Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 6-Take Office
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 6-Take Office

"Your secretary? Me?" Xia Yu was stunned. Who was this?

"Didn't you just say that you only sell your labor but not youself?" Shen Yan looked around Xia Yu's body with his peachblossom-eyes and said, "There's still time for you to change the method you want to use."

Stupid pig. The corner of Xia Yu's lips twitched a few times as she asked weakly, "I didn't say I wanted to change the method. But who are you?"

Shen Yan gracefully walked to Xia Yu's side, bent over, and said with a handsome face almost hanging in front of her, "Let's officially get to know each other. Tengfei Cosmetics Co. Ltd, Shen Yan."

Shen family's Second Young Master, Shen Mo's younger brother? No wonder his car was always parked in front of Shengda's entrance.

It was rumored that the two Young Masters of the Shen family, in order to fight for the position of the head of Shen family, nearly fight with each other. Moreover, this Second Young Master has another characteristic that he always used the person specially fired by Shen Mo.

He hastily threw over an olive branch at the moment she left Shengda. It seemed that the rumors were quite reliable.

No matter how, Shen Yan was still the scum's younger brother. Going to his company, she was still working for the Shen family. Would she be sorry for her cousin?

But the two of them were like fire and water. If she joined Tengfei, would she was able to take revenge for her cousin in Shen Yan's name?

Xia Yu's brain was working fast. It looked like she was in a trance, so Shen Yan lightly coughed twice.

She involuntarily leaned back, and there was the sound of porcelain falling to the ground.

Shen Yan raised his eyes and glanced at the broken pieces on the ground. The corner of his mouth twitched a little: "This is a blue and white porcelain vase from the Ming Dynasty."

Antique?! Even if Xia Yu didn't know the price, the words "blue and white porcelain" still made her feel terrified.

She pushed Shen Yan away and stood up in shock. She accidentally touched a teacup at the side and dropped it on the ground with a clatter.

Shen Yan pointed to the broken pieces on the ground and was completely speechless.

"Could this also be an antique?" Xia Yu carefully asked.

"The tribute from Qianlong years, so what do you think?" Shen Yan really wanted to strangle her. Was it that, in his previous life, she had a grudge against him, so she do this to him?

Alright, it was another antique! Xia Yu directly fell on the sofa.

Don't tell her she would compensate again? When She was thinking disorderly, she didn't even hear the phone ring.

Shen Yan pushed her body.

Xia Yu quickly recovered her mind and looked up at Shen Yan.

He pointed at Xia Yu's phone.

Thus, Xia Yu quickly pressed the answer button, and Shen Mo's cold voice sounded from the other side of the phone, "Xia Yu, come to my office immediately."

Shen Mo fired lots of people, and this was the first time he was fired. Shen Mo couldn't swallow his anger no matter how hard he tried.

"Young Master Shen, I've already resigned. You have no right to order me." Shen Mo's tone made Xia Yu very unhappy. When she was working in his company, she could take it for money's sake, so she ignored his tone. But now they are equal, so why should she take his anger?

This damned woman had been furious. How dare she speak to him like that?

Shen Mo pouted. The veins on his hand holding the mobile phone could be seen clearly. He forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart and said, "Even if you resign, you have to inform the HR department half a month in advance, right?"

That's right, how did she forget about that? If she didn't go back now, he would definitely have a reason to sue her to be bankrupt.

However, coming back meant that she would personally organize the engagement banquet for them. This was an enormous humiliation for Xia Yu.

A warrior can be killed but not humiliated. She would not go back.


Shen Yan reached out and grabbed Xia Yu's phone, and used his hand to cover the place where she was talking to. He asked Xia Yu with a smile, "Have you considered it? Do you want to stay here or go back to Shengda Group? "

"I'll be your secretary. Could you help me settle Shengda's situation?"

"Of course."

"I'm very poor. I haven't compensated you for the car yet. Since I'm your secretary and we're so close, don't let me compensate these two porcelains, ok?" Xia Yu pointed at the pieces on the ground and bargained with Shen Yan.

"Hey, fair enough. I'm so nice that there's no need for you to compensate, okay?" Shen Yan said as he picked up the phone, "Brother, it's me. Isn't this way too disloyal? No matter what, Xia Yu is Sister-in-law Shiyu's cousin. Since we're all relatives, why must we be so ruthless? "

"You … Shen Yan, if you continue to speak such nonsense, I will tear your mouth apart! " Shen Mo was so angry that he almost vomited blood on the spot. Shen Yan is everywhere, his movements are so fast, it can't be that he is in front of Shengda's entrance waiting for Xia Yu?

"Brother, two halves should be treated equally. They are all you lover. If she is Sister-in-law Mina's cousin, would you let her wait upon Sister-in-law Shiyu? So, even if Xia Yu go back later, she would be reasonably a guest, right? " Truth was now in front of everyone's eyes. It doesn't the matter that elder brother was the one who was right, and all of them had to be reasonable anyway.

"Shen Yan, go to the hell!" Shen Mo couldn't stand it any longer. He picked up his phone and smashed it onto the ground.

"Brother, being angry is bad for your health. Take it easy, you want to see Xia Yu? I'll bring her over right away. Hey, hey!" Shen Yan called a few times but didn't hear a reply. Only then did he return the phone to Xia Yu.

This person's mouth is really dirty. Having such a younger brother as him, Shen Mo was truly speechless.

Just as she kept her phone, she saw Shen Yan standing up and Xia Yu hurriedly followed behind him.

Outside, Xia Yu saw a black Bentley parked at the entrance. Shen Yan directly opened the car door and sat in the driver's seat, waiting for Xia Yu to get on the car before starting the car.

"Whose car is it?" Xia Yu used her hand to feel the leather of her seat. If it wasn't for Shen Yan's sake, she probably wouldn't be able to sit on such a good car for the rest of her life.

"It's mine."

Xia Yu opened her mouth but didn't say anything. No wonder everyone wanted to be rich.

"Young Master Yan, I'm just a secretary, and I earn less money. Can you allow me to not pay for the car?" Xia Yu shamelessly begged him.

"No. Do you know how much is that car?" Shen Yan rejected her immediately.

"Young Master Yan, that blue and white vase and teacup are antiques, and you agreed not to pay. A good person will do it to the end, please!" Xia Yu gave a long bow to Shen Yan.

"I'm not dead yet, and it's not the Tomb-sweeping Day yet. Don't curse me, sit back down." Shen Yan didn't buy her trick and continued driving, looking straight ahead: "The blue and white porcelain are indeed expensive, but the fake is worthless, that's why I won't let you compensate me. The Shen family has more money than ordinary families, but the money is also earned back with hard work. Do you think I'm a Scatter Money Boy? "

Fake? Xia Yu took a deep breath. If she knew earlier, she wouldn't have begged him. She would have wasted her saliva for nothing.

After getting off the car, Shen Yan strode towards the pair of new couple, "Brother, Mina, congratulations, this is such a small gift for you."

Shen Yan smiled and turned his head back to look at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu understood and quickly went up and gave the gift to Shen Mo with both hands.

Shen Mo's eyes slightly narrowed. It is so fast that she's taking office now.


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