Serendipitous Fantasy System
11 Lesser Demon Bloodline
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Serendipitous Fantasy System
Author :Glasir
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11 Lesser Demon Bloodline

Quest: Make the Seven Virtues]



1- Assemble Group






Group hall in every world you go to

200,000 FS

+4 LV Ups

+40 LV ups-Skills


"Sky, why is there no failure tab for the mission?"

[There is no way to fail this quest so there are no bad consequences]

"cool so, I have to buy all the members?"

[Yes, the summons required would usually be worth an astronomical amount but because of the quest, it is half off]

"Alright, I'll take a look later. Let's just go get the bloodline."

I flash step to the barracks, arriving in front of the unfashionable guard. Maybe it wasn't even the same guy but they dressed the same way.

"WTF, how did an untrained kid like you get in front of me so fast?" He yelled surprise.

It was official, the unfashionable guard was the same as before. But before I could answer, he told me that Dreyfus was waiting inside.

I navigate through the crowd that was in the building and managed to get to where I was directed. When I opened the door, I saw Dreyfus talking to another man I recognized from the anime. Hendrickson, the creator of Reactor Class Knights and the other reason that the commandments awaken.

"Good to see you again Elen, we were just talking about you. This is Hendrickson, the other Great Holy Knight and the person who will oversee your enhancement." Hendrickson then proceed to introduce himself and then talk about how good it is to be a holy knight. I didn't really care for all that and wanted the bloodline so I asked what I was doing here today.

Dreyfus and Hendrickson both looked at each other and then started to talk.

"We have called you here to see if you are brave enough to increase your power for your kingdom!" Dreyfus shouted

"This enhancement will give you enough power to destroy your enemies and protect our kingdom!" Hendrickson added

"This enhancement is as easy as taking this potion! Now son, are you ready to protect your home."

They both yelled with great emotion.

"YES SIR!" I yelled with great conviction that even managed to convinced myself.

I took a stride and I gulped up the crimson liquid.

At first, I felt nothing, like I didn't just consume a fucking demon's blood. Then a few seconds later, a gut wrenching fire was in my stomach. Not the feeling of fire...I was actually burning


'Sky, whatever happened to helping my body with the integration process?!!!'

[I have seen that your will hasn't increased since we got to this world]

[So I have taken it upon myself to increase your will as it will also increase your survival rate]

[Also, it'll refine your body and make you look more handsome]


'It suddenly doesn't hurt as much anymore'

[Just a few more minutes]

'This fire effect didn't appear on any other apprentice knight. What makes this boy different' Hendricksen started to think.

"Is this supposed to happen?" a worried Dreyfus asked Hendrickson.

Hendrickson didn't say anything as he watched me burn in flames. Fucking bitch.

A few minutes later the fire died down.

I felt stronger and filled to the brim with energy. It was as if all the muscle I had before became more condensed in my now slightly muscular body.

'Sky, what is my updated stats?'


[Stats : ]

[Level : 57]

[ Name : Elen Zinfir]

[Age: 12]

[Race : Scaled-Ghost]

[Bloodline : Half-Ghost, Mystic Ice Scaled Race, Lesser Demon Bloodline]

[Constitution : Normal]

[Talents : Cryokinesis, Photokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Erebokinesis]

[Cultivation : None]

[Vitality : 792]

[Strength : 691]

[Agility : 580]

[Dexterity : 304]

[Stamina : 475]

[Will : 360]

[Intelligence : 350]

[Wisdom : 350]

[Charm : 495] (SUPPRESSED TO 180)

[Passive Skills :

Pain Resistance: LV. 70

Quick Maths: LV. 10

Golden Manager: LV. 12

Driving: LV. 20

Photographic Memory: LV. MAX

Underwater Breathing: LV. MAX

Vacuum Resistance: LV. MAX


[Activate Skills :

