown patches of hair and onyx eyes was seen warming up in the park. Stretching, you can see that his body was very rundown.

First Person:

I woke up in the middle of a forest laying on the ground...WTF. Sky, give me a rundown on what happened while I was gone.

[While you were off training, your parents left you in a orphanage because you were ugly]

"WTF, are you kidding me? How ugly do you have to be for someone to leave you at birth?"

[Apparently when you have a big ass mole on your nose the size of your eye that spurts out blood in their faces]


[Also one of your earlobes are missing]

"The fuck? how did that happen"

[A random ass bear mauled your ass and killed the people in the orphanage you were in]

[The knight that saved you thought the monster got you and left]

"Fuck this. Fuck them."

"Did you store who was the person that saved me?"

[Yes it was Arthur Pendragon's dad, Uther Pendragon]

"Merlin's already taking care of his son in the future so I don't need to intervene"

"So where am I Sky?"

[In a random forest in Liones]

"okay, show me my stats."


[Stats : ]

[Level : 1]

[ Name : Perseus Walker]

[Age: 5]

[Race : Human]

[Bloodline : None]

[Constitution : Weak]

[Talents : None]

[Cultivation : None]

[Vitality : 10]

[Strength : 12]

[Agility : 14]

[Dexterity : 3]

[Stamina : 15]

[Will : 100]

[Intelligence : 50]

[Wisdom : 50]

[Passive Skills :

Skilled Tactician: Host is an excellent strategist, despite host's abnormally low amount of brain cells.

Experienced Combatant: Although you have no physical training in hand-to-hand combat, Host's has trained in the training camp.


[Activate Skills : None.]

"How come this body has better stats than my original one?"

[The difficulty of this world has been elevated a bit]

[So everyone is already a bit stronger at birth]

[The Sins all have 2,000 points of power added to them]

[List of Sin's power level

Meliodas (SEALED)= 5,000 (NORMAL) 6,400 (DEMON MARK) 12,300 (BERSERK)

Ban= 5,220

Merlin= 6,710

Escanor= No comment

Diane= 5,250

King= 6,190

Gowther= 5,100


"That doesn't seem like much of an upgrade that warrants me going through that training."

[Any one of them can kill you with just the slightest kill intent]

"Okay, fair point. Show me my inventory."



Skill Book: Flash Step

Weapon: Oberon's Rapier

Skill Book: Resshūken

Skill Book: Disturbance Style-Rapier

Skill Book: Quick Maths

Skill Book: Golden Manager

+1 Body customization

+15 fruit of charm

+5 Lottery tickets




"Open my starter pack for this world"

[Opening pack... Pack opened!]


10,000 System Points

Bloodline: Half-Ghost Bloodline

Skill Book: Ssam-Su Taekkyeon

Summon: Tinker Bell

+5 Phoenix Down


"Sky, can you describe the items please"

[With pleasure host]

[Half-Ghost Bloodline]

Type: Bloodline

Grade: High

- Host can "Go Ghost". Host has intangibility, invisibility, and Flight. Can fire green blasts of ecto-energy from your hands or fingertips hot enough to melt steel. Can send out a pulse of energy in all directions from your body to repel large groups of attackers. Can Power up your body using ecto-energy. Other powers have to be gained

[Ssam-Su Taekkyeon]

Type: Skill Book

Grade: High

- It is a martial art which was developed by Park Il-Tae and is used by his grandson, Il-Pyo. It is a combination of Practical Taekkyon and Renewal Taekwondo in order to minimize the weaknesses of Taekkyon.

[Phoenix Down]

Type: Usable

Grade: Rare

-Phoenix Down works by being offered to appeal to the mystical Phoenix itself to allow a lost soul to return, with the quality and overall beauty of the current feather being a crucial factor.

[Tinker Bell]

Type: Summon

Grade: Rare

- able to Fly and, Enhanced inventing and forging. She is a sassy and creative creature.

"Interesting, organize my inventory from bloodlines > summons > skill books > weapons, > usables"



Bloodline: Half-Ghost Bloodline

Summon: Tinker Bell

Skill Book: Ssam-Su Taekkyeon

Skill Book: Flash Step

Skill Book: Resshūken

Skill Book: Disturbance Style-Rapier

Skill Book: Quick Maths

Skill Book: Golden Manager

Weapon: Oberon's Rapier

+5 Phoenix Down

+1 Body customization

+15 fruit of charm

+5 Lottery tickets

+70,000 FP


"Okay, let me use the body customization on myself"

[Body customization menu]

[Would you like to upload a pre-exsisting body]

"Give me a body of a random handsome ass person."


[Chosen person Jeon Jungkook from BTS or Sasuke Uchiha]

"Really, a kpop star or a brooding bitch?"

"I thought you said I had high luck."

[Your crushes in the real world thought these two were really handsome]

"Alright that works. I choose K-pop boy."

"Give me kaleidoscope eyes that change color depending on my mood/ feelings."

[That sounds retarded host]

"But it's for that heavenly feel. Alright sky."

[If host says so]

"Close character customization Sky."

[Host is't going to alter dick size]

"No WTF sky. Do I look insecure to you?"


"Lets Go!!"

[Okay, host will feel a bit of pain while altering the body]

"The fuck sky, I already experienced a shit tone of pain already. I probably won't feel a thin..."


My body starts rupturing from the insides. Color full lines spread across my body. Everything just starts getting peeled off. It was like I was shedding my skin. My hair started to fall off. Everything in my body was being replaced. The hair that was gone originally started getting replaced by silkier darker strands. My burnt scarred skin starts to regrow jade like skin. I feel my ears growing back. My eyes started to see better in color.

[I am surprised that host didn't pass out]

"Passing out is for fucking bitches Sky. Do I look like a bitch to you?

[You look like a kpop star, you're already half a bitch]

"Fuck you Sky, this is my body now and i'm loving it. the ears and everything"

[Okay what next]

"First, bond the ghost Bloodline with me, then transfer all the knowledge of the skill books to me."

[Okay, goodnight host]

"what do you mean good night?"

[The bonding with this bloodline needs more will than you have right now]

"Alright, if that means I don't feel more pain"

12 hours later:


[Host Wake UP]


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