Serendipitous Fantasy System
6 Shove this ICE up the bears ass
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Serendipitous Fantasy System
Author :Glasir
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6 Shove this ICE up the bears ass


[Host needs to wake up before you get your naked ass clapped by a horny ass bear]

"Is it the same bear that sliced my ear off?"

[No. It's his son]

"Bitch, lets fucking kill his ass. How old is he?"

[He is nearing 13 years of age]

"Can I take him on?"

[Host has a high chance by using the ghost bloodline.]

"Ayee, lets get this meat."

[Good luck. He is a couple hundred feet in the direction you are currently facing]

Wait, My stubby 5 year old ass can't beat a demonic bear without taking some damaged. I don't want to lose an ear again. I need something to level the playing field.

"Sky, can I use all my lottery tickets"

[Host has to choose which part of the lottery you want to participate in]

[There is








"I want 1 ticket in armor, one in items, one in abilities, and the final one in the bloodline slot."

[Spinning lottery...23%...45%...87%...100%]

[Host got

Photographic Memory

Type: Abilities

Grade: Uncommon

- able to remember every event that you see with extreme accuracy. The emotions and mood felt will always be remembered.


Mystic Ice Scaled Bloodline

Type: Bloodlines

Grade: High

- Rated 89th of the ancient 10,000 bloodlines in the world. Extremely powerful sets of brilliant snow-white dragon scales covers the body. They are extremely delicate and beautiful with strong defense. Creates and Ice like domain with every movement.

Gives: Cryokinesis, Strong Defense, Quick Recovery Speed


Commoners clothing

Type: Clothing

Grade: Common

- Peasant cloths for peasant people

Gives: Extra Resistance to Cold Weather


Midas Touch Tron Cycle

Type: Item

Grade: Upgradable (ADD MORE TECHNOLOGY)

- Boasting unique programming that grants it better offensive capabilities. While the extent of these capabilities remains unclear it is mentioned as being "faster" by the rider of a Clu's Light Cycle.


"Ayee that quick luck!! I got a FUCKING TRON CYCLE. Can I just fuck the bear up by driving it over."

[Chances of killing the bear by running it over would be too low]

"Why, I thought it was only 13 years old?"

[You have no skill in driving, plus, the bear isn't retarded]

[You will just miss your target]

"What have I said about negativity in my christian server?"


"Fuck off, can I by a driving skill?"


Bike Driving- Common to Uncommon Grade

-Basic (3,000)

-Adept (9,000)

-Master (15,000)

-Grand-Master (20,000)


Okay, Sky what is the bare minimum amount of points I need to spend to kill the bear?"

[Host needs to buy Adept to even attempt to use the Tron cycle]

"Alright, buy me the Master bike driving skill book just to be safe."

[Alright, would host like to absorb the skill of the book]



I feel all the knowledge of the book coming into my head. In my first world, I didn't even know how to drive because I was too young. Now, I know that you need to press the pedal to move the bike. (I don't know what You expected me to do with this paragraph but I ain't doing that shit. Just assume that he knows how to ride the bike okay!)

"Okay lets do this, put the bear as a way point."

[How did host know I have this feature]

"I just kind of assumed that you did. You know what, it doesn't matter."

I see a huge pillar of light in my direction. I am feeling excited. It is finally time to see if my training in the 5 years equates to something of worth. I summon the tron bike. All I could say was that it was slick as fuck!!! That gold stream line on the edges. The slick design. It felt out of this world. the only thing I wanted to do was just ride it. BUT THEN I REALIZED that I was too short too ride it well. Why the fuck did I choose the orphan state again.

[Because you listened to me]

"fine how else am I supposed to kill this damn bear at level one?"

[If you integrate with the Mystic Ice Scaled bloodline, you might have a better chance]

"But the bear is going to get away."

[It is the only way you can survive without damage]

"Fine how long will it take?"

[12 hours]



"Alright, do I pass out again?"


[Move to a secure location first]


I started running for a few minutes before I descovered a small cave. 'Sky, can you tell me in there is any living thing in the cave?'


[Scans show that there is no living creature in the cave]

[It is safe for DNA integration]

"Make it quick"


12 Hours Later:


"Alright!!! I'm up" he said

A set of brilliant snow-white dragon scales covered his body. They were extremely delicate and beautiful.

It had a dominating Ice power inside of the bloodline. It was as if his every action and movement could create supreme coldness with effects similar to an Ice Domain. "So, this is the power of the Mystic Ice Scaled race!"

First Person


"What powers have I unlocked?"

[Host has gotten an upgraded version of Cryokinesis]

[Host's Half-Ghost bloodline had a dormant version of Cryokinesis]

"Alright, how do I activate the two bloodlines?"

[You just have to say, 'I'm going Ghost"]


Third Person:

Crystallized Ice forms all around Peruses as the temperature of the whole forest drops a couple degrees and clouds start to shift. The weaker animals felt tingles in their spines and felt a sense of foreboding while the stronger ones just ignored it. There was one thing that they could all agree on, the forest is going to have some kind of changes. We see Peruses start to float up while a halo like ring goes around his body. He starts to change, going from a short 5 year old to a tall high schooler. He went from having kaleidoscope eyes to having blood red eyes. His facial structures started to change with it. His peasant clothes shift into a noble's clean vest and pants. The parts of the clothing exposing skin was filled to the brim with beautiful white scales. Only the head was uncovered. The image was otherworldly. As if a god had descended down from the heavens.

First Person:

I look up and see the small cave I was in was even smaller. I looked at my hands and they looked longer. I was expecting the costume change but this was unprecedented. I felt taller, taller than when I was in highschool. I knew something was up.

"Sky, what changes have occurred in going ghost?"

[You are now a carbon copy a Cadis Etrama Di Raizel]

[With that, your Mystic Ice scaled bloodline and your Half-Ghost blood line have merged]

[Your defenses are way stronger than the original half-Ghost himself and so is your recovery speed even with your low level]

"First of all, why am I a carbon Copy of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel?"

[You are UNQUALIFIED to know]

"Okay, where is the fucking bear now?"

[It appears that the bear is one mile away and is looking for a mate]



"You know what this means?"


"You previously said that my ghost form can possess stuff right?"

[Yes, it is one of the most important features of the bloodline]

"So I can posses a girl bear and 'mate' with him"


"The moment the bear is about to finish, I can surprise attack him with a quick ice move."

[Host is retarded but the idea is intriguing]

"MUHUHAAA!!!! The bear won't know what hit him."

[Why won't you drive the Cycle now that you are bigger and just run him over]

"It's too late, I already planned this out. That fucking bear made me wast like 1 whole ass day."

[Quest: Kill the Bear in a interesting way


1- Make the Plan +

2- proceed with the plan

Rewards: 1,000 FS

Failure: Certain death



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