Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 2-Why Have You Been Fired?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 2-Why Have You Been Fired?


The electric car crashed right into the railing beside her.

Oh no, Was the God of Misfortune on duty today? Xia Yu was stupefied for a long time before being able to react.

"Girl, you're still the same as always. You don't look at the road when you're walking." The girl holding her arm looked at Xia Yu with concern.

"First Cousin? Why are you here? " Xia Yu turned to look, Wasn't this her own cousin, Wu Shiyu?

A smile instantly appeared on her face. She opened her arms, and the things she was holding fell to the ground. She didn't care about them at all as she held her cousin and rotated.

"Let me go, such a big person already, you don't know how to be reserved at all." Wu Shiyu was helpless against her cousin. Even if she didn't mind, it would be bad if they scared the passersby.

"Yes, yes, yes. Next time, I'll definitely remember." Xia Yu released her cousin.

She was a famous model. They hadn't seen each other for a long time.

Hey, look at her cousin's temperament, it was becoming more and more extraordinary.

Wu Shiyu was very embarrassed when Xia Yu looked at her, so she rolled her eyes and bent down to pick up the things on the ground for Xia Yu.

They were all her personal belongings. Needless to say, she was fired by the boss.

"Shall we go to the cafe and have some coffee?" Wu Shiyu did not stop and walked straight to the cafe.

It's not asking but telling Xia Yu that we should go to the cafe.

Every time she was doing like this, Xia Yu shrugged her shoulders and followed.

"What are you going to do?" Wu Shiyu pointed at the box on the side. Xia Yu had messed up with her family and lost her job. Could it be that she was planning to live with the wind in the future?

"Looking for work again." Xia Yu took a deep breath. What else could she do when she met such a madman?

Feeling a wave of overwhelming pressure coming from above her head, Xia Yu raised her head and saw a tall figure standing in front of her. He had a handsome face that made people jealous. The sculptured facial features exuded coldness.

At this moment, Wu Shiyu also saw the man. She stood up happily and held the man's arm, "Shen Mo, you're here?"

Shen Mo? Xia Yu jumped up from her seat at a reflexive speed.

"Xiao Yu, my boyfriend Shen Mo, this is my cousin Xia Yu, she's also working in Shengda."

There magazine had mentioned that he had a mysterious girlfriend, who was actually her own cousin.

Xia Yu quickly corrected her, "I was fired by CEO Shen a few hours ago, now I'm a jobless person."

"Xiao Yu!" Wu Shiyu called out helplessly.

Just to be honest, if you did't like to hear it, you could think that I said nothing. Xia Yu sat down.

Shen Mo's falcon gaze stopped on Xia Yu's face for a moment, than he sat down beside Wu Shiyu.

"Shen Mo, my cousin's temper is a little bad, but she is still very serious about her work. Can you give her another chance?" Wu Shiyu shook Shen Mo's arm and acted coquettishly.

"Did you call me out so urgently for Miss Xia?" Shen Mo knitted his eyebrows, revealing a hint of gloominess.

He didn't like it when people interfered in his work. No one was an exception.

"Shen Mo, please." Wu Shiyu had only such a precious cousin. If her family found out that her boyfriend fired her cousin, she wouldn't have the face to see them.

Shen Mo's "paralyzed face" remained unchanged. As time passed, Wu Shiyu's hands gradually stopped moving, and her facial expression slowly retreated.

Shen Mo's phone rang twice. He took it out to have a look and quickly put it in his pocket.

He picked up the cup of coffee in front of him and took a sip before putting it down. He then raised his head to look at Xia Yu in the face and asked, "Why have you been fired?"

He was still putting on an act even after he sent the order. Xia Yu was extremely contemptuous of this kind of person, and it was the same for her future brother-in-law as well.


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