Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 9-Meet Young Pervert Again
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 9-Meet Young Pervert Again

When Xia Yu went back home to take a bath, she found out that her forehead was bruised from fighting with that young pervert .

She touched it with her hand the mirror. It was quite painful.

After drying her hair, Xia Yu lay on the bed and read a book for a while. She reckoned that her cousin should be home by now, so she gave her a call.

After a long while, her cousin's voice came over: "Hello?"

Her voice was hoarse.

Xia Yu's heart was stung. She endured the urge to curse and said, "cousin, I resigned."

Wu Shiyu did not go to work that day, but cried to death at home, and finally fell asleep.

Looking at the time, it was almost 11 PM.

"Clang!" Lightning streaked across the sky. It seemed as if a hole had been torn open in the dark night.

Startled by the thunder, she quickly turned on the light.

Holding onto her phone, she held it in for a while. Finally, she opened her mouth and asked, "Why are you so impatient?"

She didn't blame her for it. As Xia Yu's temper, she would be able to think of this ending.

Xia Yu on the other side did not speak, only breathing.

Wu Shiyu raised her head and looked out the window, listening to the pitter-patter of the rain.

After a while, Xia Yu asked, "cousin, is it rainy over there?"

Cousin was not her, she could let go of it after venting her anger.

On the surface, it seemed as if everything was fine, but in reality, she put everything in her heart. Xia Yu wanted to comfort her, but she was afraid of hurting her self-esteem.

Hearing her soft voice in the dark, Wu Shiyu pressed her temple with her hand and suddenly laughed out loud.

This younger Cousinter of hers, it's rare for her to speak so gently. "Yes , it's rainy heavily. It's also good for you to not work in Shengda. You may take this opportunity to go back and visit your parents, they miss you very much. "

In those days, after Xia Yu fell out with her parents, she had never returned.

It's time to go back, isn't it?

"Cousin, I have a new job. I'm a secretary of Shen Yan in Tengfei." Xia Yu didn't directly answer her older cousin, of course she had to go back.

It was just that she had filled her with confidence before, and now she returned with nothing left, she really didn't have that face.

Be Shen Yan's secretary?

Wu Shiyu was still chewing on those words as she hugged her blanket and curled up into a ball.

"Cousin, Tengfei's self-developed moisturizer series is just about to be promoted. I think your image is very suitable to be used as a promotional ambassador. Why don't you come and try it on?"

Xia Yu called her cousin at night, being worried about her was only one side.

They were all in the workplace, even though they were injured, they should work as well.

She didn't delay her work for the sake of a scum, then the gains wouldn't make up for the losses.

"But... Tengfei is also from the Shen family. " Actually, she was moved, and it would be a lie to say that she didn't have any qualms. Wu Shiyu hesitated.

Especially Zeng Mina was also a star, how could such a good thing be given to others?

"Cousin, don't care about whose family it belongs to, relying on your ability to conduct an interview? If they wear tinted glasses to look at you, it's their loss, what do you think? "

It wasn't that Xia Yu hadn't considered Shen Mo's factor, so she had already confirmed it with Shen Yan repeatedly before she invited her cousin for an interview.

He was the one who said it, open and fair.

"Alright, I'll be back in three days." After a moment of consideration, Wu Shiyu agreed with certainty.

She had her own plans. Wasn't it because Zeng Mina, as Zeng shian's daughter, was favored by the Shen family and was engaged to Shen Mo?

They were of equal standing, and Wu Shiyu couldn't match up to her. But in other aspects, she was definitely better than Zeng Mina.

Since it was a public selection, the initial results would be quite impressive. If there were to be a conspiracy, then they would have no face.

"It's a deal then. Although I am responsible for this, you still have to be prepared."

Although Xia Yu thought that her cousin was suitable, but there were still a few important stars this time. They were still very powerful, so her cousin really couldn't let her guard down.

Xia Yu hung up after chatting with her cousin for a while. She still had to go to work tomorrow.

The next day, just as Xia Yu entered her office, a colleague from the secretary department came over.

"Xia Yu, what's wrong with your forehead? Smash? Domestic violence? " Fang Yuan followed Xia Yu into the office.

"Hey, don't mention it. I met a young lady-killler on the way home last night." Xia Yu used her hand to touch her forehead, thinking that would get angry.

It was best not to let her meet him again, otherwise … Xia Yu humphed in her heart.

"He didn't do anything to you, right?" Fang Yuan asked with concern.

"I'm fine." Xia Yu smiled and sat down on her seat.

"It's good that you're fine. Be careful in the future and don't go back too late." Fang Yuan patted her chest, as if she had a lingering fear.

Xia Yu smiled and asked while holding the document, "what matters do you have?"

Suddenly, Fang Yuan recalled. There was a problem.

Just then, she was too concerned about Xia Yu and forgot about the important matter, "There's a new intern in the company, Shen Qiang. The President has ordered that he will be your assistant when the promotional ambassador is selected."

As she spoke, she passed the folder over. At the same time, she turned her head towards the door and said, "Shen Qiang, come in and greet Secretary Xia."

Very soon, a very young face appeared at the door. He was smiling and looked alright.

But why did Xia Yu feel that this face was so familiar? She stood up, walked around the desk and took two steps towards the door. "Young pervert !"

Xia Yu was sure that it was him.

Being called a pervert right in front of his face, Shen Qiang rubbed his head in embarrassment. Thus, he straightened his back and walked in gracefully.

As soon as he entered the office, he shouted, "Sister Xia, it's all injustice! I just wanted to say hello to you yesterday. "

Shen Qiang has been in the company for three days. Yesterday, he heard from his colleagues that a beautiful secretary came to the President's Secretariat. He secretly came to see Xia Yu out of curiosity.

It was just that Xia Yu was busy and didn't have the time to greet him. Coincidentally, they met again after work.

Before he could introduce himself, Xia Yu had already taken him for a pervert .

What made him even more embarrassed was the fact that he had been announced by her in front of his colleagues at the company.

His words were frivolous. Was there anyone who greeted like that?

Xia Yu couldn't be bothered with him. She shot him a glance and said, "Go, if I have matters I will call you."

"Oh... There was a girl in the reception room, She said she wanted to represent our moisturizer series. " Just as Shen Qiang was about to leave, he suddenly remembered something.

Xia Yu ignored him and directly walked out.

"Sister Xia, I really didn't do it on purpose last night. Your forehead must be hurting."


"How about I go out and buy some medicine for you?"

Shen Qiang chased after her endlessly.

In front of him, Xia Yu suddenly stopped. Shen Qiang didn't have the time to stop, his chin knocked against the back of her head.

A kind of tail accident.


Xia Yu stared at him, "Are you free?"

"I care about you!"

Xia Yu glanced at him.

Shen Qiang saw the bruises on her forehead and extended his hand to touch her.

However, it was slapped away by a palm. "Don't mess around. Go to register it and tell her the time of the first interview."

"You should go to see her yourself." Shen Qiang also wanted to do the same, but the problem was that the other party didn't agree. Clutching his chin, he pointed to the reception room and said, "She's been waiting for you inside for a long time!"


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