Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 3-Another Chance
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 3-Another Chance

However, since her cousin was sitting there, Xia Yu could not be too presumptuous. She curled her lips and respectfully replied, "Because I'm a woman!"

Wu Shiyu did not understand. What kind of reason was that?!

Shen Mo knitted his brows and raised his head to look at the girl in front of him. She was really pretty. Her face was small. Her eye and brow looked a little similar to Wu Shiyu.

"You're from the President's Secretariat?"

Xia Yu didn't like the aura that he was emitting, because his eyes were ice-cold and without any emotion.

Xia Yu really didn't think that her cousin would plead on her behalf. She clearly felt that he wasn't pleased, so she didn't take it seriously and shrugged her shoulders.

Shen Mo turned his head to look at Wu Shiyu and said flatly, "Xia Yu can't do secretary job anymore. I want to know if you are willing to accept the position of Public Relations Manager?"

Public Relations Manager? It wasn't that Xia Yu's reactions were slow, but was because things were changing too quickly. In the blink of an eye, she had changed from being an unemployed youth to being a company executive?

After being fired for no reason, Xia Yu wanted to confidently refuse, but when she thought about she usually spent a lot and didn't reject any gift Chen Wenxuan requested, she used up all her monthly salary and even was in debt on her credit card.

The company's severance pay would have held her up for a while, but she just ruined someone's luxury car and she needed to pay the rent and utilities, so her assets would be negative.

Without money, even a hero will be driven against the wall. No mention she was just a little girl. Her self-esteem was important, but whether she had money in her purse was more important.

In her heart, she was already inclined to abandon her pride, but her pride prevented her from speaking. Thus, she lowered her head in silence.

Seeing that Xia Yu had no reaction, Wu Shiyu, who was sitting at the side, pushed her hand.

"Xiao Yu, why don't you thank your precident?" Wu Shiyu was also surprised. She only wanted Xia Yu to return to her post, but she didn't expect him to do her such a huge favor.

This showed that she still held a place in his heart. Wu Shiyu looked at her boyfriend gratefully. If there wasn't Xia Yu, she would have already jumped into his arms.

"Working hard is the greatest gratitude for me. I've booked a table at Clear Water Bay. " Shen Mo coldly stood up.

"Xiao Yu, work hard, ok?" Wu Shiyu hurriedly stood up.

"Ok." Xia Yu accepted her new post naturally.

Raising her head once again, she saw Shen Mo had already walked to the door, while her cousin also jogged over.

Xia Yu sucked in a breath. Other than being a bit richer, having a bit more gorgeous look, and a bit higher education, did he have any other advantages? He also had an iceberg face that hadn't changed for thousands of years. It was all thanks to her cousin's good temper that she was able to bear with him.

He had been the one to cause trouble, but now he became the savior. Xia Yu needed to be grateful to him that she laughed at herself.

After watching them leave, Xia Yu carried the cardboard box back to the company.

In the company, they usually discussed nepotism that made someone boast in the company. Was her own return, even promotion, regarded as nepotism?

Actually, Xia Yu was competitive herself. She quickly found a hundred excuses to draw a clear line between herself and those rice bugs who relied on nepotism.

When Xia Yu appeared in the Public Relations Department's office, she was somewhat embarrassed. After all, she did not know the reason why she was the Public Relations Manager.

The colleagues were not too surprised. Xia Yu had already been in the company for three years and had achieved something. This time, the reason why President fired all the secretaries was because he didn't want to use a female secretary, so it was normal for her to change positions.

"Mrs Xia, the President is getting engaged today, and this is the entire engagement process." Just starting work the next day, the secretary, Xiaoyan, handed her a document.

Engagement? Xia Yu was stunned.


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