Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 12-Say It Directly If You Want To Get Assurance
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 12-Say It Directly If You Want To Get Assurance

"She's my future sister-in-law."

Oh, It seemed that he would consider about brotherly love!

"So you're saying that Young Master Yan wants to give up his position as President for the sake of brotherly love?" Xia Yu laughed, the tip of her eyes had been stretched long and thin. She then raised her head, and with a hint of beauty in her heroic spirit. She asked, "Young Master Yan, are you serious?"

"How do you dare to be so unbridled!" Shen Yan's fox eyes slightly narrowed. What kind of person is this. Shen Mo wasn't disgusted by her, but he was actually angered to the point of internal injuries.

Why isn't Shen Mo making a ruckus with me in order to let Xia Yu go back? Shen Yan was willing to return her.

"It's good as long as you say that." She was as sharp as a sting. She smiled, but her heart was as cold as frost.

Shen Yan was pouted so much that he could not speak for the moment. Coincidentally, his phone rang twice. He took a look and unhappily picked it up: "What's up?"

"Young Master Yan, the Shenglian's Mr Zhang is about to arrive." The call was from the assistant, Liu Sijie.

"Got it. Wait at the door. I'll be down in five minutes." Shen Yan kept his phone and looked towards Xia Yu, "There's a meeting at the Headquarters. Remember to speak softly."

"Why don't you take care of this matter before leaving?"

Shen Yan was stung again, but he was already used to it.

This feeling was strange because he had only known Xia Yu for three days.

"It's up to you."

"Yes, President, take care!" Xia Yu bowed her head in a good-natured manner and let Shen Yan leave the room first.

What kind of hospitality would you offer at this time? It was good not to bring me any more trouble.

Glancing at Xia Yu, Shen Yan walked out of the reception room.

Xia Yu followed him and went out of the room. Shen Qiang hurried over. Before he could say anything, Xia Yu stuffed Zeng Mina's resume into his arms and walked towards the President's office without saying a word.

She opened the door of President's office. Zeng Mina was sitting upright on the sofa, holding a cup of coffee and elegantly sipping it.

Hearing the commotion, she raised her head and glanced at Xia Yu.

Zeng Mina had thought that she was hard to deal with, but she still obediently came over.

"Where is the contract?" Zeng Mina's voice was filled with obvious arrogance and disdain.

Xia Yu smiled: "Sorry, I haven't printed it yet."

"Then what are you doing here?" Zeng Mina slammed the coffee cup onto the tea table, and her pretty face was frozen.

"Shen Yan, you have guts. You even dare to play with me now, right? "

"I come to confirm that if Miss Zeng really doesn't have confidence in yourself or not, So you want to go through the back door." Xia Yu calmly looked at Zeng Mina and said.

"What did you say?" Zeng Mina instantly jumped up, her beautiful face was flushing red.

"There are indeed a few important stars who are registering for the audition this time. If Miss Zeng wants to get assurance, I'll get someone to print out the contract and notify everyone that the first interviwe on Wednesday is canceled. The spokesperson has already been chosen, that is Miss Zeng." Xia Yu said while standing at the door.

Getting assurance, being designated, Xia Yu meant she wasn't capable enough?

How could she endure being looked down upon by a little secretary?

"Miss Xia, I was personally invited by Shen Yan. If it wasn't for Shen Mo, I wouldn't come. " Panting heavily, Zeng Mina gritted her teeth as she spoke to Xia Yu.

"I'm afraid that our President's meanning is also the same." Xia Yu casually said, and then her eyes began to glance around randomly.

"Xia Yu!" No matter how good-natured Zeng Mina was, she could not hold it in.

"Miss Zeng, I am a honest person, so I say it directly. Tengfei's official website had already released the news and many fans were already casting votes for their idols. "

Without mentioning the words Xia Yu was about to say, even Zeng Mina could guess the result. She could use her identity as the future wife of the eldest young master to force Xia Yu to shut up, what about those fans?

"so, I want to have a competition, like I'm afraid of them." Zeng Mina lifted her foot and walked out, her high heels were making a crisp sound on the floor.

"Take care, Miss Zeng!" Xia YuSaid with a ninety-degree bow and a professional smile.

Shen Yan was worried, so he called Shen Qiang on the way. He told him to keep an eye on, So Xia Yu wouldn't act up again.

"President, it seems like this Xia Yu came here to vent her private anger." Liu Sijie had never seen Shen Yan so annoyed before. Of course, he had also never seen a subordinate like Xia Yu.

Shen Yan was simply courting death.

"I will found an excuse to fire her." He wasn't asking for a secretary at all. He had just placed a bomb by his side. Who knew, one day he might have been blown up to death without corpse left.

"Yes sir!" This matter was easy to handle. With this girl's way of doing things, you didn't need to be afraid of being unable to fire her.

"Also, think of a way to explain it to the registered stars." This matter gave Shen Yan a headache. Since Zeng Mina wanted to be the spokesperson , he had no choice but to compromise.

"You really want to do this?" Clearly, Liu Sijie had a different opinion.

It was undeniable that Zeng Mina was also outstanding. But this was the first time that Young Master Yan was going to be in charge of this event. So there should be no flaws.

And, most importantly, Zeng Mina was the Eldest Young Master's fiance.

After he glanced at Shen Yan and saw that he was puffing on a cigarette, Liu Sijie swallowed the words that he was about to say.

"What else can I do if I don't do like this?" Shen Yan let out a long sigh. Didn't Liu Sijie know what kind of person Zeng Mina was?

Zeng Mina thought her face was more important than anything and she had a bad temper. Being humiliated by Xia Yu in the reception room, she would have already left in a flustered and exasperated manner before. But today, she still insisted on being the spokesperson. This showed just how important this spokesperson position was to her.

Chuckling at himself, Shen Yan felt extremely twisted. The woman he had secretly fallen in love with for so many years was helping his older brother to against him. Furthermore, she could even give up the dignity that she cared about the most.

It seemed that he was indeed inferior to his older brother.

The two men in the car smoked cigarettes one after another. Neither of them had any intention of talking.

The ringing of the phone broke the silence.

The two of them simultaneously took out their cell phones. Liu Sijie looked at it, then put it back and continued puffing.

Biting onto a cigarette, Shen Yan narrowed his eyes. It was Shen Qiang who had sent the call.

For some unknown reason, he felt a burst of frustration and did not want to pick up the call. However, the bell rang relentlessly, ringing non-stop.

With a press of his hand, Shen Qiang's call was taken, "Reporting to the President, they didn't fighting."

This crafty little fellow, what time is he still playing at?

If Shen Qiang were in front of him, Shen Yan would have already kicked him out by twisting his ear.

"I know they didn't start fighting, don't you have other things to do?"

"No, I just want to report to you that Zeng Mina will participate in next Wednesday's audition. What do you think we should do?"

Shen Qiang rolled his eyes several times as he held the phone.

It was said that Young Master Yan was hard to serve, so it was true.

Shen Qiang was his brother who was even given this kind of attitude. If it was anyone else, Shen Qiang wouldn't even dare to think about it.

"Say that again?" When Shen Yan left, Zeng Mina's attitude was still very resolute. It was as if she wouldn't stop until she had achieved her goal, and now she had changed her mind?


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