Serendipitous Fantasy System
9 Time Skip-Apprentice
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Serendipitous Fantasy System
Author :Glasir
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9 Time Skip-Apprentice

I begin to walk away from the orphanage, It has been 7 years since I accepted my new identity as Elen Zinfir . And it's also been 7 years since I started going out with myself. Okay I don't really touch myself like that but I have been known to look at myself for very long periods of time. Sky has resorted to shocking me with electricity to get my attention. Over the years, I realized that my eyes have a sort of trancing effect on people. It's really helpful when you fight a group of animals that have slower reaction speeds.

Also the sins have "betrayed" the Kingdom of Liones by killing the Great Holy Knight Zaratras five years ago. Nothing major has happened since. Just news of the third princess getting into trouble.

I barley get any points from quests because of how easy they are. I only gain levels from killing beasts in the training dimension.

My stats are as follows.

[Stats : ]

[Level : 46]

[ Name : Elen Zinfir]

[Age: 12]

[Race : Scaled-Ghost]

[Bloodline : Half-Ghost, Mystic Ice Scaled]

[Constitution : Normal]

[Talents : Cryokinesis, Photokinesis, Pyrokinesis]

[Cultivation : None]

[Vitality : 460]

[Strength : 294]

[Agility : 250]

[Dexterity : 234]

[Stamina : 255]

[Will : 200]

[Intelligence : 250]

[Wisdom : 250]

[Charm : 275] (SUPPRESSED TO 110)

[Passive Skills :

Pain Resistance: LV. 50

Quick Maths: LV. 10

Golden Manager: LV. 12

Driving: LV. 20

Underwater Breathing: LV. MAX

Vacuum Resistance: LV. MAX


[Activate Skills :

Ssam-Su Taekkyeon: LV. 43

Flash Step: LV. 30

Resshūken: LV. 23

Disturbance Style-Rapier: LV. 57

Cryokinesis: LV. 60

Photokinesis: LV. 39

Pyrokinesis: LV. 39

Flight: LV. 30

intangibility: LV. 20

Ghost Ray: LV. 21

Power Augmentation: LV. 60

Telekinesis: LV. 19

Dream Invasion: LV. 12

Duplication: LV. 60




Weapon: Oberon's Rapier

+5 Phoenix Down

+15 fruit of charm

+125,000 FP



-Tinker Bell


You might think I'm strong but in this world, all the Sins are over level 600. Even in their weakest (SEALED) state.

I have gained new skills while fucking around in the ARENA.(I'm calling the training dimension the ARENA).

I have also noticed a few things with my Scaled Ghost form. I learned that I can change into the normal ghost bloodline by retracting the scales. When in this form, my defense goes down X 3 and my strength us reduced by X 2. Also when in the Scaled Ghost Form, I get stronger the more scales cover my body.

I also learned that I have an affinity towards light, fire, and ice because of my bloodlines. Ice is the strongest and easiest to train because of the Mystic Ice Scaled race. My training regiment started like this...

1.Enter the Arena


3.Give out Orders

4.Train the Skills

5.Watch TV/Read Book

I have had a lot of fun with some skills, hehe. Dream Invasion is my favorite. It is literally the best. You can directly control people's dreams and force them into unfavorable positions. Lets just say my bullies never got a good sleep after I found out about the skill

Enough of that though, I need to get started on my trip to the barracks to become a holy knight apprentice. If I training a lot with an increase in intensity, maybe I can become the body guard of Elizabeth by the time she is 14. I'll have three years until she meets Meliodas again.

"Sky, can you set up a way-point to the barracks?"

[Yes Host]

I see a huge column of light right behind me...I have been traveling in the opposite direction this whole time.

I Summon the tron Cycle and god was it beautiful. It was so shiny and every thing. The streamlines and the pedal was all gold. I think I just nutted.

I chant in my head 'Going Ghost' and a circular light travels around my body.

My short but handsome self has turned into a tall but handsome one. My hair that was as silky as ever begins to curl near the ends. My beautiful colored eyes turn into hypnotizing red orbs. My soft snow white skin turns a bit pale. But most importantly, my feminine facial structures turned more masculine.

I get aboard the tron cycle and zoom out of the forest. I calculated that it will take two days to travel to the barracks.

Two Days Later:

I look like a fucking girl and apparently everybody else thinks so too. As I walked through the city, in my human form, stares of men and women followed me wherever I went.

"Look at her, she will be one beautiful girl when she grows up." A women says

"I want to see if she will marry my son but It probably won't happen." Another women says

"If only She was a bit older." A young man says with lust in his eyes

I don't like the stares the men and women are giving me. They looked very creepy. I use flash step to vanish from the place surprising the young men who were about to shoot their game.

"Sky, can I but a mouth mask?"

[Now host decides to talk to me]

"Sky Please don't be like this"

[Like what]

"Like Eve from The Divine Anime System. I want to stay somewhat original."

[Fuck you,]


"Can you just bye it?"

[Subtracting 5,000 FP]

"WTF, why are they worth that much?!!"

[Modern Clothes made by the system are made out of Heaven's Silk which repairs itself and offers better protection]



I put on the mask and approach the town for the second time today. Although there were a few curious glances, it wasn't as over bearing as before. I booked it to the pillar of light and saw a person in the strangest armor. It had horns every where. It looked so disgusting. Like how can you ever wear anything like that on purpose?

I decided right here and now, that I was never going to wear any type of Armour the kingdom gives out. If anything, I'm going to make my own armor.

"Stop!! Unidentified person must take off their masks and say what they want." Says the unfashionable knight

I take off my mask in a slow way, I close my eyes as I do it. I take off the half mask and slowly look at the knight. As you could've guessed, he was entranced.

"I am here to become a holy knight!"

I said those words with extreme passion. Like how a boy who has been training to be a magic knight would.

"G.Go..o In th e first door you see and turn right maam."

I am not even going to correct a nameless knight. Too much work. I follow his instructions after putting my mask back on and I get in line. And oh boy was there a line. The recruiting bill board said "NEW GENERATION Holy Knights" and I was surprised. Wasn't this the demon blood experimentation thing?

This was good, I get a free demon bloodline and get to be a holy knight. But there was one potential problem

"Sky, can you destroy the demon plant in the future?

[Is host dumb, If I destroy the demon plant, I destroy the demon bloodline]


[I can help fully integrate the bloodline for you without the side effects]

"That's even better, thank you sky!"

[Host is welcome]

I wait in line for what seems like forever!!! And I finally get called up.

"Hello, welcome, just sit here and we..." The interviewer didn't even finish talking before he turned to the man next to him and nodded.

Then the man next to the interviewer introduced himself, "Hello Elen Zinfir, I'm one of the great Holy knights Dreyfus. And I want to ask you a question"

"May I ask how you know my name?" I say as calmly as I can. That was fucking Dreyfus. Half of the reason why the demons escaped in the first place. I know he is a really good guy but right now he was possessed.

"Answer Holy knight Dreyfus' question you brat!!" One of the interviewers yells before being signaled to stop by Dreyfus.

"I have been watching your training. You have great control over ice and a calm enough mind not to use it on those who bully you. And so I ask you, why didn't you use your magic on your fellow orphans?" He asks intrigued.

"It is unfitting for a holy knight of liones to hit a civilian because of a simple dispute."

There was like 5 minutes of us just staring at each other before he finally says, "come to this place tomorrow at dawn for a power enhancement."

"I'll see you tomorrow Sir,"

And all I can think of was, 'and so it begins'


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