Ssam-Su Taekkyeon: LV. 43

Flash Step: LV. 82

Resshūken: LV. 53

Disturbance Style-Rapier: LV. 87

Cryokinesis: LV. 63

Photokinesis: LV. 59

Pyrokinesis: LV. 59

Flight: LV. MAX

intangibility: LV. MAX

Ghost Ray: LV. 51

Power Augmentation: LV. MAX

Telekinesis: LV. 29

Dream Invasion: LV. 12

Duplication: LV. MAX

Hiraishin no Jutsu: LV. 23

Barrier: LV. 36

Flashing Penetrator: LV. 12

Heal: LV 10

(NEW!) Frozen Heavens: LV: 1

(NEW!) Forbidden Style-Omni Frost: LV: 10

(NEW!) Enigma of Seven Stars: LV: 1

(NEW!) Erebokinesis: LV: 1




Weapon: Oberon's Rapier

+5 Phoenix Down

+15 fruit of charm

+ 71,000 FP



-Tinker Bell


"Are you okay?" Dreyfus asked in a flustered manner. Everyone he saw who took the enhancement looked a bit creepy and ugly after it but the boy in front of him became even more pretty. His hair now silkier and shinier than ever. His eyes always changing color with every passing second. It was beautiful. He was beautiful. 'No, STOP THAT, I'm not gay' He thought.

"I'm fine...hell I'm better than fine. I feel faster and stronger than before." I answer with great enthusiasm.

"Yes, that is how it should be. Remember, we as holy knights only use this power to protect the kingdom." Dreyfus said.

"Tomorrow is when you'll meet your superior. You'll be working with one more apprentice knight as we are short on holy knights due to the whole Seven Sins thing." Hendrickson says as he walks out the room leaving me and Dreyfus alone.

"You did good son, not a lot of people come out sane from the power enhancements." After saying that, Dreyfus showed me out of the room.

'Hey Sky, can you compare me to a character in the series that has similar strengths as me?'

[Host is currently a bit stronger than Deldry]

"That means that I've got a long way to go."

I flash step to a different secluded forest to go to the arena but I witness something interesting. I see Gilthunder practicing the way of the knight.

So, I do what everyone would do after seeing the situation. Forget about it and go my way.

I dash further into the forest until I hear a ding.

Quest: Rivalry]



1- Talk with Gilthunder

2-Practice with him


Beat him= 1 LV. Up


50,000 FS



[Host will get a better chance of being Elizabeth's protector if you have Gilthunder's good grace]

"Sounds pretty reasonable. Plus, it helps me get that quick buck without the quick suck!"

I flash step back to where Gilthunder was and walked towards him.

"Hey there, I see you practicing without a partner."

"Yes, what of it?" asked Gilthunder onguard. Probably thing 'Why is this girl no older than 12 in a secluded forest?'

"I am training to be a holy knight and I want to see how strong I have to be."

"So you want to have a practice round against me?" Gil asked with even more caution.


"No thanks, I am at least 5 years older than you therefore my body and brain are more developed."

WTF is this dude's problem, I am not that young. I am older than him. Technically.

"Come on, what's your deal. I heard the sins killed your father and you want revenge. You can't take them on alone because there are like seven of them. I'll be your second guy. You know, something like your wingman."

"...What do you mean man?" He asked with great shock

"Don't assume that I am a girl just because I am prettier than one okay. Second time this week and I don't really like it that much anymore."

"...okay...How do you know I am not stronger than the Sins already?" He asked.

"Because you would have to be a diamond rank holy knight and a diamond rank knight at 17 years old would be so impressive that the king would have to make a public announcement. I have yet to hear an announcement of a 17 year old legend."

"Good point but I still won't fight you." After he says that he turns around and starts practicing his sword skills.

The fucking nerve this kid has. I'll beat his ass so hard that he'll be the only person in heaven with a wheelchair.

"Fine, can I practice here with you too?" I give him the most determined look that my cute ass eyes can give. Damn I look good.

"I don't mind. Just don't expect me to give you pointers." He says as he practiced his stance.


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