Serendipitous Fantasy System
8 Grinding Time
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Serendipitous Fantasy System
Author :Glasir
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8 Grinding Time

One Nap time later:

"Oh my god Sky, I just had a nightmare of being raped in the ass by fucking humoungus bear."

[That wasn't a dream host]



"What the hell Sky why did you let me get fucked by a bear?"

[I technically tried to stop you by recommending you to change your plan]


"Okay, but what happened to my 50 points in intelligence? Why did it not work when I came up with that plan"

[I don't know, maybe your natural stupidity was so powerful, it overpowered it]

"...Can you please be a dear and tell me what time it is."

[It has been two days after the bear incident]

[Tinker Bell, your summon, UN-summoned herself after seeing you wrestle with the bear]

[I recommend host starts to grind in the next few days]

"Why not now?"

[Tinker Bell's flashy summon has gathered the attention of those unwanted at the moment]

"Alright, what can I do right now?"

[Host can head to a TRAINING DIMENSION to practice your skills]

[Anything in the system that can be bought can be trained in the DIMENSION]

[One month in there is one day here. Can be UPGRADED as host gets more powerful]

"Alright, so what you're telling me is, that I could have had a chance to level up a bit and then CONFRONT THE BEAR?"

[...At the time, this function was locked...]


"Are you allowed to tell me what other functions you have locked?"


"Alright lets just go."


It has been two months since I went into the TRAINING DIMENSION. Surprisingly, the place had great services. Every restaurant or food place that has ever existed, fiction or otherwise, was there. You KNOW I ate like a motherfucking king after each training regiment.

And the crazy thing was, this place had a library/theater room. You can watch anime or cartoons or TV-shows, or read manga or webtoons, or novels. The biggest concern that I had while training was not knowing the fictional plot as best as I should. Now with this room, it feels as if a great weight has been lifted off my back.

Three months later:

"Sky show me my stats"

[Stats : ]

(I don't know if I did the math right but each level adds 5 points into all the stats besides WILL)

[Level : 13]

[ Name : Perseus Walker]

[Age: 5]

[Race : Human-Ghost]

[Bloodline : Half-Ghost, Mystic Ice Scaled]

[Constitution : Weakish]

[Talents : None]

[Cultivation : None]

[Vitality : 95]

[Strength : 89]

[Agility : 85]

[Dexterity : 69]

[Stamina : 90]

[Will : 200]

[Intelligence : 85]

[Wisdom : 85]

[Charm : 110]

[Passive Skills :

Pain Resistance: LV. 20

Quick Maths: LV. 4

Golden Manager: LV. 2

Photographic Memory: LV. MAX


[Activate Skills :

Ssam-Su Taekkyeon: LV. 12

Flash Step: LV. 1

Resshūken: LV. 12

Disturbance Style-Rapier: LV. 15




Weapon: Oberon's Rapier

+5 Phoenix Down

+15 fruit of charm

+105,000 FP



-Tinker Bell


Okay, I'll admit I did more research on the Seven Deadly Sins world more than I did for training but it is still more assuring to know more about the world. Haven't you heard of the phrase knowledge is power? Plus, I now know how to proceed in the world. I will be Elizabeth's Gil thunder. Like her knight that is assigned to protect her. That way, I can follow her and meet the sins. It will take a long time to complete but it is as good a plan as any. However, there will be one problem. I'm supposed to be dead. No one will believe that a 5 year old escaped the slaughter that occurred in thee orphanage. So I need a new Identity.

"Sky, can I buy an identity from the store?"

[Yes but it will take half your points]

"What, why is it so expensive?"

[It is not as easy as making documents appear out of nowhere because they don't use documents]

[Since this world isn't as advanced as the one you were in before, I will have to change the memories of the orphan caretakers]

[Quest: Be the Protector of Elizabeth Liones]



1- Make a Plan

2- proceed with the plan






100,000 FS

+2 LV Ups

+20 LV ups-Skills

Failure: Certain death


"Alright, I like it. but I'm going to need a plan. I can't just infiltrate the kingdom willy nilly while the sins are there."

[I recommend a name change, Perseus is dead, now there is a new you]

"I'm dine with that, can you generate a name."

[Generating Host's New Name...23%...41%...72%...100%...DONE]

[Host's New Name is Elen Zinfir]

"I like it!" (You have no choice but to like it BITCH)

[Transplanting HOST"S FAKE IDENTITY...23%...56%...89%...100%...DONE]

I felt a wave of memories enter my head. They were of me, playing with blocks by myself. Then the next image was of me finding out that a holy knight saved my life when I was a baby. Next it was me 'training' to be a holy knight. Next, there was an image of me accidentally freezing the water. All of the memories so conveniently placed to make me a holy knight. I felt confidence that the plan would work.

[Transporting Host to the new orphanage]

I felt a huge pillar of light engulf me. When I opened my eyes again, I found myself in a room. A room shared by 2 other people. If my memories serve me right, these two were my bullies. They used to be my friends that joined me in my training, but ever since I 'awakened' my powers, they were different. Jealous that I had a better chance in becoming a holy knight. They started to mess with me. At first they started to talk behind my back. Next they spread nasty rumors. And after that, they gathered a huge amount of orphans against me. Ever since then, my time at the orphanage wasn't so pleasant.

And my appearance helped grow the foundations of their jealousy. When I looked into the pond, I saw that I became a mix of my human and half-ghost form. The Asian and noble sides of each form clashed and created something better. Something magnificent. My face has become more refined and feminine. My eyelashes longer and my eyes bigger. The merge made my hair silkier and smoother. And whenever I used my Ice control, they shift into a glowing white. My skin has become softer and lighter than a women's.

NEWS FLASH, I BECAME BORDERLINE ASEXUAL. I mean what kind of man or woman deserves the honor of accompanying me in bed? No one does. The fact that they could even look at me is a privilege their past lives fought for. I found myself especially entranced at my eyes which change color at every thought. When I look at my reflection, they turned a soft pink. When I thought about the bear, they turned Blood red. When I calmed down, they were obsidian black. They were wonderful and ever changing. I continued looking at my reflection for a while before I heard.

[You realize that Narcissus died by looking into a pond for a long time]

"I don't mind dying when because of my looks."

[Focus Dingus, you have a quest to complete so get on to it]


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