Sweet Chief Secretary
Charpter 5- I Don“t Mind If You Buy A New One For Me
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Charpter 5- I Don“t Mind If You Buy A New One For Me

"Um … Why … it's you? " The person was in front of her, and his facial features were gradually enlarging.

It couldn't be such a coincidence, right?

Why did he have so many luxurious cars!?

"Who do you think I am?" It was a short and low voice, and his brows were tightly-knit and moved a little to the side.

"Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose. I will pay the cost of repairing fee." Xia Yu had even thought of biting her tongue to commit suicide.

Not a bad attitude. It was fine. Since the car was already like this, what else could Shen Yan say?

"I'll let you know first. Since the car door is broken like this, it's certain to be replaced."

Change the door? How much was this!?

Not only Xia Yu's heart was in pain, even her sweat was burning.

Seeing that Shen Yan was still waiting for her reply, she could only clench her teeth and agree. After all, she was the one in the wrong side.

Besides, the request was not too excessive. There was indeed something wrong with this door.

She looked around and saw a large rock nearby. She ran over to pick it up.

"Do you mind?" Xia Yu pointed at the car door that she kicked out and asked Shen Yan. Since it was about to be replaced, she might smash it a few more times.

"I don't mind if you buy a new one for me." Shen Yan took a few steps back to prevent himself from getting hurt.

If she had money to change car for him, she wouldn't be so angry to kick the car, she would directly throw a rock at Shen Mo's head.

She wasn't that stupid. She only smashed a rock on the broken car door to vent her anger.


She didn't know if the stone was going against her or if her hand had slipped. In short, the stone shifted direction, leaving a deep hole in the door behind.

"It looks like we need to find a place to talk." Shen Yan saw that he no longer needed to repair the car and just directly scrap it. But he wanted to know when she was going to buy a new car for him.

Soon, Xia Yu was brought to a luxurious villa.

The servant brought tea and left. The two of them did not say a word, but there was a kind of harmony in the silence, as if they had already known each other for many years.

He sat beside her, not far away.

There was a magazine on the side. Xia Yu carefully took it and covered her face with the book, exposing an eye to look at him.

The other one was using the thumb and forefinger of his right hand to support his chin. The slender forefinger would occasionally tap his lips or touch the tip of his nose.

What was he thinking? He would not really want her to buy a new car, would he?

That car was so expensive that even thinking about it made her cramp up. She couldn't afford to pay, Brother!

She secretly gave another glance at him, thinking that her actions were very cautious and wouldn't be discovered by him. However, no matter how cunning an animal was, it could not escape from a good hunter. Besides, she wasn't a cunning prey.

Shen Yan pretended to be deep in thought. Other than occasionally lifting his teacup to take a sip of tea, he spent the rest of his time thinking.

His indulgence made her bolder and bolder. At first she only revealed one eye, but later she revealed half of her face out of the book.

The book that had been used as a camouflage suddenly vanished from her sight. Before she could figure out what was going on, his face took the place of the book.

She stared at him blankly!

What was going on?

After staring at him for a few seconds, Xia Yu finally realized that she was staring at right now wasn't the book, but him, the real him. Not looking at him through the book, but looking at him without resistance.

Shen Yan laughed. He laughed deeply in his heart, "Have you decided whether to lose money or to buy a car?"

Compensation? The point was if she was able to afford it or not!

"How much do you think I'm worth?" After a long time, Xia Yu finally forced out this sentence.

She had no room, no car, no job, and she was even dumped by the scum, so she could only sell herself to him for the rest of her life.

Ah?! Shen Yan was stunned for a moment. This girl was really direct. Her eyes darted around her body. "She looks delicate and pretty."

"You, you, what are you trying to do?" Xia Yu subconsciously shrunk her body and grabbed the magazine in her hand as a defense. "Don't come over, otherwise I won't be polite."

Shen Yan was stunned, but it did not last long. After so many years of immersing himself in the business, he had completely stopped showing any emotions.

He looked into her large, nervous eyes and felt a growing desire to tease her. He shook her trembling hand gently and asked with a smile, "Do you want me to appraise you? If I don't look carefully, how will I appraise you? "

"I only sell my labour but not sell myself!" Xia Yu's face was full of vigilance. If he dared to go a little closer, there was no guarantee that she wouldn't dig out his eyes.

You should have told me earlier. Shen Yan sat down on the sofa opposite her. "Tell me, what can you do?"

Shen Yan nodded his head. She wanted to work for him to compensate. It wasn't impossible.

"I... Although I just resigned, but I have work experience, so I believe that I will be able to find a job soon. Other than the living expenses, I can give you all the rest. " Xia Yu felt regretful. If she knew earlier, she wouldn't have resigned from Shen Mo. Now, it really wasn't easy for her to find a better job than that in Shengda Group.

How long would she need to repay the debt?!

If that's the case, Shen Yan would have to carefully consider it.

Just as the two were bargaining, Liu Sijie called. "President, Xia Yu is the cousin of model Wu Shiyu, yesterday the Eldest Young Master already sent Xia Yu away, later the Eldest Young Master asked her to go back to be a PR manager because of Wu Shiyu, but Zeng Mina know about their relationship. Zeng Mina was jealous, so the Eldest Young Master fired her again. Yesterday, you said that you wanted her to work in Tengfei. How about I talk to her? "

So it was like that. No wonder she appeared at the entrance of Shengda Group today. "No need. You don't need to deal with this matter."

Shen Mo had always been a man of his word, but to actually set a precedent for Wu Shiyu, which showed that she had a high position in his heart. If he kept Xia Yu by his side, he would have another way to deal with Shen Mo in the future.

Shen Yan stood up from the sofa and walked around Xia Yu a few times.

Why was he looking at her like that? Was there something dirty on her face? Xia Yu subconsciously touched her face.

"You were fired by Shen Mo again?" Shen Yan shook his head sympathetically.

"It was me who fired that scum, okay?" Although the result was the same that Xia Yu was out of work, she had to make it clear first.

"The scum you are referring to is Shen Mo?"

"Is there a problem?"

"No!" Shen Yan smiled at her, "You have a bright future. How do you dare to scold him?"

"He can't be scolded?" Xia Yu's lips curved into a beautiful smile. Not to mention that she had already fired Shen Mo, even if she hadn't, there were too many people scolding him behind his back.

"You can, but don't scold him later. I don't want others to say that my secretary is lacking in manners." Shen Yan pursed his lips and quickly realized that he was unnecessary.

Most likely, she didn't dare to scold him in front of him. With Shen Mo's thousand-year Iceburg face, most people would feel nervous when seeing it. Not to mention scolding him face to face. Shen Yan didn't dare to do so anyway.


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