Sky Fall Legend
156 Sigma“s Farewell 2
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Sky Fall Legend
Author :IvoryDragon
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156 Sigma“s Farewell 2

— One month ago, Windy Desert Plateau

Standing next to the dead carcass of a fifth level Vicious Primal Scorpion, Jodye Trill was educating Dessa in the art of death.

"Mr. Ju…I mean my lord," Dessa Chimes started to call Jodye Jupiter again but caught herself in time, her cheeks flushing red. "Is it…scary…to kill someone?"

Dessa was visibly nervous about the upcoming war. She was pretty certain that she had slain someone in the previous battles, but it was never down intentionally. She simply defended herself the way she was taught. She wouldn't even glance at opponents after they fell. Noticing this, Jodye decided to be a bit stricter with her warrior training. He couldn't allow his Right-Hand to be afraid of killing.

"You have to steel your heart, Dess," Jodye Trill placed his heavy hand on Dessa's delicate shoulder. "We don't murder because it's cool, we do it from the heart. You should never feel regret if you kill someone with your heart set. What is right, what is wrong? The only thing that decides this is whichever side has the most strength!"

Dessa Chimes thought carefully about Jodye's words before responding with melancholy, "But…isn't there another way? Other than taking someone's life? What if they can still change their ways?"

"Bwahaha…" Dessa was dumbstruck when Jodye Trill started laughing boisterously at her question. He next words struck her hard, "If you are stronger than those who offend you or plot against you, what would happen to your anyone who knows you that is not stronger if they are allowed to live?"

"This…" Dessa's gaze darkened. Her uncle had often plotted against the family of enemies he didn't dare to confront directly. How many of her fellow-servants were kidnapped daughters or mothers? What manner of disrespect and violation did they suffer? Dessa knew it very well.

"Would they allow you to live if they were stronger than you? What would happen?" Jodye crossed his arms and asked sternly. His crystal blue eyes penetrated into the depths of her soul as she stared at that serious face.

"I understand," Dessa's eyes now had a fiery determination that Jodye had never seen before. He suddenly felt rather gratified. It seems they just had a breakthrough in her dao heart.

"It's good that you do. Now let's continue with a sixth level Vicious Primal Scorpion."





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— Black Heart City, Outer District

This was technically the first time Dessa Chimes had ever willingly taken a life. Jodye Trill told her for some people this moment is one of the most difficult to surpass in a warrior's life. Thus, they often visited the desert outside of Winter Winds City, slaying local vicious beasts to gain experience. During that time, Dessa became accustomed to killing animals. In her opinion, these scumbags were lower than even animals. Thus, to her shock, she actually felt relief after killing that man. It didn't bother her a bit.

At this moment, Dessa had a sort of strange and serene feeling. It was as if that man disturbed her inner peace, and she could only grasp it once more by removing his head. She reacted before she even considered her actions. However, even now that she watched his headless body falling slowly from the building she didn't feel any disgust.

In fact, one could even say it pleased and excited her to do so.

"Could it be that I am also a psychotic killer? I really hope I don't become a Voodoo Priest…I don't think I would be able to stand that." Dessa Chimes hid Autumn Saver immediately after killing the scum ball who dared to profane her and used her pure qi to launch herself into the city square below.

In the center of the square, a first-level fiend appeared from a large sphere of voodoo fiend qi floating above the outstretched hands of a handsome young man. The fiend fell in line with a dozen other fiends who surrounded the young man. This young man didn't wear a robe, his chest was bare and covered in voodoo tattoos. He possessed a wild appeal that made others apprehensive. He had white hair and narrow eyes, but Dessa couldn't help but admit he had quite the angular face and his muscular physique looked like the chiseled statue of a hero. This didn't look like a simple foe.

Their eyes locked, and a lust-filled gave heavily scrutinized her body. Staring at this hunky man who wanted her, Dessa actually felt a little excited. Dessa frowned and swiftly looked away, wondering when she had ever started ogling men like this? The Voodoo Priest sneered and didn't place this woman in his eyes as he focused on his task. The laces could play her to death.

The soft impact of her landing didn't fail to attract the attention of the surrounding True Sinner legion protecting the Fiend Hoard Art controller. Ninety-one enemy mystic artists in the square turned their attention to the beautiful red-haired young lady who landed gracefully in their midst like an angel. Unbeknown to Dessa, they were all somewhat charmed due to her unique aura.

"Enemy detected!"

"Squad B, secure Priest Vincent!"

"Enemy? What enemy? This is clearly a fallen gift from our brothers."

"What a woman!"

The warriors under the second stage glanced at each other once, and all of them started to enclose the perimeter. They wanted to gain some favor with their superiors by taking initiative.

