Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 13 Unusual Relationship
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 13 Unusual Relationship

It was said that women were fickle, but wasn't this change too fast?

Shen Yan's fox eyes slightly narrowed.

"Reporting to President, Zeng Mina insisted on participating in the audition, but Secretary Xia didn't dare to make the decision. She was waiting for your permission." Shen Qiang repeated.

The words were clear.

Xia Yu? Shen Yan clenched in his heart.

Interesting, the corner of his mouth curled up involuntarily.

"Since it's her wish, of course we have to follow it. As for the rest, you don't need to worry about it. I'll speak with the older brother." Shen Yan didn't even realized that his voice had become a lot gentler.

It had a magnetic charm, and was so pleasing to the ears that could make one intoxicated with it.

“How pretentious was Shen Yan! There was no need for me to deal with it. Why didn't he say so just now?”

After despising him several times in his heart, Shen Qiang replied, "Got it."

Shen Yan hung up the phone, turned his head and said to Liu Sijie beside him, "Let's wait and see about Xia Yu."

The fox's eyes were filled with a satisfied smile, and his mood seemed to be pretty good.

Shen Qiang had been lingering at the entrance of Xia Yu's office the entire morning, not daring to enter. He stayed up till noon before finally finding an excuse to knock on the door.

Xia Yu modified the document samples, habitually holding a pen in her hand.

Shen Qiang just stood there and watched for half a minute, until Xia Yu raised her head and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Look, more people have signed up. Here's the list!" He handed a piece of paper over.

Xia Yu picked it up, then looked down at the manuscript again.

Shen Qiang was still unwilling to leave. He wandered around the office and finally gathered up his courage as he approached, "Sister, what did you say to Zeng Mina so that she was so obedient?"

"I said, if you really want to go through the back door, I'll prepare a contract for you right now."

"That's what you said?"

"Is there a problem?"

"You are finished. This time, even if you are not chopped into pieces by the Little Fox, you will still be dismembered by the Black Faced God."

"It's normal that Eldest Young Master doesn't like me. I've solved trouble for Second Young Master, and he still wants to repay the kindness with enmity?"

"The Little Fox has a crush on Zeng Mina." Shen Qiang stepped forward and said mysteriously.

Their relationship was really messy!

Xia Yu looked at him for a moment, then picked up the phone from the table and dialed a number.

Shen Qiang felt that something was amiss.

"Sister, what are you doing?"

"Call Shen Yan and ask him about Zeng Mina."


Shen Qiang smacked his lips, "Why don't you follow the rules of gossiping at all?"

As he spoke, he pressed Xia Yu's hand.

"I'm worried about you and afraid that you will suffer."

"Thank you for your good intentions, I just want to confirm it clearly. If it's true, then I'll just quickly roll up my things and get lost."

"I didn't say it, OK?."

After left Feiteng, Zeng Mina took a few deep breaths before finally calming herself down.

"Sister Mina, isn't that secretary Xia Yu too arrogant?" Assistant Jiang Wen was really shocked by Xia Yu's attitude. She was just a small secretary, Who gave her the guts to speak to a future wife of Eldest Young Master like that?

"Call Shen Yan, tell him I'm waiting for him at the Bamboo Fence." Zeng Mina violently opened the car door.

"Yes!" Jiang Wen was waiting for these words from Zeng Mina before quickly dialing Shen Yan's number.

At this moment, Shen Yan was in a meeting. Seeing that it was a call from Zeng Mina, he could only walk to the side to pick it up. On the phone, Jiang Wen directly said that Zeng Mina wanted to see him and was waiting for him at the Bamboo Fence.

He subconsciously glanced at his older brother, Shen Mo, who was also participating in the meeting. Shen Yan took a deep breath and said to Jiang Wen, "I'm currently in a meeting, so I can't leave. I have to trouble you to tell her."

"Young Master Yan, Sister Mina has dropped her status to join a bunch of unpopular third-rate celebrities in the audition. Now she's taken the initiative to invite you to meet her, it can't be that you aren't giving her face, right?" Jiang Wen looked at the sulking Zeng Mina and said with a somewhat forceful tone.

She had been Zeng Mina's assistant for a few years, and she knew Shen Yan's feeling about Zeng Mina. So she said casually.

Of course, she dared to say that because she knew that Shen Yan would definitely come. Because she had not seen Shen Yan didn't come when Zeng Mina invited him.

Hearing the words "third-rate celebrity", Shen Yan's lips couldn't help but twitch. However, he still said, "Tell Mina that I'll come over after the meeting."

"Is that so … Why don't we have Secretary Xia come over and talk to Sister Mina first? " The assistant hesitated for a moment before explaining, "Sister Mina has signed up to participate in the audition. Secretary Xia is also in charge of the audition, so we need to get in touch. What do you think?"

Jiang Wen's words made sense. Shen Yan didn't think too much and immediately agreed, "Alright, I'll call Xia Yu."

Hearing this, Jiang Wen hung up the phone with satisfaction and gestured an OK at Zeng Mina.

Xia Yu quickly received a call from Shen Yan. Originally, Xia Yu didn't want to go, but Shen Yan's attitude was very firm, saying that it was an order, She had to go.

Xia Yu had no choice but to take a taxi to the Bamboo Fence.

The Bamboo Fence was a restaurant in Zeng Family's manor in the outskirts. It was an elegant restaurant. Zeng Mini liked it and always went there as long as she was free.

After Xia Yu arrived, she stood at the door for a while and was about to go in when a piece of mud was thrown onto her pants.

"Hahaha …" Not far away, a short boy applauded, seemingly satisfied with his victory.

"Hey, you stinking brat. Do you believe that I'll beat you up?!" Xia Yu stared at this rude brat and didn't really care, she was only trying to scare him.

"How dare you! I'm the Young Master of the Jiang Family, who dares to touch me?" The little boy harrumphed coldly. His arrogant attitude made people feel uncomfortable.

How old was he? Xia Yu sighed inwardly, but didn't say anything.

She had no obligation to take care of other people's children.

"Xia Yu, I've never seen a woman more scheming than you, not even letting a child off ." Bao Na's sharp voice sounded out behind Xia Yu. Very quickly, she stood in front of Xia Yu with her hands on her hips, looking at Xia Yu with disdain.

Why did I see her everywhere? Xia Yu lightly frowned and walked forward, completely ignoring her.

"Hey, apologize to Young Master Jiang!" Bao Na grabbed Xia Yu's arm and dragged her, Xia Yu staggered and then bounced back onto Bao Na's body.

"Why should I apologize?" Xia Yu disdainfully pulled Bao Na's hand away and took two steps back, maintaining a distance with her.

"You should apologize after hitting Young Master Jiang!"

"Which of your eyes saw me hit him?"

"I saw it with both eyes." Bao Na put on a look of treating Xia Yu unjustly, she thought Xia Yu couldn't do anything to her?"

"That means you have eyes problems. I suggest you see a doctor." People were invincible when they were shameless. Bao Na was the people like that, right? Xia Yu didn't even look at her, her tone was indifferent.

"You …" When had Bao Na been humiliated like this before? She was so angry that her face turned red as she walked a few steps towards Xia Yu. Her fingers were almost reaching Xia Yu's nose as she shouted with a high-pitched voice, "You … You say if you want to apologize or not? "


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