Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 15-He Will Definitely Come
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 15-He Will Definitely Come

Xia Yu had not said anything the entire time, and everything she said now was unnecessary. But her hands were tightly clenched into fists. She just stared at them like they were a bunch of clowns.

Finally, no one could laugh anymore.

"Secretary Xia, since your clothes are dirty, why don't you go back first. When Shen Yan comes over, I will tell him that you was here." Having seen enough jokes, Zeng Mina was in a good mood and pretended to be concerned.

Xia Yu still didn't say anything, she lifted her leg and walked out.

"See Secretary Xia off!" Zeng Mina gave a glance at Jiang Wen, who was standing beside her.

"Yes!" Jiang Wen immediately understood and followed her out. She dutifully sent Xia Yu to the taxi. After seeing the car drive away, she smirked and sent a message to an unknown person before turning around to enter.

At this time, Zeng Mina was still standing in the courtyard. Seeing Jiang Wen nodded at her, she finally revealed a satisfied smile.

Xia Yu, you deserved this, couldn't blame others.

"How should I address this young lady, Do you know Miss Xia? " Zeng Mina looked at Bao Na and found fom her looks that they had quite a grudge against each other. This person might be able to be used, So she took the initiative to express her goodwill.

Zeng Mina didn't know Bao Na, but she was a superstar. Bao Na recognized her long ago. After she took the initiative to greet her, she quickly said, "My name is Bao Na, I was Xia Yu's classmate."

"So Miss Bao and Secretary Xia were classmates. No wonder it seems that you two are very familiar with each other." Jiang Wen added.

Yes, she was extremely familiar with her.

Bao Na sneered in her heart. After all, this was her first time meeting with Zeng Mina, So she couldn't speak too openly.

She smiled and asked Jiang Wen, "Just now, you called her Secretary Xia. Whose secretary is she?"

If she remembered correctly, Xia Yu should have been expelled, and was now a jobless nomad.

"Young Master Yan's secretary." Jiang Wen replied with a smile.

Bao Na suddenly felt like ten thousand ants were crawling in her heart. She said that she had been fired, and she just only changed companies.

Seeing that her daughter did not say anything, the whole scene turned silent. Bao Na's mother smiled and asked: "Is that the Second Young Master of the Shen family?"

Jiang Wen nodded. "Yes, Madame Bao probably knows Young Master Yan."

Madame. Bao smiled and said, "Speaking of knowing each other, I'm more familiar with Second Madam. We were university classmates."

"Madame Bao, Miss Zeng, it looks like it's going to rain soon. Shall we go in and talk?" Madame Jiang, who was standing at the side, was holding a child in her arms. She looked at the sky and reminded everyone.

When Zeng Mina raised her head, a drop of rain fell on her face. It was actually raining.

Only then did Madame Bao realize that she had ignored Madame Jiang a little. Today, she was the one who had invited Madame Jiang and her son to here. It was rude of her to only talk to Zeng Mina and the others.

She smiled apologetically at Madame Jiang, and after exchanging a few polite words with Zeng Mina and the others, She left with Madame Jiang to their own room.

As Bao Na passed in front of Zeng Mina, she smiled ingratiatingly.

Zeng Mina returned a smile and the two of them brushed past each other.

"Sister Mina, why do you care about such a person?"

Not only the super star Zeng Mina but also the Eldest Miss of Zeng Family was much better than Bao Na.

There were too many people who wanted to curry favor with her. If Zeng Mina was involved with everyone, she would die from exhaustion. As her assistant, Jiang Wen had the duty to reduce the burden on her.

"But she's Xia Yu's classmate." The corners of Zeng Mina's lips curled up slightly. Furthermore, her mother was a classmate of the second Madame. This woman was definitely useful.

The assistant nodded. "Sister Mina, hand it to me."

Zeng Mina nodded in satisfaction and raised her wrist to look at the time.

"Ah, the rain comes really fast. Sister Mina, do you think Young Master Yan will come?" Jiang Wen knew that Zeng Mina was waiting for Shen Yan and whispered into her ear.

"He dares not to come?" Zeng Mina's face was filled with arrogance.

In front of Shen Yan, she was confident.

"That's true. Even if it was raining with knives, he would still come, let alone rain." Jiang Wen held onto Zeng Mina's arm as the two of them walked inside.

When they returned to the private room, Jiang Wen poured a cup of tea for Zeng Mina. Just as she was about to pour a cup for herself, her cell phone rang twice and a message came in.

She quickly took a look, and her face revealed a smug smile. "Sister Mina, the taxi driver sent it over. He left Xia Yu half-way there."

Her message just now was sent to the taxi driver at the door. She gave him some money so that he could take Xia Yu to somewhere deserted and left her there.

It was raining outside, and the sky was about to turn dark. There was a graveyard on her way of going back to the city. Zeng Mina didn't believe that Xia Yu had the guts to walk through that graveyard alone.

Zeng Mina's lips curled up in a cold smile.

“Xia Yu, if you want to blame something, blame it on yourself for not understanding the situation. If I don't teach you a lesson, you don't know who you're arguing with.”

Shen Yan, who was participating in the meeting, managed to get himself to the end of the meeting with great difficulty. He didn't even greet everyone before hurriedly leaving with Liu Sijie, causing Shen Mo to frown.

"Young Master Mo, it looks like Young Master Yan is rather busy." Zhang Hanyu looked at Shen Yan's back and said to Shen Mo.

He was sitting beside Shen Yan. When Shen Yan answered the phone, he vaguely felt that it was a calling from woman.

Second Brother's love life was always flourished, and Shen Mo knew it. He glanced at Shen Yan's back and quickly retracted his gaze without saying a word.

"Young Master Mo, will Xia Yu really not return to Shengda?" Zhang Haoyuan and Shen Mo walked forward side by side.

"En!" Mentioning Xia Yu, Shen Mo's heart felt like it was on fire. He had never seen such a stubborn woman before.

"Shall I talk to her?" With Xia Yu's understanding about Shengda, she was indeed very helpful to Shen Mo. Zhang Hanyu really didn't want Shen Mo to miss such a talent.

"We'll talk about it later." No matter how capable Xia Yu was, she was still just a small employee. Shen Mo had already lost a lot of face when she took the initiative to resign. As the former president, if Zhang Hanyu were to act as a lobbyist personally, wouldn't she be more pampered and spoiled?

Shen Mo would not spoil her. Furthermore, Shen Yan had a sloppy character, Xia Yu was also a businesslike person, how could these two work together?

Shen Mo was waiting for the day they would separate.

They did not speak until they reached the garage.

Before getting on their cars, they greeted each other and got on.

"Investigate who Young Master Yan has asked to meet, and where is it?" Once he got in the car, Shen Mo ordered Secretary Yang who was standing beside him.

"Yes, Young Master Mo! Your subordinate will investigate immediately. “Secretary Yang said respectfully.

Liu Sijie drove directly to the Bamboo Fence. But on the way, Shen Yan told Liu Sijie to go to a florist to buy a bunch of flowers.

Yellow roses, Zeng Mina's favorite.

Zeng Mina was quite satisfied with Shen Yan's attitude. However, this did not affect her from complaining to Shen Yan about Xia Yu, "Shen Yan, is Xia Yu prejudiced against me? I've already humbly invited her, but she still doesn't give me any face at all. She just sat there for a while and then left. Before she left, she even said that she wouldn't come if it wasn't for Young Master Yan's firm order."


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