Indeed, the Voodoo Priests present all nodded in approval of their actions. Meanwhile, Dessa Chimes was disgusted. Do these lower-level villains dare to treat her as prey? Dessa didn't find this to be acceptable. The lecherous light in their eyes as they stared at her widening hips and full bosom made Dessa so angry that her astral points flared to life on their own. However, at the fourth level, her astral qi wouldn't serve as much more than a boost for her essence strength, increasing her active battle power to 76 BP.

Her Lord was Jodye Trill! How dare they disrespect the vassal of her lord and savior? Jodye had already told her that as his Right-Hand any offense shown to her could also be considered as offending Jodye himself.

How could she let her master suffer insult?

Autumn Saver felt helpless when listening to Dessa's thoughts on this matter. Ah, women truly change for the man they admire.

"Excuse me, little lady, but I think you're a bit lost. Come, let this daddy show you the way to safety," one of the voodoo priests exclaimed. This certainly pissed off Dessa Chimes, who immediately decided to kill this priest first. Looking at the black cloaks designed with a hoodlum stealing goods, Dessa Chimes knew that these were not disciples of White Serpent Cove. Actually, she recognized that they were the mystic artists from another guild that used to visit her uncle.

"Black Mettle Guild…" Dessa Chimes' memory and overall cognitive senses had drastically improved and she was able to vaguely remember the name of this group. The priest she just put on her sure-kill list and a dozen other sinners slowly closed in on her while snickering obscenities. "Their leader looks strong. He probably is a genius disciple of the Black Mettle Guild. Can we beat him?"

"He is not that tough. However, he has a few high-level curses tattooed onto his body. He must know a weak Runic Master. Those curse tattoos make his strength unfathomable for now. Focus on stopping the portal before third level fiends start escaping."

The voodoo priest who spoke had a cultivation base at 3-star Essence Formation rank Sinner and Initial Junior Spirit rank Sage. With a quick sweep of her spiritual sense, Dessa discovered that the strongest warrior here was indeed the voodoo priest controller, the 6-Star Essence Formation rank Sinner.

"Are there any other experts hiding in the background?" inwardly Dessa Chimes asked her treasured sword's spirit.

"There isn't a single expert for miles," Autumn Saver seemed to sneer, "Even these wastes can only be considered Rookie Class, having just ascended from the foundation stages."

"Foundation stage…" As Dessa's cultivation grew, Autumn Saver's depth of knowledge was slowly unsealed. Thus, she had been learning quite a lot about the upper realms lately. On Gaea no one referred to the first stage of a path as the foundation stage, instead, it was called the rookie stage. One could argue that the foundation of cultivation had gone missing in Gaea. Dessa thought for a moment and then asked again, "Did young master Jodye already reach the expert class?"

"No, but your young master is a little monster. He has the full constitution of a Heaven Slaughterer and the developing physique of an Origin God Beast." Autumn Saver was stunned to discover that Dessa's current astral qi was quite compatible with its own blade qi. It seemed Dessa would easily be able to create a blade qi concept soon. Even better she would be able to effortlessly fuse it into her astral essence. This meant that once Dessa awakened her Sage powers she would already have a powerful qi concept to rely on. In this way, she would gain all the benefits of a sage body and a saint that became a sage the hard way. Autumn Saver remembered to do something nice for Jodye Trill as it replied to Dessa, "Once you master how to use astral essence like your young master, I have a very powerful art for him to teach you. I'm sure having him direct your training will be far more effective then if I was to do so alone."

Dessa Chimes wasn't surprised by Autumn Saver's words. Even though the treasure spirit used to show distrust toward Jodye Trill, it has since been forced to acknowledge the unique aspects of the little madman. This kid a great fortune for Dessa! Luckily, Dessa managed to secure this great benefactor to her previously mundane existence. Otherwise, even Autumn Saver would be hard-pressed to shift the status of her karmic wheel. Today's success would definitely be impossible.

Dessa's face was cold and emotionless as she spoke sternly in her light and airy voice, "The next man to take a single step forward will lose his life."

Simultaneously every mystic artist in the surroundings froze their advance. Seconds later they all erupted in laughter. Mocking voices filled the square with their ire.

"The next one dies fellas, hahaha, be careful now!"

"Is this chick serious?"

"It's almost as if she believed in her own words…"

"You almost scared me there, girl-o," replied the man who was already on Dessa's sure-kill list. Dessa actually sneered once he spoke. She knew he would be the second to die by her hands today. "That's some pride you have as a True Saint. However, allow me to show what a real True Sinner can do."

That True Sinner took a single step forward carefully, as his guildmates snickered in derision. Many of them then continued to encircle their prey. Dessa flipped her palm, and with a speed that eclipsed what any of these sinners were capable of seeing clearly, she appeared in front of that mystic artist as she slashed upward with Autumn Saver.


