Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 4-A Good Man Doesn“t Eat Food Handed Out In Contemp
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 4-A Good Man Doesn“t Eat Food Handed Out In Contemp

Casually flipping through the document, her eyes fixed on it, "The people who was engaged to President is Zeng Mina?"

Upon closer inspection, it was indeed written with the names of Shen Mo and Zeng Mina.

How could it be possible for the two of them to be engaged?

Xiaoyan smiled and said: "Mrs Xia, you're surprised, aren't you? We only found out that President was engaged to Miss Zeng after receiving the notice yesterday. Their confidential work can be said to be watertight."

According to what Xiaoyan said, it was sure that the name on the document was correct. Then, what about her cousin? An ominous premonition spread in her heart.

"Mrs Xia, what's wrong?" Xia Yu was staring at the document like she was being poked by an acupoint, and her expression was also quite unsightly. Xiaoyan couldn't figure out what she wanted to do and stared at her in confusion.

She lost her composure. Xia Yu came back to her senses, reluctantly smiled and said, "I suddenly remembered to make an important call, I'm sorry."

As long as she didn't make any mistakes in her work, it would be fine. Xiaoyan tactfully closed the door of her office and left by herself.

Xia Yu threw the documents to the side and impatiently picked up her phone. She quickly dialed her cousin's number, "Sister, where are you?"

Wu Shiyu remained silent for a while with the phone in her hand. Then she asked, "You know everything?"

Xia Yu originally had a bellyful of words, but was forcefully held back by her cousin's words.

What was this? Xia Yu angrily slammed the table: "I'm going to talk with him!"

"Don't, Xiao Yu, don't be like this, because he doesn't want to do this either." Yesterday, she and Shen Mo were happily enjoying the candlelight dinner. The sudden arrival of Mrs Shen and Zeng Mina changed everything, "Xiao Yu, Shen Mo also couldn't help it, as the successor of the Shen family, he has a lot of unexpected pressure."

Zeng Mina is the only daughter of Zeng Shi'an who was the president of Zeng's Group. She and Shen Mo knew each other when they were very young . The marriage of Shen Family and Zeng Family was beneficial for both Groups. Mrs Shen would not let anyone destroy this marriage. She immediately decided to let Shen Mo be engaged to Zeng Mina.

"Bullshit!" Xia Yu couldn't help but curse. Was it uncontrollable? Was it the power first?

The grandfather of the two young masters of the Shen Family, and their father died in an aerial disaster ten years ago. Shen Group was managed by Yang Weiye temporarily, the nephew of Old Lady Shen, and Shen family would like to choose a host from them.

The two young masters were really impressive, competing from overseas all the way to home.

"Xiaoyu, since it's already like this, accept the reality. Shen Mo promised that he will take good care of you." It wasn't that Wu Shiyu was weak but she didn't want her cousin to be involved as well.

Business marriage was very popular in their circle, while Xia Yu wasn't a little girl who had just graduated.

Since Shen Mo and her cousin were already in such a state, it wasn't appropriate for her to stay in Shengda Group.

Hanging up the phone, Xia Yu picked up her resignation letter and rushed to Shen Mo's office.

"Mrs Xia, President....." The secretary stood up to stop Xia Yu, but he was still one step late.

Xia Yu directly opened the door to Shen Mo's office and slammed the letter onto his desk.

Just as Shen Mo was discussing the engagement with Zeng Mina, Xia Yu rashly barged in and scared Zeng Mina so that Zeng Mina cried out and hugged Shen Mo's arm.

Wasn't this too pretentious? Xia Yu couldn't help but frown.

"Xia Yu, what are you doing?"

Shen Mo looked at her, slightly narrowing his eyes.


She spat out the word in a straightforward manner.


You made use of all the relationships available of you to stay here yesterday, did you lose your mind?

Shen Mo knitted his brows and took a deep breath. Shen Mo forcefully suppressed his anger and did not say anything.

"You don't need me to explain the reason of my resignation, right?" Xia Yu really wanted to diss him.

After all, he was the young master of the Shen Family, so she shouldn't leave him no face.

"Xia Yu, don't think that someone is pleading for you, so you can cross the line." Shen Mo slammed his hand on the table.

How could the former President endure such a temper? She had been a secretary for three years, and in the end, Shiyu even begged for mercy for her.

"If I knew that the Eldest Young Master was getting engaged today, I would have definitely stopped her and not let her plead for me." Xia Yu walked out.

"Xia Yu, you dare to go out like this?"

"A good man doesn't eat food handed out in contempt."

These words …

The secretary sneaked a glance at his President.

His handsome face was as black as Bao Gong. At any moment, he could open his mouth and shout "Tiger Head Cutter". The secretary was sweating for Xia Yu.

"You, you're too presumptuous. Quickly apologize to Young Master Mo!" It took Zeng Mina a long time to react. The company's employees only behaved like this?

She did not even want to give her a glance as he walked past her.

"Who allowed you to resign? Go to the hotel immediately. If anything goes wrong with today's engagement ceremony, I'll punish you." Xia Yu had no choice but to stop as her arm was grabbed by a powerful hand.

"You leave when you want to leave. What place do you think of Shengda Group?"

"Young Master Shen, let me go." Xia Yu looked at his eyes.

There was no one who dared to ignore him. He didn't move, but the hand he used to hold her arm tightened.

There's something wrong with this person. It seemed she had to wake him up.

Her eyes swept over a white china cup on the tea table, then she picked it up and splashed it on Shen Mo's face.

Oh! Zeng Mina was so frightened that she covered her mouth with her hands. Her eyes widened.

The secretary was so shocked that his mouth almost could be stuffed into a duck egg.

Shen Mo's brain exploded, and a surge of hot blood seemed to gush in.

"You …" He grabbed Xia Yu's arm and pulled hard, causing they two to almost stick together.

His eyes were filled of anger, and this place was also his territory, so it would be a lie to say she wasn't afraid. Xia Yu forced herself to look directly at him, unaware that her entire body was covered in small beads of sweat. Under her natural reflex, she slightly opened her mouth.

They were so close to each other, and the heat they breathed out was all over each other's faces.

His mind was in a mess as illusions began to appear in his mind. This rosy full lips were like ripe cherries …

The air became ambiguous!

"Take your dirty hands away!" Xia Yu ruthlessly stomped on Shen Mo's foot.

In the next second, Shen Mo's hands obediently loosed, and his handsome face also became distorted.

Xia Yu took the opportunity to rush into the elevator.


Xia Yu had used all the words she could think of, but it still wasn't enough to vent her anger!

It was really fucking unlucky. Were these two sisters possessed by the God of Misfortune? Everything had happened to them.

"Clang!" With a sound, Xia Yu kicked the car door next to her.

One, two...

"Really? Did my car offend Miss again? " Shen Yan had the idea of hanging himself. There were so many cars here, why did she always aim for his car?

Car? Xia Yu's head exploded, and when she reacted, she discovered that the limited edition Land Rover's door was already in a horrible state.

Lifting her head, she subconsciously closed her eyes. When she opened them again, the owner's face was already hanging in front of her, reflecting the light. His face was calm and solemn.


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