Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 11- It Was Good To Achieve the Goals
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 11- It Was Good To Achieve the Goals

Shen Qiang frowned and shouted, "Which idiot doesn't know what to do? Shen … President Shen … "

With "President Shen" stuck in his throat, Shen Qiang was so scared that he forgot to get up from the table. His body still leaned forward and his shoulder was tightly pressed against Xia Yu's arm.

The man at the door was a little aggressive. When he saw Shen Qiang, the anger on his face grew even stronger.

Sensing the hostility in the other party, Shen Qiang felt a chill run down his spine.

Such a strong killing intent!

"President Shen, you must be looking for Secretary Xia!"

"Get out!"

"Get out!"

After he shouted twice, Shen Qiang felt that the usually courteous President Shen must be very angry today, Shen Qiang got away immediately in order to not be broken into piceses.

When he got to the door, he heard someone shouting from the inside, "Close the door!"

"Bang!" He felt the whole floor shake. After the tremors, there was only dead silence left in the reception room. It was really deathly silent.

The atmosphere was extremely tense, but Xia Yu was still sitting there calmly and playing the pen.

Shen Yan was so angry when he saw her, But he also felt that he couldn't do anything about it. He stood there for a while, In the end he still had to speak first, "Why didn't you pick up my phone?"

"I'm busy!"

"What are you busy with? You are busy in the reception room with your subordinates …"

"Serve the future wife of Shen family's eldest young master!" Xia Yu suddenly said. Others could just sign up directly on the internet, or fill out a form and hand it over to Shen Qiang.

However, the future wife of Shen family's eldest young master had a lot of tricks, There should be a few people to serve her.

Shen Yan choked by her words for a moment before recovering from his shock.

"You've seen her?"

"Yes, she just left!"

Did Shen Yan ask which he should have known? If he didn't see Zeng Mina, he wouldn't have rushed over so quickly.

With such a forceful attitude, let alone Zeng Mina was furious, he even felt that he was depressed.

After looking into Xia Yu's eyes for a while, Shen Yan had to resist his temper and said, "Can't you speak softly?"

Xia Yu found it funny. Zeng Mina wanted privileges, but she was a small seretary and couldn't even do it. No matter how soft she was, it wouldn't change the reality.

Glancing at Shen Yan, she stretched out her hand, "She is here to sign the contract. Why don't you give the contract to me and I will be soft to her?"

"You …"

The man in front of her was dressed in a suit and had handsome features. However, there was a hint of panic that could not be hidden in his eyes.

What was he panicking about?

"Forget it. Let's don't mention it, you come to my office and apologize to her." Shen Yan suppressed his voice and unconsciously softened his tone.

He had never seen such an unenlightened secretary, and even said that she had experience in work. He really didn't know how her boss endured her for three years.

It seemed that the decision to let her come to this company was a bit rushed. Even if he didn't regret it, he wouldn't be able to relax.

"The reason!" Xia Yu slowly spat out two words.

Since she was young, her teacher had taught her to apologize for her wrongdoings. Xia Yu didn't think that she was in the wrong, So he should gave her an explanation to this apology.


He let out a heavy sigh and walked to Xia Yu's side. He wanted to support her shoulders, but his hand reached out halfway …

Xia Yu looked over with a look of disdain.

Yes, it was disdain. This was what he felt.

The fox eyes tightened and couldn't help but twitch his lips. His gaze shifted from Xia Yu's face to his own arm. He paused for a moment, then retracted its hand.

"Xia Yu, Zeng Mina doesn't understand, But you should. I still have to work properly after getting rid of her, don't I? "

Probably no one had ever seen Shen Yan with such an inferior attitude. He only liked this in front of Xia Yu.

She couldn't even be bothered to tell him some things.

Xia Yu held the pen in her hand, released it, and tightened it again. After repeating this a few times …

She stood up and looked into Shen Yan's eyes as if she was considering something. After a few seconds, she seemed to have made up her mind. "As your secretary, I am duty-bound to help you out!"

She was about to leave.

This was just a sentence.

However, he was still a bit worried and grabbed her wrist. "You're being a bit polite when you speak."

The action was too big, and several of the resumes on the table landed lightly on the floor. One of them landed right beside Xia Yu's feet, facing up, with a photo pasted on it. In the photo, Zeng Mina was smiling brilliantly and beautifully.

"You're worried? Why don't you prepare a draft and I'll read it? " Xia Yu stood there waiting for his instructions.

Why did this woman speak so awkwardly? Did she know that the one standing in front of her was her boss?

Didn't she go through vocational training before she went on duty?

Shen Yan's fox eyes turned deep as his gaze turned sharp and turned into swords, shooting straight at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu calmly raised her head. Their gazes met in midair, and neither of them had any intention of retreating.

The air seemed to be still. The blinds opposite them were fluttered in the wind, and the light came in, causing Xia Yu to be stung to the point of closing her eyes.

Recognizing her courage, Shen Yan couldn't help but admire her.

A hint of a smile actually appeared in the fox-eyes, but that smile was so cold that it made people shudder.

Xia Yu still had a calm and composed look on her face.

Shen Yan, who was in front of her, approached her again. He was so close that she could smell the faint aroma of tobacco on his body.

After doing a few mental forays, he could not help but take a deep breath. He raised his head and said, "Go."

Xia Yu composed herself and didn't say anything. She bent down to pick up the resume.

One, two...

Sunlight reflected off the paper, and Zeng Mina's smile was indistinct, but it came closer and closer.

"If the President doesn't have any other orders, then I'll go?" Xia Yu answered while picking them up, her breath was so calm that it didn't seem to be affected at all.

Shen Yan stood motionlessly, watching as she picked up the resume on the floor. There were only four or five sheets of paper. She picked them up, brushed off the dust, tidied them neatly, and hugged them to her chest.

The two of them looked at each other, Xia Yu stood with her back to the light. She gave a shallow smile, and it was impossible to find any flaws.

Shen Yan waved his hand, feeling annoyed and irritated.

It was clearly a contest of strength. One side was too calm, but the other side was in a panic.

This is not the result that Shen Yan wanted.

He took a breath and put his hands in his pockets.

His heart felt as if it was being cut open. Something was continuously flowing out of the crack, and the taste was extremely unpleasant. He could only bitterly smile.

Moving rocks to smash his own feet, wasn't that just creating trouble for himself?

"Xia Yu, I know you don't like Zeng Mina."

"Not really. I'm just following the rules."

"You dare to say you haven't selfish at all?"

"I need to live! If I don't try to figure out the leader's intent, I'll drink the northwest wind!"

Sacred Will? Who did he say he was?

"Did I tell you to do this?"

"It's good that you've achieved your goal, don't you?"

What a great saying, "As long as you have achieved your goal". Shen Yan really wanted to slap her.


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