Her qi momentum was instantly maxed out as 260 BP of pure essence force cleanly cut her opponent in half. When the blade tip diced his balls, the True Sinner felt the most horrific pain he could never fathom but before he could scream like a maniac his brain was already cut in two as blood sprayed.

"The fuck…" this was the common thought that exited the mouths of many of these opposing mystic artists.

"Pure Crescent Slash!"

"No!" however, for one unlucky man with grey hair, he didn't even have time to process what he just witnessed before he saw a beauty dancing gracefully with her blade in his direction. A lacerating blade surrounded in pure essence qi blasted into his chest. The qi was shaped like a crescent moon and with a battle power of 338 BP had already destroyed all of the opponent's defenses and mutilated his skin. The blade of Autumn Saver pierced his stomach sending pure essence force to ravage his meridians and blast the grey-haired man dozens of meters into the distance. Even if he survived, his essence lake was already completely destroyed.

Dessa learned this new combat art from her Lord, and it was a step of blade dance called the Pure Crescent Slash. It was an exact copy of the Evil Crescent Slash, merely it didn't need any dark forces to execute. Thus, Dessa could execute this art with her pure qi alone. Jodye intended to recreate a custom art for Dessa as he masted the Dance of the Evil Blood Moon. He called it the Dance of Destined Plasma Moon.

All of the surrounding members of the Black Mettle Guild were shocked stupid as they saw another 3-Star Essence Formation rank perish before their very eyes. They could barely keep up with Dessa's movements. The warriors with lesser strength like those at the first stage immediately retreated in fear, regretting that they tried to curry favor by involving themselves.

"Summer's End!!" Dessa Chimes execute the first step of her Dance of the Autumn Leaves. The azure pure essence qi on her Autumn Saver turned fiery and volatile as she slashed out dozens of times in less than ten seconds. Her graceful strikes were each reminiscent of an auburn sun fading into the distance. By the time her blade dance ended, 30 Fledgling Saints were slain and over a dozen True Sinners were heavily injured and wailing at the top of their lungs.

"Wah?!?" Voodoo Priest Vincent was stunned as he watched the head of one of his trusted aides flying. "This girl's pure essence qi seemed to contain something that suppresses fiend qi."

His subordinates were not as calm.

"Who the hell is she?! How can she be so strong?"

"Could she be an 'unsullied' from Deity Succubus?"

"Protect Priest Vincent!"

"Team up, she's only at the 1-Star Essence Formation rank."

"What Essence Formation rank? This girl is as powerful as a Killer Essence rank True Saint!"

Was this even still a fair fight?

Of course, these men never intended to fight fair. However, now they didn't even have a chance to play dirty! She was chopping them up like vegetables. Severed appendages and blood carnage littered the scene. Dessa finally felt her stomach turn quite a bit witnessing her own deeds. This was a little uncomfortable after all. The stench of blood was something she was having trouble learning to cope with. However, the feeling of her sword cutting into the flesh as it reaped the life of her opponents was addicting. Meanwhile, the remaining warriors of the Black Mettle Guild had one objective in mind.


It was only now that they all realized that their only option was an escape and they all tried to scatter. Dessa was about to pick them off one by one when she heard Jodye's voice in her head. She summoned every ounce of her strength as she turned and shot toward the controller of the Fiend Hoard Art, the handsome voodoo priest with white hair called Priest Vincent. Meanwhile, the Vicious Red-Scaled Fire Lizard descended from the sky in a boom as it swiped his mighty flaming claws and tail at a group of fleeing disciples. Tonka leaped down from its back and slay the enemies that the beast missed.

"Fuck!" the voodoo priest controller Vincent had his hands raised to the sky as he poured all of his energy into the voodoo fiend portal.

The Fiend Hoard Art required the use of fused voodoo and fiend qi. Those who could use it were uncommon. This voodoo priest was destined for fame in the Black Mettle Guild if he completed this mission. He used this time to temporarily sever his connection to the fiend portal and withdraw a pitch-black combat saber. The first and second level fiends surrounding him all scattered running throughout the battlefield. Vincent wanted to buy time for his fiends to spread resentment and debauchery so that more powerful fiends would be summoned.

However, why would Dessa Chimes allow them to escape after witnessing the nefarious glint in their depraved eyes as they ogled her body earlier? In addition, she had been using Autumn Saver this entire time. Her orders demanded that no one leave this square alive, and no one else here could challenge her anyway. Fiend or human, it made no difference to Dessa. She couldn't let anyone leave.

She tightened both hands around her Autumn Saver and grit her teeth as she clashed with Priest Vincent's combat saber. Priest Vincent started unleashing his own mystic arts, but in such a short distance he couldn't get away from Dessa who slashed at him wildly. Vincent fell back and braced himself, ready to deliver a fierce counter. Unfortunately, Dessa turned on her pivot and stabbed Autumn Saver into the fiend portal. The fiend portal seemed to crack and then…



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