Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 7-This Is The Truth
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 7-This Is The Truth

But when he met Xia Yu's indifferent eyes, Shen Mo was still deeply angered.

"Follow me!" Shen Mo grabbed Xia Yu's wrist, pulled her to the corner, and mercilessly shook off her arm. He narrowed his eyes: "Xia Yu, have you already thought clearly about going against me?"

Even though Xia Yu was fully prepared, she couldn't help but shiver when she saw Shen Mo's eagle-like eyes.

The man opposite her was well-dressed and had been intimate with her cousin yesterday. Today, he would have a big banquet and get engaged to other woman.

She would definitely die when she met this sort of scum who relied on his power to bully others. So why not had a violent death? She looked up and spoke word by word: "Eldest Young Master, you are the one who fired me first."

"You mean it's my fault?"

"I dare not, but that's the truth!"

Even Shen Yan didn't dare to speak to him in such a manner. Who gave her the courage to do so?

He stepped forward, grabbed her wrist, forcefully pulled Xia Yu aside, and fiercely warned her: "Listen carefully! Immediately leave Tengfei! "

At the door, Shen Yan chatted with Zeng Mina in an indifferent manner, "Sister Mina, what do you think about my brother wants to discuss with my secretary?"

Zeng Mina curled her lips. These two brothers could have a contest at any time. No wonder Xia Yu, this little coquette, was so arrogant. She had Shen Yan, so she wasn't afraid.

With her foxy look, it would be better for her to leave, so as to kept her away from Shen Mo every day.

"Are you afraid that your brother will embarrass your little secretary? Don't worry, he won't." Zeng Mina smiled and asked, "I heard that your company has brought out a new moisturizer, right?"

"Yes, I'll get Xia Yu to send you one day." Shen Yan's peachblossom-eyes slightly narrowed, with a hint of flattery.

Has Zemina had never seen cosmetics? Shen Yan looked down on her. "Who are you planning to use for advertising?"

Shen Yan couldn't continue pretending now, as she said it so obviously. He smiled and said, "It's not set yet, I thought of you first, but you just got engaged and I don't dare to say it."

At least you know what's good for you. The smile on Zeng Mina's face became even wider:" Engagement is not a marriage, could it be said that we go for honeymoon? You mean this contract is mine? "

Shen Yan's smile became even wider in his peachblossom-eyes: "What do we have to do with each other? If it's not your, who else can it be? "But you can't do it too obviously, so as to avoid leaving any evidence for others, tomorrow you can go to the company and go through the motions"

"Fine, it's a deal then." Although Zeng Mina felt that he was being superfluous, she could not say too much.

"Little Yan, where's your older brother?" Old Madam Shen, accompanied by her two daughters-in-law, walked over with a smile.

Even though she was almost eighty, she was still in good spirits, with a ruddy complexion. It was probably just as the old saying went: ”People are in high spirits when involved in happy”.

"He went in just now." Shen Yan hurriedly supported his grandma and went in to see older brother.

"Little Mo, what are you doing here? This person is …is…?" Old Madam Shen pointed at Xia Yu. She felt that she was very familiar with Xia Yu, but she couldn't recall her name at the moment.

"Old Madame Shen, First Madam, Second Madam, I am the Second Young Master's secretary. My name is Xia Yu, Second Young Master told me to bring a gift to Eldest Young Master." Xia Yu quickly introduced herself.

Xia Yu did indeed have a gift in her hand, so what she said should be the truth. The Old Madam and the First Madam did not feel anything was amiss, but the Second Madam was unpleased.

When she came over just now, she clearly saw Shen Mo was scolding Xia Yu with his dark face.

Xia Yu was working for her son, so Shen mo scolding her meant he wasn't satisfied with her son.

"Xia Yu, just give the gift to the host." If you wanted to hit the dog, you should look at its owner. I would not allow you to scold her. Second Madam Ni Suzhen, immediately let Xia Yu leave.

"Yes, Second Madam. Old Madam, First Madam, Eldest Young Master, Second Young Master, I'll pass by first. " Xia Yu politely greeted everyone and then walked over to the host.

"How sweet this child is. Little Yan, this secretary is good." The Old Madam casually praised Xia Yu.

Shen Yan's peachblossom-eyes swept across Shen Mo's thousand-year-old icy face. He still had to thank his older brother for this. Otherwise, where did he get such a good secretary?

The flunky had achieved his goal. Shen Mo's eagle-like eyes slightly sunk, directly ignoring Shen Yan.

"Third Sister, why are you alone? Where's Xiaoqiang?" When the First Madame saw her sister-in-law, Shen Yang walking over, she greeted her with a smile.

"He said he had some business at the company and would come later." Shen Yang walked over with a smile.

Old Madam Shen looked at Shen Yan and grumbled, "Little Yan, today is your older brother's good day and can you stretch the rules?"

Shen Yan quickly explained with a smile, "Grandma, you know that this batch of cosmetics was developed by our own company. They are about to be launched into the market, so we can't be careless. "I come over and say hello to older brother first, we still need to hurry back to the company."

"Mom, Little Yan can't stay idle." The second Madame was a little proud of herself.

You only know how to be superficial. The First Madame pursed her lips at the side.

Shen Yang took all of this in her heart, smiled and led her mother over to greet friends.

At this moment, Xia Yu was next to the host. Actually, they were all people from the Public Relations Department of Shengda Group. When they saw Xia Yu come over, Xiaoyan was the first to speak: "Mrs Xia, you're finally here. Do you think this arrangement will be suitable?"

Xia Yu handed the gift over to Xiaoyan, smiled and said: "You know that I'm a little secretary, and I'm indebted to Eldest Young Master for thinking so highly of me, but I also need to know my place, so I've already resigned from Eldest Young Master. I am now Second Young Master's secretary, and I come to deliver gifts for him. There are many guests today, so I won't disturb you. "

"No wonder Eldest Young Master asked Xiaolin to temporarily take your place." Xiaoyan finally understood why she couldn't find Xia Yu.

"You are busy. I'll treat you to have tea another day." After Xia Yu finished speaking, she walked out of the hotel with a smile.

She wasn't so stupid as to stay here waiting for Shen Mo who would trouble with her.

Xia Yu was walking alone.

"Wenxuan, you are so bad, Un …"

A soft voice suddenly came. Xia Yu's footsteps abruptly stopped, her eyes stared straight ahead, and her temples suddenly throbbed.

This voice was too familiar!

"Baby, are you tired of walking? Shall we go in and have a rest? "

The voice was even more familiar.

On the hottest summer days, Xia Yu was standing under the blazing sun, as if falling into an ice cave.

It was Xia Yu's classmate Bao Na and her former boyfriend, Chen Wenxuan. Knowing from their behaviour, they should have already been hanging out with each other since a long time ago.

He wasn't wrong, she herself was really an idiot!

The sound of a horn came behind her.

Xia Yu's body was a little stiff as she turned around. She saw a luxurious car parked behind her, and a man stuck his head out from the car and scolded, "Stop in the middle and court death! Scram! "

Xia Yu was stunned and blankly took a step back.

She had been standing in the middle of the road for a long time …

Hearing the noises behind her, Bao Na turned around and gasped. She quickly turned her head back and asked, "It's Xia Yu. What should we do?"


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