Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 14-Being Teased
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 14-Being Teased

"Forget it, it's just a small matter!" The child's mother came to smooth things over.

When she passed in front of Xia Yu, she intentionally glanced at her. Then she held the child's hand and walked inside while saying, "How many times has Mommy told you not to play with mud? You just won't listen."

So you saw your child throw mud! Xia Yu exhaled a mouthful of impure air and did not say a word.

Madame Jiang didn't want to pursue the matter, but Bao Na was unwilling. She stared at Xia Yu with eyes as wide as a bronze bell.

"Why are you still standing there? Let's go inside." Bao Na' mother gave her daughter a bland look before stepping into the room.

Then Bao Na reluctantly followed her mother in.

"Miss Xia is so impressive!"

Xia Yu raised her head and saw Jiang Wen and Zeng Mina standing at the entrance, looking at her complacently.

Zeng Mina was wearing a white embroidered dress. She looked extremely elegant and graceful.

A change of clothes was specially for Shen Yan? Xia Yu remembered that this wasn't the suit she was wearing when she arrived in Tengfei this morning.

Shen Yan had a crush on Zeng Mina? It wasn't as simple as it seemed. Xia Yu recalled what Shen Qiang said, and coupled with Zeng Mina's performance. It was hard for her not to think more.

"Miss Xia Yu, what kind of expression is that … You didn't think that Young Master Yan would let you come, right? To challenge the future wife of the Eldest Young Master..." Seeing Xia Yu's thoughtful expression, Jiang Wen coldly snorted in her heart and slowly walked down the stairs. Her charming long hair fluttered in the wind, and her beautiful face became distorted in Xia Yu's eyes.

It was just like her current mood.

Xia Yu knew they couldn't speak any good words, but after all, because of their identities. as long as it wasn't a matter of principle, Xia Yu really couldn't be serious with them.

Thus, Xia Yu kept her mouth shut and stood there like she was a Buddha.

"If you have anything to say, go in first. Find a place to clean up your clothes. Don't let others laugh at you." She really can't just stand there. Zeng Mina walked up the stairs gracefully after speaking.

Even though Xia Yu felt uncomfortable, she still followed her in. When she passed the washroom, she intended to wash off the mud on her pants.

Seeing this, Bao Na, who had been secretly observing her, followed with a look of jealousy. The person she hated the most in this world was Xia Yu, who was so fake. She was obviously dumped by Chen Wenxuan, but was always acting like a princess!

She had a reason to hate Xia Yu. Ever since she was young, she had been a class beauty, but since she went to university and met this woman called Xia Yu, the name of class beauty had been taken by this little bitch, making her lose a lot of face.

Even more hateful was the fact that the man she liked had become her boyfriend. Fortunately, now that he had found his way back to her side, she was finally able to turn the tides and gain some face.

"Xia Yu, I'm warning you, stay away from Chen Wenxuan or I won't be polite!" Bao Na reached out to hold onto Xia Yu, her face full of anger. Seeing Xia Yu's elegant and beautiful face, she had the urge to scrape it with a knife.

Although Bao Na was also beautiful, she was far from being as beautiful as Xia Yu in front of her. Xia Yu's beauty was pure and natural, She could show noble posture unintentional and others couldn't learn at all.

After all, Chen Wenxuan had been dating Xia Yu for five years, So it was impossoble for Bao Na not to be worried that their love would be rekindled.

"Why should I listen to you? If you have the ability, you should take care of your man." Xia Yu had never been one to submit.

She had always adhered to the principle that if anyone don't offend her, she will not offend them. If anyone offend her, she will definitely offend them!

Her expression didn't change, but her hand at her side clenched into a fist.

"You …" In Bao Na’s eyes, Xia Yu was now like the mud on her pants, humble to the point of being covered in dust. How could Xia Yu pretend to be noble in front of her?

But in fact, when the two of them stood together, they were like a white swan and an ugly duckling.

Xia Yu was the white swan, and she was the ugly duckling.

Lifting head, Xia Yu's cold eyes swept across her face, didn't want to care about her. Xia Yu turned around to get some water and carefully wash her pants.

Once again, Xia Yu ignored her, making her feel like a fish bone was stuck in her throat.

"Good! Let's wait and see. I won't let you off! You just wait and see! " Bao Na snorted coldly, left with her 10-inch high heels.

Xia Yu had finally finished washing her pants, but before she could stand up, she was hit again. She turned around and saw that Young Master Jiang was standing not far behind her, looking at her with mud in his hand .

That look and Bao Na's annoying expression were indeed carved out of the same mold!

Without guessing, Xia Yu already knew who ordered this little fellow. But before she could react, Young Master Jiang threw the mud out and hit Xia Yu squarely in the chest.

"Stinking brat, just wait and see how will I deal with you today!" Xia Yu was truly a bit angry and acted as if she wanted to capture that mischievous brat.

Young Master Jiang was startled. No one in the Jiang family had dared to treat him like this. He quickly ran outside.

Xia Yu followed him out. Maybe because he felt someone was behind her, Young Master Jiang turned around to take a look and immediately fell down.

His face and mouth were covered with mud!

"Wow!" Young Master Jiang was crying loudly.

Hearing the sound of crying, Madame Jiang rushed out from inside, nervously hugging her son, staring angrily at Xia Yu. Her look showed as if she wanted to eat her alive.

"I'm sorry, I was just messing around with the kid. I didn't expect him to fall." The child fell down, and Xia Yu was also shocked. She was worried that he was injured from the fall, So she quickly took a few steps forward, wanting to find out what happened.

"Alright, just stand where you are and don't come over." However, the mother held the child and retreated a few steps back with a look of disgust on her face.

"What a strong smell of urine." Bao Na exaggeratedly pinched her nose, looked at Xia Yu and said, "Just now when I was in the washroom, you were also there. Did you spread it all over your body? Er, you are such a grown-up already, it's really..."

When Bao Na's words came out, the child immediately stopped crying. He leaned into his mother's arms and laughed.

Of course, the ones who laughed the loudest were Zeng Mina and Jiang Wen. They used their fingers to point at the black mass in front of Xia Yu, They were almost crying with laughter.

"Secretary Xia, I know you were forced to come here by Young Master Yan. You can tell us if you don't want to stay with us. Sister Mina isn't an unreasonable person, Why do you have to degrade youself by making a pile of shit on your chest? You are Young Master Yan's secretary after all, So if you don't care about your own face, you should at least consider Young Master Yan's. " Jiang Wen said with a gloating tone as she forced herself to stop laughing.

The reason why they lured Xia Yu here was because they wanted to tease her and vent their anger. They never expected that someone had attacked her before them.

This girl must have made too many enemies in the past so that she ended up like this. She deserved it!


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